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  1. The mixing of the 2 that you guys speak of is how I've been playing with metallics also. For example one of the issues I've encountered with really tiny pieces of brass is that there is little to nothing to shade it on and just lapping a TMM brass paint is too shiny. What I am interested in asking; however, is what exactly constitutes as a true NMM.. I've been playing with layers that add different effects. such as gloss coats for the glossy, metallic pigments added without paint but with a binding layer, or using iridescent medium to add a "glitter" to basically any color.
  2. Ugh why did I look at this? Look at all those critters! The maiden sculpts look good but those critters.. I am a sucker for the hard to find animals especially with so many unique poses. beavers and moose and bears, oh my. I then checked their site to see if they did more and my goodness they have bunnies and guinea pigs and sooo many cats. ;-; I feel my money slipping away already.
  3. I am torn on magnifiers. They are great but I found after I got into the groove of it that I could hardly look at a mini without magnification since it was so powerful. Honestly if you've got a lil cash burning a hole you can cheaply test both head mounted and desk (I picked up one of each for a total of $20, so $10 for each) and I'll probable upgrade to a better headset soon. I like the headset more then the desktop magnifier; although I'll argue the stiff neck issue a bit. My biggest issue with the desktop is when you find a good spot that allows you to use proper posture it means you'll constantly be putting your arms in the same spot which leads to sore arms. Headset is by far more useful. AND even with hawk-like vision the magnifier (depending how strong) can be so strong you'll legit be watching the very drops of paint transfer from individual brush bristles to the mini, top notch maximum control and a really cool sight to behold. Just be warned it'll spoil you on what minis can look like but it multiplied my skill multiple times over. I went from ok to good just by magnification, edit to add the 2 cheapies I started with: Headset And Desktop (but is looks like it's priced much higher now and probably not worth it)
  4. Glorious! Even if it wasn't a turtle man but simply a turtle I absolutely love how this is turning out. I can't wait to see the final product as you continue this quest towards aquatic greatness!
  5. I absolutely love the stockings, just like the trick or treat its such a fun way to order and get surprised. My only disappointment though is the minis being the same in both naughty and nice. :P when i got naughty and saw all the minis being villiany in nature I was like "I wonder if nice got an assortment of good or nice minis.. knights or heros or something neutral like a dog" that said, prairie tick is officially my fave "I never thought I needed this until I have it" mini.. it is just SOOOOO fun to paint. fine details, lots of flat areas to cover, a very vast and open array of color schemes that would look great on it. Easily my fave vermin mini bar none.
  6. I'm just impressed you stored that many minis in their blister. One day I'll find the willpower to store them in the blister so I can pack them nicely in a box like that.
  7. I always knew the envy in those pretty hands would build. Fly! Fly to a land of opportunity where you hands may model like they have never modeled before (Although word on the street secret weapon has some pretty hands themselves... The saga continues?) In all seriousness though congrats and I hope it all works smoothly. Warn their warehouse crew that they might get some silly customer orders now, I am already looking at their wares... How have I never seen secret weapon before today? Tell your new boss you already attracting new customers, earn the appropriate points!
  8. "Next round of power ups" so what I'm hearing is they have bonus rolls against my wallet between now and July? Golly the party never stops does it?
  9. Possibly, but thankfully i could use coal just as easily as minis... This just sounds like good fun all around, but if they looking at past orders I'm afraid I'll be naughty.. I've been bugging the warehouse crew every order and im sure higher ups are starting to note my shenanigans
  10. Thanks for the answer! Now I actually have 2 further questions (1 for the KS in general and 1 for the future) 1st: In your "making of" video you displayed the collection render on a large base. Do you have any plans present or future to make a special base to display entire collections? I personally really enjoyed how it looked and think something like that would be a great option. 2nd: Are you planning future display collections using different genres? I really like all of the nymphs (Especially depth, I have a soft spot for aquatic themes) but what's putting me on the fence is it isn't my cup of tea for display, it's funny I'm sitting here like "oh yeah that'd be amazing to paint" followed by "but... who would I give it to? I wouldn't display it" Overall, I genuinely wish the best and want to see more work like it. I know you said KingdomDeath pinups inspired you but looking at both I think your collection box is either equal or greater, especially with the numbering.
  11. Sorry for throwing another shipping question your way but.. if you get a larger pack (say, the 3 mini one) is that $15 (i know you didn't use usd, bear with me) per mini or per shipment? Basically I'm askimg for clarification. $30 for a single mini is rough but $30 for every mini in the set might run me off too.. Also when you start unlocking stretch goals, will you be letting people choose them as part of their core? Or are they add on only? Eg let's say i go full argo, all 10 current sets. But a stretch goal, say the night nymph looks better then one of the other 10. Could i switch one of the core 10 for the stretch goal?
  12. This looks amazing! Great job on the cloak too, I absolutely love the freehand pattern.
  13. I love it! Something I definitely wouldn't want to encounter in the forest.
  14. I'm back and ready to answer questions... Inspiration... I enjoy reading and painting but when I really need to sit back dig deep and find inspiration and motivation I first look outside at nature... Then I look at all the other hobbyists who find great joy and expression through art. Their skill, their passion, it drives me and inspires me to look past the hardships of life and enjoy the simplier things. Some call it vain, pointless, and maybe they are right in the grand scheme of things.. but looking at the joy it brings people to do something, to create something, even if "in the grand scheme of things" it is "pointless" just makes it that much more valuable to me. Specific examples for the weekend.. All those wonderful revealed Bones IV goals.. The videos Dr Faust put on youtube "Painting Ad Mech Belisarius". FalKKone released his cover of "Force your way" from final fantasy 8. And other forum dwellers (and more importantly the ones dwelling in KS comments) have been feeding me advice thats been motivating and inspiring me.
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