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  1. Looks like I have won the crusader division for the 3rd straight year Well its time for the playoffs!!! Good luck to all!!
  2. I'm just happy my team is finally hitting its stride for a playoff run
  3. My net is down can't get on to draft, using my phone to post this
  4. Keepers WRs Terrell Owens Braylon Edwards Greg Jennings RBs Reggie Bush Frank Gore QBs Eli Manning TEs Todd Heap K Nick Folk
  5. Sorry for the lateness but I'm in and ready for the 08 season... the 24th works for me as well, I know who my keepers are and I am ready to play :)
  6. Yea you may be off to a good start so far.. but you have 4 people played so far.. and they were some of your best.. I still have several to play.. and only one of my players have played thus far.. I like my chances so far.. so good luck with the 3 way tie.. for second as I will be the lone gnome at the top.. booya :) ::smooches and Huggles:: coming your way!! :) Thats alright I'll take my lose this week. I wasn't top seed last year either and I won the whole thing... bring on the playoffs!!!!
  7. You just want the #1 seed so you don't have to face me in the first round and I bounce you out on your keister like I did last week Sheesh I had to rest my players.... ya saw how my bench out scored your starters... have to have my team for the playoffs LOL
  8. Off to a good start this week.... I like that in the final week me and the gnomes are fighting for the overall #1 playoff spot... I'll take a 3 way tie with the wind and gnomes since if I win this week I'll be 1-0 against each of ya heads up
  9. Back to Back division championships!!!! ..... can I rest my fantasy players for the playoffs??? lol
  10. Thank god.. Eli gets hurt and my only backup it Quinn... I hope they start him at home this week.
  11. I disagree I am okay with the points thing, but when you start adding in restrictions it gets to be a pain. Keep it simple stupid... that is the best way to say it....(not that you are stubbgod) 1 point for every keeper if you keep them 2 years in a row then its 2 etc...
  12. The point is there isn't going to be any new players. The league is capped at 16 teams. I am totally cool with keep 8 players and then go from there. So 1/2 your team is going to be made of "Free Agents" and Rookies. This way if you do win the league your not stuck drafting 75% of your team at the back of the pack. This way if you are the worst team you get the first picks to rebuild grabbing this years hottest rookies and free agents.
  13. Before the season gets started I figured we could all agree on how it is going to work for next year... my vote keep 6 players and then do a standard NFL draft. Since we have 16 teams there won't be a supplemental draft. This way it is set in stone so we all know going into the season what we can look forward to at the end of the year.
  14. I've said snake style since day one...
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