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  1. I started this fig a couple of years ago and ran out of steam on it. I like the model but not sure what I can do to finish it off. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Feedback is most appreciated. Thanks
  3. "I am justarius, servant of Alora."
  4. "Somehow, my lady, I have missed your name and do you require a mount?"
  5. Looking over the half elf and seeing a pure heart, Justarius says, "If her deity calls on her to to travel the road we travel, Reg; then my shield and sword will defend her and I swear by Alora that no harm shall befall her until my body lies bleeding on the ground at her feet." Turning to Brull, <orc> "Take heart brother, for you are among friends. Mascen has more regard for you this morn than the night before, for humans regard, for some reason, that a fight among friends more firmly establishes the relationship. "Perhaps now I have proven worthy to you as your worth has been shown to me, will you take me as Mu'pkau?" </orc> Justarius extends his forearm.
  6. After placing Brull to bed Justarius heads back downstairs, passing Lanae on the stairs, "Lanae is there something on your mind that you need someone to talk to about? You have seemed a little withdrawn of late and I know not if that is a sign of something weighing on you or not."
  7. Justarius walks over and hefts Brull over his shoulders and carries him upstairs into the room and drops him onto a bed. "Sleep well brother, for I think you will feel this night for a couple of days."
  8. Very Nice!!! I LOVE bar fights!11 I will post once I know Brull is out or not. Heres to hoping not
  9. Would you believe it has been one of those decades all month long??? Hopefully things are normalizing again.
  10. Justarius will look over the group of trappers curiously, nodding in a welcoming manner to each, trying to determine if they have an alternative motive for coming up. Noticing Reg's slight inebriation, Justarius will stick fairly close monitoring the conversation.
  11. After tending to those mounts that have been entrusted to him, Justarius will quickly clean himself up and then enter the inn.
  12. How about with that incredibly handsome half orc??? Has he NO shot at the fair elf???
  13. As everyone dismounts, "If you like I will groom and stable the horses for the night while rooms are arranged for." Then Justarius will lead the horse toward the back looking for a place to stable them.
  14. Justarius will circle around to the back of the party and keep an eye out on the trail that they came along, leaving those that knew him to mourn Gorin.
  15. Where is this place at??? I will send all my single male friends over there and really make a mess of the joint.
  16. Justarius glances at Falon at his inquiry and looks at the beautiful stranger through one of Alora's gifts to determine the purity of her heart, all the while hoping that no taint will show.
  17. Feeling the acute sense of loss in the party, Justarius will mutter a prayer to Alora to watch over Gorin and aid his journey.
  18. The Doorly Zoo is truly our finest landmark and disctinctive feature. I would nearly give it a money back guarantee.
  19. And the Olde gods will open their mouths and say YUMMY!!!! Great work VL. Time to move FROM Vermont :)
  20. Raising his lance to a neutral position, Justarius will back his mount a few paces and listen to the exchange.
  21. Happy New Year all. Though it does not seem to be right with temperatures in the mid 60's.
  22. I use a piece of soft wood (Balsa, etc) cut to about 1" and glue on with Super glue and then build a base from that.
  23. You GO! Just don't workfor my Dr, he takes too many days off
  24. Ditto here, except access to a PC will be very limited.
  25. After watching the rear for signs of movement and seeing none, Justarius will move toward the front of the party and off to the side. Using every ounce of will Alora grants him not to sit with a gaping mouth at the absolute beauty before him, Justarius will sit upon his horse, trying to recall any legends regarding such creatures as these, for surely they are favored by Alora.
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