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  1. Hey thanks everyone! Maybe I should post more and lurk less. But for now, back to my day-long meeting. . .
  2. I heard somewhere that they travel in herds. I think 3-4 at a minimum for this size. I’m helping!
  3. Nice colors! I like the transition between orange and purple. If I wanted to copy this without it reading as “red dragon” I suppose I could go more brown between the two? Thanks for sharing and inspriring!
  4. I like this a lot! Really fantastic painting and a most excellent gift! Where can I apply to replace your retiring friend?
  5. Mine(s) arrived yesterday at last. I can finally stop jumping up every time a delivery truck rumbles by. Already painted the two sets of bridges I got. Really like them and don’t mind the warping of the flexible plastic. It’s kind of appropriate really. Now starting to work on the two sets of cart tracks. Younger digit is helping and painted one of the mine carts and can’t help play with the tracks as they dry.
  6. I think it’s time for another update. Finally spread some more paint on this one. Highlighted the belly, skin on the back and face, and the claws. I’m pretty happy I was able to get it to where it looks less of a mess.
  7. Right Now? Teleport, Haste, or Time Stop would do. I’m running late for a meeting.
  8. Our entry into these was actually Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms. I don’t know the differences, and probably haven’t fully tested it since most games with the kids we were a bit reluctant to engage in battles. I still like how it works. It is a bit fiddly. If you bump the table you can mess things up quite a bit. but for portability and ease of storage it can’t be beat.
  9. Went to Origins Game Fair for one day and picked up a few of the Tiny Epic games from Gamelyn Games. Played Galaxies a few times and really enjoyed it. Just tried Tiny Epic Quest last night and did not finish the multiplayer game as it was taking too long to learn and getting past bedtime. What is nice is both have rules for solo play so I can play around with them even when everyone else has gone to bed. Which is what I did within Quest last night. I like that that the games are not too long and they fit a lot into the small box. It is a satisfying experience without overwhelming everyone at the table. Kinda wish I hadn’t missed out on all of the kickstarters.
  10. Well, the recommended age is 12+ but we don’t necessarily follow what is typically recommended. The same digit started playing Dominion with us at age 7 and that game is recommended for 14+. It helps that we all play for fun and are not really competitive about it. We do keep track of points and both digits love to total the scores at the end, each checking the others’ math. But generally they are happy for whoever won and look forward to the next game regardless of the outcome. The only sticking point is when both want to take the same action which can lead to disappointment. Luckily in 3+ player games there is a way to copy another player’s action if you can pay the food cost.
  11. Just got Caverna on Sunday and have already played a few times. Both of the digits (ages 8 and just turned 11) are digging it, despite the complexity, the fact that it takes half a day to play and takes up the whole table. Beyond the strategic elements, it is pretty fun with all the different meeple animals and resources. And you can choose a different focus for getting victory points when you start out. Last game, elder digit tried for as many animals as possible while younger digit went for the highest level weapon and kept going on expeditions. The current game, elder is trying to furnish as much of the cave as possible while youngest looks to still be going for weapons. I’ve found success with sowing and harvesting so far, as well as growing my dwarf family. You can play up to 7 players but I imagine it would take you a couple days at least, so beware! Also you can play solo, which I am planning to try out some time soonish.
  12. These are awesome! I love how much variety you get by varying the color schemes. I’m also impressed how each base is unique too - clearly each one represents a small but distinct part of your world. And the group shot - it’s like a fantastical family reunion! I’m surprised you got them to pose together with such strong and varying personalities.
  13. Pulled out the pokorny paints to do the rocks. First a heavy dry brush/wet brush of “base grey”. When that was dry (probably should have waited a little longer but ...) did an actual dry brush of “cavern dry brush”. Finally barely touched the tips with “stone edge” dry brush. It’s okay if it’s a bit light right now since there will likely be some darker washes applied at some point.
  14. Haven’t posted anything in a while, so may as well break the silence with a WIP. I cleaned up Mashaaf, glued it together and stuck it on a CD base. Didn’t take pics until after the brown liner coat. Then base coated all but the base. The claws and leg things and tail thing got maroon red. The belly got nmm gold shadow. The upper abdomen got a sample purple color and I extended that to the bottom of the tentacles. The face and upper tentacles got entrail pink. The back and body got nightsky blue and the rocks on its back got walnut brown. Finally I used holly berry for the “eye spots” This is where it’s at right now: Probably will need another coat of each but I’ll try to get the base and rocks on the back dry brushed first since that may mess up some other areas.
  15. Spot on! I’m not 3 months behind. I’m 9 months ahead! Thanks for the kind words folks. Here’s a bonus pic of something I sculpted today to fit the theme. Couldn’t fit it into my photo set up though.
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