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  1. This was a challenge and a half! I fell in love with the sculpt, and tried my best to do it justice. The cartoonishly large warhammer is just awesome. Getting my phones crappy camera to take anything worth sharing was also quite the challenge. As always C&C are more than welcome!
  2. This was a fun one! I removed his sword and replaced it with Acreraks staff. I used a zombie/skeleton head, and a staff from a Reaper weapon sprue, with a little greenstuff. The base is stone. I used a 1/4” die grinder to drill out enough material to install a couple 7/16” nuts, which were epoxied in place. I dremeled the shape of the rock into the maple, drilled and glued in some magnets, bam! Removable, super cool magnetic base! I struggled a lot on the lightning. Way more than I’d care to remember... I went a little heavy on the OSL, and wish I could take some of that back. All in all I’m quite happy with Acererak! C&C are always welcome.
  3. Crazy good! I really like the dark red accented by the white, really makes it pop.
  4. Hey everyone, I’ve been away for a little while, but life has gotten back into a rhythm that allows me some brush time. Finally! These were simply fantastic models. I throughly enjoyed painting these giants. It was a busy weekend for me, one Friday, another Saturday, and the last one Sunday. C&C are always welcome, and I hope you like them. My camera skills are as craptastic as usual... Oh! Banana-4-Scale! It’s a 28mm 3d printed on a 1” square base. It’s nearly as absurd and yet awesome as it sounds!
  5. This is the third or fourth piece from the Kickstarter I’ve painted. I really loved this sculpt, soooo much detail! I only wish it were bigger! looking at the pictures, I may have to retouch some of the protruding bones as they need some shadowing. All in all I’m quite happy how it turned out. The pillars I used in the base are not included in the Kickstarter (for those who were getting a raise in blood pressure) They were gifted to me from a friend experimenting with his 3D printer. As always C&C are more than welcome. I hope you like it
  6. What a terrific idea! Wonderfully done to boot. (I am so going to steal this idea) Thanks for the inspiration Thoramel!
  7. I tried brown fur originally but it turned out brighter than I wanted. I haven’t perfected a recipe for dark brown fur yet. the tail though; that’s a terrific idea! I was was tempted to do some drool, but the way the mouth was shaped, and how open it is, it would have been above my skill level to do it any justice.
  8. It’s creepy in all the right ways! Well done.
  9. Shub-Niggurath is simply what nightmares have nightmares about! Insanly detailed sculpt, and a total blast to paint. As always C&C are mores than welcome, and I hope that you like it.
  10. I asked my youngest daughter what colours this fearsome Rock Troll should be. “Ummmmm wike dis” as she pointed at her Easter Oreo cookie. Purple and black it is! He now stands guarding the cookie jar, although I don’t think he’s doing a very good job... C&C are always welcome
  11. MKCS


    “Steal” away! make sure to post it when you’re done too. Unless it’s better than mine...
  12. Here is my take on the mighty mudgullet! This was insanely fun to paint, I hope I did it justice. I tried to give it a dirty swampy feel. As always C&C are more than welcome, I hope you like it.
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