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  1. as someone who has never entered a painting competition or gone to reapercon, is there a forum for how to attend and enter the competition?
  2. Venomthropes That I did as a Christmas gift for a good friend of mine.
  3. Post Apocalyptic Punk Models I did for a commission Feed back is always appreciated.
  4. I was Asked to paint these in a color Changing Hot metal look. The carapus is actually a deep metallic purple though I think it looks almost flat black in the pictures.
  5. Hay there haven't posted in a wile, my store is under renovation so I haven't been able to work on stuff lately. I was working on a half orc anti paladin but unfortunately I guess I didn't mix the epoxy correctly when I was gluing the figure together and half way threw painting her she fell apart. So instead I was able to finish this first and wanted to share it. This is the 60059 Harrower, in my mind she is standing at the edge of a cliff channeling magic getting ready to attack what ever is below her. I wanted to try something different with the magic effect so I tried we blendin
  6. its actually a sandy cream color but my phone doesn't like that color for what ever reason and it always looks bright like that.
  7. Thought I would Try my hand at something different. My dad ordered the Band of Brothers learn to play bolt action set, Knowing him it would never get built or painted so I took it apon myself to expand my painting portfolio and get some amazing historical miniatures under my belt. The plan was to shoot for right around tabletop standard and once I do a little more weathering and get the decals on I'm going to call that my tabletop +. As always feed back is both appreciated and encouraged. If you see something you like feel free to ask how I did it, I'm usually good at getting back to people. I
  8. So they make really long bristle brushes that normally get used by pin stripe artists and they can keep a huge amount of paint in them as long as you have a light touch you should be able to get a nice then line without constantly going back for more paint. I have a / brush called a liner brush witch basically is the same thing I use it when I'm working on belts and ropes on multiple minis at once so I'm not constantly dipping into my paint.
  9. So hear is a loaded cannon for every one; How do you paint fabric to make it look realistic. I personally tend to build up many layers of highlights and shadows and that how I do fabric, I may free hand a designee on but that really about it. I've notice wile going threw some of last years winners for reaper con that some of the fabric was painted in a almost stippled effect and it look more like a hand stitched/hand made dress or tabard. I have been trying to replicate this with no avail what so ever and going back threw old work I seem to have gotten something close back when I was learning
  10. Custom Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild inspired Paint scheme on elf warrior. The model is a 3D printed model and was brought to me by a customer She requested a Legend of Zelda inspired paint scheme based on a photo she provided of her character from the game. I really enjoyed doing this and translating the original art on to the model and I cant wait for a customer to bring me another challenge like this again. As allways if you liked this I post more pictures like this on my FB Page. Facebook.com/TabletopGlory
  11. I have for you two day both a commission ( the dwarf ) and a figure painted by a student ( the Necromancer ). I offer painting classes at my store and this was one of the first minis painted by a student with 0 prior experience I think all things considered she turned out amazing. One of my favorite part of the mini's hobby is getting to make custom bases and even though the base on the dwarf Captain may seem simple I feel it brings a lot to the character and makes them feel like they are on the deck of a ship.
  12. I think the original model was meant to be a hell boy type character but I turned the chopped horns into goggles and removed the gun.
  13. U used XV-88 from Citadel and Agrax Earthshade as for the armor I used a silver color and lightly added Blood for the blood god ( also citadel ) and then added small amounts of citadels Typhus Corrosion
  14. I was asked to paint Amiri (89005) in a classic wonder woman inspired paint theme, and I matched Virina (03084) to some concept art that was drawn by a player. both characters are being used for a marvel super hero game and come from foreign planets. For Amiri I removed her sword and pinned the ne staff threw the hand grip that was left over from the sword. As for Virina sense I knew I was going to have to free hand he cloths onto a nude figurine I started by sanding down her nipples and coating the part of the model where her top would be in Taniya White. I've noticed this paint tends to dry
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