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  1. Thanks! I actually have no gaming use for him, just liked his looks. So.......gonna pick out a paint scheme for him that I like for guarding the desk.
  2. Picked up the "smaller" dragon from the Kickstarter. This is the one hunched on the pillar. What kind of dragon is this so i can paint him properly!
  3. My LGS has been waiting for the Kickstarter 3 like a little kid on Christmas for the arrival. It got there today and James did an "unboxing" video that should be on his FB page shortly. All I can say is WOW! Reaper the job you did on these minis is fantastic. You have brought plastic minis up to the standards of metal. I cannot wait for them to hit regular channels.
  4. Just found this thread and it has been a busy month painting. Getting a ton of minis ready for a Blood Bowl League. Starts tomorrow and finished up my Chaos Dwarf team tonight. Still have Vampires, a Chaos and a new Lizardman Team to finish. And then of course there will be new shinies that sneak in! 1. Chaos team 2. Vampires as soon as Lily Munster gets here 3. Lizardmen 4 Saurus 4. Amazon team, 5. Dwarf team Not about to get them all done this month, but these are what is in the paint lineup.
  5. Check out the actual Wonder Woman mini from Heroclix, Superman vs Batman set
  6. Guys, love your format, smooth, easy to navigate, great search function. However, it can be hard to get a good idea of sizes without anything to reference. Could you start adding a 25mm base to the pics, or something that will let us know how big or small a mini is?
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