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  1. Well... if you consider red a splash then he has some ... deep in the eye sockets... kind of as a reference point possibly for future. He is a black knight after all... and i'm a bit mundane i suppose in that i like my dark paladins/fallen knights etc dark... like so far from the light it retreats from them dark if i could... but it is unfinished and the game is tomorrow, so i'm not going to rush him... who knows once the games done what could happen.
  2. So its been a almost a month since i've browsed the forums... ya'll make it hard to get stuff done if i do... Anywho, encouraged or emboldened by my last attempt at the dark side paint scheme of black on black and looking through here... when it came time to make a Black Guard (dark paladin, black knight) for my campaign i went full hog on the shader technique i tried with the Tiefling Warlock... ok... so turns out dark paladins with warhorses are a bit hard to come by how i wanted it... soooo I picked up a "chaotic" knight made by "Those who's Shop shall not be purchased from" but i got e
  3. THAT'S a speed paint?!? Dude, post one where you took your time so i can really feel bad LOL
  4. That was the first fantasy picture that ever caught my full attention... LOVE me some death dealer. And i think you hold an apparent reverence for it as well. Self depricating humor aside (i did laugh) I think that comes through. I like your mini's and as someone who is also currently learning about the in's and out's of the "all black" type paint project i sympathize and understand that it is a learning experiance and your observations about grey's and no true blacks has added a little more knowledge to my own journey ,so thanks!!! Definately NOT a failure. I hope to see more.
  5. lighted base project isnt dead just on hiatus. After the last post to this thread I had a real job scare and shake up where i work... put the skids for over a month to all extra activities as I took precautions and prepperations to secure other work. After that I was tapped to run a D&D one shot... So this hit the shelf. But its still on my soon to do list
  6. I've only been painting for 4 months. But this forum has really been a source of inspiration and encouragement. And threads like this really contribute to that! I know i would have still liked painting mini's but i dont know if i'd be as enthusiastic about it if i hadnt stumbled on to ya'll as quick as i did. So not alot of progress to show but Barden Barrelstrap and Arthan Nightblade were my first two minis 4 months ago. Highlighting and patience are still my goal when it comes to the hobby. Always trying to cram alot of progress in a small amount of time... and my head is
  7. Cyradis, thanks for the advice... unfortunately i asked the player already...when i'd shaded all the recessed areas dark black... and had the raised ones still grey primer, showed him the pic but... No luck talking him out of it... he's dead set on a blacked out sneaking getup.... first Raiper welding ninja warlock i've ever seen
  8. Ok ... so its been a few months since I've been on here. But i got tasked with doing a one shot campaign and a guy coning asked me to make a mini.... a tiefling... with a rapier... thats a warlock... (crap) and these were my marching orders for color... I like red a black but this just seemed like a blob waiting to happen... So i ended up with this... I basically decided to prime in grey and use dark wash to tint on the black instead of using paint.... as it seemed to be the only way to keep the color he wanted and have it be softer like the studded leat
  9. Holiday weekend, son is home, not much time to paint stuff. But, while all the kids were sleeping in I figured I'd do something small and quick. So, I worked on the spell effect for the wizard. Using Tamiya clear blue x-23 ((SNIKT)) & Vallejo white. Unfortunately it didnt dawn on me to remove the mold line from the spell effect till AFTER i looked at the pictures ... oh well its in a repairable spot i suppose.
  10. Bit of progress today.... couldnt decide on a color scheme. Oddly I decided to go against everything I like and use cool blue colors. Thoughts and critiques of course are more than welcomed.
  11. back to the wizard while i await parts to make base pulse light. Not much done just starting skin and hair. As Pingo mentioned where i'd left off seemed like a pre line/shade... so i wanted to see if i could capitalize on that using thinner paint layers than I usually do. So this is about 3 layers of vallejo basic skintone, lightly applied with a water dipped brush for skin on the head (2-3 layers in the hands) and same of vallejo white and grey primer 2:1 mix for the hair.
  12. Pragma, Go with the red if you are looking for lava highlights.... mine came in today the pics are of ONE red led. vs the 8 white i had in there. pics are and on off comparrison w/the one red led with my filter as dark as i could get it...my plans have changed Chanzon 10 pcs High Power Led Chip on Board 3W Red (400mA-500mA / DC 2V-2.4V / 3 Watt) Super Bright Intensity SMD COB Light Emitter Components Diode 3 W Bulb Lamp Beads DIY Lighting
  13. To be quite honest its been over ten years since electronics were part of my job and as a close inspection of that soldering and wire will tell you i'm out of practice. So i have been doing things by the seat of my pants, thought to action, for pretty much all of it. But you asked so here goes: I wanted smaller focused pure white LED's (link below to LED's i've used in pics) to focus in the "runes". Not RGB white because they always have a blue tint to it. Plus the linked ones had easily accessible solder points. Which ever you chose try not to mix and match led types. it will give you
  14. You know... thats a good idea... i may leave the base where the model can be placed in and out just for that effect you mentioned. Roll for inspiration my friend! Thanks!
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