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  1. The provided link has a "Procure" button, thus one assumes it was a typo on the site and should likely be available "first" to attendees. I hope they do this with Werewolf: The Apocalypse as well.
  2. Greetings Reaperites, I am in need of your help. I have entered myself in the Neil Gaiman voice acting contest at book perk, and I need as many people as possible to vote for me on a daily basis to try to win it and get voice lessons from Neil Gaiman and an inclusion in the 10th anniversary recording of American Gods. to help simply go to the link below register (its fast I promise) and then vote for me once per day. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fneilgaiman.bookperk.com%2Fengine%2FDetails.aspx%3Fp%3DV%26c%3D29933%26s%3D7783371%26i%3D1%23SD&h=e7da0 I appriciate the help! Darryl
  3. I believe this is the one your looking for Chip. http://www.precisionmodeldesigns.com/
  4. Im still in love with grease + fireball myself, its just too much fun. Im not sure where i got champion, somewhere in the dwarven city i think.
  5. i downloaded it from filefront, heres the link. http://www.filefront.com/14870387/Dragon-Age-Patch-v1.01a/
  6. For anybody that wasnt aware the 1.01a patch addresses the difficulty inconsistencies, though even after patching you ll still need to micromanage quite a bit on anything but easy.
  7. Sadly, we do not currently have any retailers in the UK that carry the Warlord 2nd ed book that i know of. If they order them from a US distributor rather than directly from us its possible they might have it unbeknownst to me. We do have a handling charge but it is $1.00. It looks like the total shipping and handling for a Warlord book ordered direct from our website would be around $15.00, and as with all international orders from us you would be responsible for any customs fees once it arrived. Another option would be to contact Leisure games(http://www.leisuregames.com/) Orcs Nest (http://www.orcsnest.com/) or Miniature Heroes (http://www.miniature-heroes.co.uk/) and see if they would order it for you. Your local game store can also contact me at [email protected] to setup a direct retail account with us as well. Hope this helps.
  8. Hey, thought i would share my conversion for my Spaniard Dwarf rogue in our D&D game. link to the original for comparison. Hat and feather are sculpted from green and brown stuff with a brass sheet underpinning. the Kukri is the blade from the dwarven mancatcher with some brown stuff for a guard. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/snorri/latest/14130
  9. He works quite well for dual wield conversions, I have actually recently converted him to be dual wielding light sabers for a Star Wars Saga Ed Game.
  10. This idea intrigues me....
  11. On this Note if you listen to episode 63 of the Order 66 Podcast you may find a little surprise.... [/cryptic]
  12. yeah it was always beautiful when someone used glass steel to make your glass blade metal strong, best way to make a half giant cry with joy
  13. nothing quite like having to carry 10 bone weapons because your constantly breaking them :P
  14. very nice job, i do love those Infinity minis, and also ill agree with rigger, big points for quoting Fallout with the title too :P
  15. Ia Pugh, Reaper fhtagn! seriously though we prefer "Servants of Stellar Entities beyond the realm of mortal understanding"
  16. I find that for dragonborn using reaper minis the best way to go to get an authentic look to the game is to simply use a normal human mini and remove the head replacing it with a reptus.
  17. Earthsiege and Starsiege
  18. brownstuff is also more brittle and less flexible, and usually more expensive as well so its mainly used to make sharp edges, weapons and the like
  19. Nice chops on the sculpt there Robert :) did you get John to license them out? ^_~
  20. i can do friday, they can go one week w/o me playing pirates
  21. played the demo for this yesterday its quite amusing
  22. HAHA! GE and i both stump thas atempt to incite by having lived in AZ and still not being cowboys
  23. ill take a challenge againts your hell saint in cav2 at least :)
  24. Dont forget spartan you also learned that getting to close to two sabertooths is akin to jumping into a compost shredder, even if i did loose on the last initiative
  25. i gotta agree with orsino anything from antec will be really silent thats what im using and i cant hear it at all especially when the computer or tv are making any kind of noise
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