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  1. i eHi everyone, I'd like to your opinions on Jeremie's 'Painting Miniature" and Lszlo's 'Hot Lead DVDs. I'm thinking of buying them, but I'd thought I'd get some idea of what they're like firts. I like to see how people paint rather than read about it , so I'm thinking a DVD would be good. Does anyone have any recommendations? Of course, Istill wainting for Anne's book but I'm hoping a DVD will tide me over till then. Many thanks, MG Please excuse the spelling, but I was typing blind. For some reason the post options covered the text box and couldn't see what I was writing.
  2. G'day everyone, as I still haven't started painting yet, and it's my birthday in a couple of weeks, I thought I'd treat myself by buying some things for my tool kit. I've already got some needle files, the first lot of MSPs, a box of No. 22 blades, a No.4 blade holder and a pair of diagonal clippers, but what else do I need? And where can I get what I do need? Of course, brushes are the obvious thing, and I know everyone here raves about Windsor and Newton's Series 7 brushes, but can anyone tell me what size brushes I should get and roughly how much they cost in Australia? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, MG
  3. I haven't checked in here for a while and I'm wondering if there's been any progress with Anne's miniature painting book. Has anyone heard anything, or has Anne been too busy with the MSPs to work on it? Cheers, MG
  4. What about Citadel Skull White primer? Seems to be the standard but I don't know if GW deserves to get my money. I think Tommy, another Aussie, used some White Knight (An Australian paint company) white primer, though I can't remember how good he said it was. Cheers, MG
  5. A figure painter in the modelling club I belong to suggested I use a grey automotive primer to prime my minis. The only problem he could see was that it may be difficult using light colours on it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Cheers MG
  6. Can anyone tell me how many duplicates you're likely to get in a unit pack of Wargods miniatures? I'm more interested in individual figures than building a warband, but see the boxed sets as a cheaper than buying them separately. I'm looking at getting the Asar, Sebeki and To-tanem sets if that helps. Cheers, MG
  7. Sadly it's not as easy as that. This is a rivalry that goes back years. After having the wood over them for so long the English won't let us forget so easily. It's all about them putting us "upstart colonials" back in our place. That said, how many other Aussies other there are for a republic. (Holds hand up high) And here it comes....(purses lips in frustration) The media will be firing off shots next. No doubt.
  8. Excalibur, indeed. All those guys looked like they were taking chrome baths between takes. LOL Actually I'd like to see some Photoshop bling-bling on this one - or would that be going to far? MG
  9. Personally, I think if you don't like it, don't buy it. Simple. And if you don't like the hat, you can trim it back. Unfortunately, that doesn't solve prophet's problem. I can sympathise. While I like the pirate queen, it's hard to find a miniature of a female archaeologist that doesn't look like Lara Croft. MG
  10. After hearing how great Reaper Master Paints are, I put in an order some months ago to get the first fifty four colours. Now that they've finally arrived I'm ready to paint . What I'd like to know is what can I do with them, aside from the obvious. I know it's been asked before, but I probably missed it. Can anyone help? While I'm at it, what's a good primer to use? I've heard alot of talk here about Krylon but I don't know where to find it. Is it an automotive primer or something different? Can anyone help me with this too? Please remember I live in Australia so there are probably some products we can't get here. Cheers, MG
  11. Finally I have some time to write about my experiences at this year's CANCON the weekend before last. It's so hard when almost the only computers I have access to are the shared ones around my wokrplace. It doesn't give you much opportunity to do this sort of thing. Anyway, CANCON is the annual games meet that is held in Canberra by the Canberra Gaming Society. Although it's been held for the past twenty years or so (I think) this was the first time I went and my first games meeting ever. First off I have to say there alot more people there than I expected. I was late meeting a friend there and when I saw the amount of people inside I thought I'd never find him! I'm told that when they held a LAN games competition at CANCON a couple of years ago it was even bigger! Eventually I found my friend and we had looked around at the different competitions going on and the various trade stalls. The usual games were being played. DBM, DBA, Flames of War, Warmachine and of course Warhammer (Sadly, I saw only one Dwarf army), and Warhammer 40k. However, I was more interested in the miniatures themselves than in the games there being used in. Some them were really good, and if the lighting wasn't so bad I'm sure they would have looked even better. The trade stalls had huge variety of miniatures and I saw alot of the lines that I've heard about here. I saw my first HassleFrees - they're so crisp aren't they - some WarCrow (Silat among them, he's great) and some by an Australian company called ShadowForge. They specialise in female characters and have some great Valkyries, what they call their "Dark Temple" miniatures which are basically Amazons I suppose with some female centaurs and medusa types, and their "Tribals" which look like jungle girls, with some who ride horses (light cavalry) and dinosaurs (heavy cavalry) as well as some manga/anime influenced characters and Bloodbowl type female football teams. I liked them alot. Check them out at www.shadowforge.com.au. The pictures may not be very clear but you'll get the idea. At on stall my friend and were looking at a Rackham catalogue debating whether or not to buy one of there miniatures. Even before my friend asked about the one he was interested in the guy at the stall had it ready for him! I suspect some spying was going on. I also saw the new range paints form Derivan Mattise that Tommy told me about. They look very promising. And I found I should have my order of Reaper Master Paints in the next couple of weeks. Finally! All in all, I'm glad I went. I saw alot of great miniatures, I got a Rackham 2004 catalogue and a 1st edition "Wargods of Aegyptus" rule book for A$10 each, as well as two dwarf for A$1 each. I was happy and I got to write this very random post about it all. Enjoy
  12. Do any of the other Australians out there know where I can get that Krylon automotive primer that everyone raves about? Cheers, MG
  13. Unreleased you say. How'd you find it? It looks great. The freehand is especially good. The one on the gun reminds me of the Midgard serpent. I've seen other Squats in exo-armour in the GW catalogues I have from the early 90s. As a big dwarf fan I'd really like a couple .... if I could find them. Very nice job, DS. Cheers, MG
  14. Does anyone know how long the offer lasts?
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