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  1. I integrated the new suggestions into the list. For those miniatures that don't have a base, I'm probably going to end up buying bulk round bases from Games Workshop and gluing them there so they can fit the grid. Woo boy, Oathsworn and Darksword are absolutely gorgeous now that I can see both. Now I just have to hope that somebody in the NYC-Metro Area sells them.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions! Oathsworn is down at the moment, but Darksword had a lot of good ones for the Weasel relatives (apparently their on the 28 mm scale). I've updated my list based on what I found on their websites.
  3. Howdy all! I'm going to start a Mouse Guard group for kids (around 5 to 7-ish years old) soon. I have the mouseling minis for the mice themselves, but I need minis for a wide variety of NPCs and enemies. This is the tentative list I've come up with, based on the core book and the size chart that I attached. I'd like to stay within Bones, but I'm totally okay with spreading out into different Reaper brands. If you folks have any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. I'm mostly looking for miniatures that fit the size categories and look similar to the creature intended (i.e., t
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