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  1. Hello all! I just recently picked up the second edition Warlord rulebook and I'm looking forward to getting into the game. I've decided to play Reven. What would be a good start? I'm pretty sure I want Varaug as my Warlord. Would the army pack of Bull Orc Fighters be a good first purchase? And what about Hill Giant's? They look pretty nasty on paper, but I don't have any in-game experience yet so I'm not quite sure. Thanks in advance!
  2. Around the Greensboro, NC area. I have the book and some models and I'd like to begin playing if possible. Thanks!
  3. I don't think the cards are necessary to play the game, but they are pretty handy. The quotes are cool.
  4. Yeah, I figured the lack of grunts were one reason why. I need to find some good models to proxy for Warriors and Archers... Emmel- Thanks for that. I really like the Spawn's sculpt and background so I plan on including one of them in my first lists. The thing has three melee attacks!
  5. I noticed on Warlord Headquarters they're the least represented group so I was just curious as to if anyone has played any games with them yet? They're the faction I'm working on next after my Reven as I really wanted a magic-heavy force. Strategies? Battle reports? Lets hear em'!
  6. Ah, thanks man. I figured it was in there somewhere.
  7. Just curious Durak, I don't recall Mountain God's Breath being a spell in the rulebook. Is there another spell source I'm not aware of? I hope so.
  8. Send one SWAG point from the back of your blisters in a self-addressed stamp envelope to Reaper for five cards. You'll need to include the name of the model you want the card for and it's part number.
  9. I picked up Narg Bloodtusk last week for my Reven and he didn't come with his data card. However, I went to my LGS today and noticed they had another Narg out that actually had his data card included. Are all the Warlord releases going to start being released with their corresponding cards? If so, that is good news indeed!
  10. I want to have a faction from each alignment and I've already decided on Reven and Overlords, but I'm having some trouble deciding which of the Good forces to play. I want something that'll play differently than my other two armies, so I'm thinking Elves may be the best choice based on that. However, I've never been crazy about lots of range in my armies as I'm more of a melee type of guy so they may not be the best pick afterall. I guess what I really want to know is how differently do the Crusaders and the Overlords play? Looking at stats, it seems to me that the Overlords rely more on cheap grunts and swarming tactics whereas the Crusaders have some pretty expensive grunts but good stats.
  11. It actually does say in the rulebook that the Goblin's are the lowest caste within the Reven...
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