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  1. Ooo, I like the druid conversion (hadn't seen that one yet) The Dwarven Urgrosh looks great, and I love the rubber chicken on the jester :)
  2. I'd just like to inform everyone that I'm taking an extended vacation from my computer (from Dec. 8th to Jan 5th), so I might not be all that responsive over those days (if the game has come back by then, I dunno)
  3. Darryl goes through the necessary preparations and finds himself a stall. He sets it up, calculates what he figures the best price would be, and leans back waiting for people to buy the goods. He pulls out a pen and a book and starts doodling out schematics for some small random object he might try to build on his off time. 'hope things go well for the captain,' he thinks to himself.
  4. Quick question. For the market, do I have to get a permit to sell or just set up a stall to sell?
  5. Darryl catches the banana that was tossed to him, calmly sets it down, pulls a rag from his belt, wipes off most of the grease off of his hands, replaces the rag on his belt, and picks the banana back up. "These sure smelled good down in the cargo, can't wait to bite into one," he says as he begins peeling. Darryl begins to eat the banana, slowly to savor the flavor. "It's funny how something so small can be so good."
  6. "Sure thing, sir" Darryl grins as he gets back to unloading the crates. "Any time spent with a tool in hand is always worth spending," he thinks to himself as he stacks the crates. He finishes unloading and stacking the crates and grabs his tools. "Time to see what the captain wants." He leaves the cargo area and begins searching for the captain
  7. "Sure thing," Darryl states as he parks the mule fully. He begins to unload the crates, setting one aside to make sure he leaves it away from the others. "Hope these are good" Darryl turns as the captain says this. 'hmm, this could get interesting' he thinks to himself as he sits on a crate to watch.
  8. Darryl grins and holds back a chuckle. "You sure have a mighty way with words, Sir." He finishes loading the last of the fruit and, on command of the captain, begins to head back to the ship.
  9. "Sure thing, sir." Darryl takes the duffel bag and loads it onto the mule for now. "I'll make sure it gets where it needs to go when we get back." He preps the mule for departure and turns to Mick. "All good here, ready to go when you are."
  10. ok! I have finished the test, and project, and other stuff, so pending no further delays... I'm back and ready for business. I've kept up with the stuff so far, so I'm good to go!
  11. ok, so, after reading the assignment again I realize the document isn't due for another 2 weeks, so I get to work on that one slowly. I still have to study for the exams, but things should clear up very quickly (assuming I don't have another exam soon)
  12. (sorry, school is killing me, and I didn't mean for my other post to sound so... rough...) Sorry if you thought I was implying that you were pestering me Dulak, for I didn't mean that at all. I meant someone(s) and I choose to not name names for my sake and theirs. After talking with Bachelor, we've come to the conclusion that I'm going to temporarily drop from the game and Darryl is going to become an NPC. After things have died down a bit I'll be back in. ((Currently, I have a 10 page paper due in 4 days, a test in 5, semi-test tomorrow, project due in 4 days, and have been spending about 8 hours a night on homework alone. After next week it should all calm down, but until then times are rough))
  13. That's a nice looking ship. I look forward to seeing her in action
  14. (this is aenerb with a new name) Ok, I've got my character created. I am Darryl Chang, age 24, and the mechanic of this here crew. (I have the character [sans equipment] all rolled up, and will send it to you asap Bachelor)
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