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  1. Yes, end of the month. Product arrived in port 1week ago, cleared customs and is in Chicago being shipped to all distributors in prep for retail rollout in early sept. Release 5 releases 8/29/18
  2. We *should* be ahead of the demand curve and planned accordingly for those figure but like anything else, it’s tough to gauge consumer response. We have plenty of minis in stock after the distributors have taken their shares. That bodes well for availability after the initial hubbub. Fear not, between now and the end of the year we have 30 containers of material coming over and 15 of them are Rpg minis. Wave 5 (shipping to stores now), wave 1-4 restocks (shipping to stores in 2-4 weeks), wave 6 (October), another wave of 1-5 restocks landing in December. There are lots of minis comi
  3. Please continie to check. Our new distributor in Düsseldorf has brought in significant quantities. Let me know if you continue to have problems vs a PM.
  4. Not the intent at all. The demand has far outpaced supply on the early waves. Later wave should be widely available. It’s bad to be out of stock and we’re working hard to get minis here. We even fly some in when needed but alas, shipping and customs alone takes 5 weeks total. You are right, the mini is $4.99srp. Despite the shortages. I would call shenanigans.
  5. You see this go into rotation which means it should hit evergreen level where we try to have 99% fill rates. Expect to see a quick restock in August and then a big restock in Q4 A spot reprint of waves 1-4 is releasing now (check your store) and it has many beholders! A larger reprint will hit in August with all the figs and many more beholders in August and yet another reprint in Q4. Wave 5, 6, and 7 will also be sprinkled into the months from August to December.
  6. Both GM and player are valuable for different reasons. 1: GM - Small in number (relatively speaking) but they buy monsters, NPCs and dungeon dressing 2: Players - Large in number (relatively speaking) but they only buy 2-5 minis (their characters, familiars, etc). We are in the business to serve both and you'll see us pivot back and forth between these groups. Hope that helps explain what is what.
  7. Yes that is the article.....If you saw the case incentives for pre-painted Pathfinders Rusty Dragon Inn (The Tavern set) and the Campsite with Wagon from a recent D&D Monster Menagerie set. Those are the minis - except they would be unpainted. We haven't finalized the SKU - we'll either sell them as a set or a set and a few standalone pieces than hang on the wall like a regular SKU.
  8. There was a one day delay due to a traffic issue but the goods made it to the warehouse and were turned around the same day. There are millions of little 28mm guys (and girls) on their way to distributors. Give it a couple days of transit time and west coast stores should be replenished with midwest and east coast stores lagging by 4-8 days. Thanks all! Justin
  9. On the clear effects, we generally make them separate, easy to glue pieces that can be added on after the painting occurs. We announced the latest set and you should find Dragonborn, Tiefling, Aasimar, Genasi, Beholders, Drow, Gith and Umber Hulks in the release coming this Oct-Nov. Check the site or our Facebook page for the latest news. -jaz
  10. We bring in 150+ containers a year on our pre-painted lines. We have a good working knowledge of the port and best practices. This reprint shipment is 5 containers and there is no reason to believe there should be a delay. I generally don't like to hedge as 99.9% of our containers make it through in 3 days. If something were to go sideways, we have boots on the ground to make a fuss. We check weather, port traffic conditions, union issues, chassis availability and work with one of the largest shippers in the world - all in an effort to ensure timely delivery. Can something go
  11. We ordered a restock for all SKUs in the line 60 days ago, the containers hit port on the May 9th, clear customs on the 11th be in our warehouse on the 12th and then on to distribution by the 14th. Expect replenishments at FLGS within 3-10 days after the 14th depending on store location and proximity to their distributor. Justin
  12. No plans for mass distribution. Maybe craft stores but that's a stretch too.
  13. Thanks. In terms of capacity we have plenty of capacity to meet demand, the more important question is are retailers able to tell distributors how many they need of each figure and can that info make it up to me. Just for perspective the entire volume of the 52 figure unpainted line is 1/6 of the volume we do on one HeroClix release and 1/5 of what we do on a prepaint RPG line. The question isn't capacity it is more an issue with demand forecasting. On launch we printed 5x pre order demand at the time of ordering. That looks about right as some distributors are just running
  14. In terms of scrambling due to success. We had a very good idea of what we were getting into and tooled far ahead of our releases. While the line is very PC focused right now, you'll see it migrate over time. Hope this helps. Our intent wasn't to sell more minis to Reaper fans. Our intent is simply supply figures to the market where there are none and hopefully introduce a new group of RPG gamers to the hobby of painting figures.
  15. Hey there, Justin from WizKids, just popping in to clarify a few things. 1: The reason a company releases a line as a collectible has more to do with the tooling model, cost per mini and SKU management issue. Any hand work on minis costs a lot of money and there a various strategies to make those costs (and the SRP) customer friendly. some companies go down the collectible route, some go visible, some do both. 2: We license from our licensor and the unpainted line with licenses from Wizards, Paizo and CBS are very much the same as any other licensed property. In th
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