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  1. Not too much of an overextension. Worried more about the molds.
  2. Ideas we are playing with, and the new inclusion of the Thracian shield
  3. The forest just got more angry... Faun KS is at funded status, just pushing for stretch goals. Wanting to add this to the female side to spread the variety up.
  4. Audience I will eventually be helping is geared for the cavalry/centaur. A goattaur sounds kinda cool. Below is the recent summary talking about what we are doing after the 10k pledge wall hits. At 10k, we release the female mold and 6x4 sprue, and create a 3x4 sprue for a cavalry piece. Backers get 6 in war party pledges, and 20 in army in a box, for those that just need a few, we will have some at $3 for the backers.
  5. Update on 5/15, we unlocked the centaur through a deal. Breaking 10k, we could do the female mold and start off with a smaller 3x4 hard plastic sprue. We had just enough space for two horse halves (static poses will be charging centaurs). At 30k, we will go full 6x4. War Party Pledgers just gained 6 centaur bodies after breaking the goal, and Army in a Box just gained 20. Smaller sprues can then be bought for $3. Just in case you want to customize. Of note, the Satyr 3 pack has joined the warparty pledge to, 3 in fact, with 6 in the army box. We are almost at 7k of the 10k goal with 23 days left, thank you all. :)
  6. Those mantic centaurs though....I really hate those legs. My prime motivation. Running ads that apply for both sexes, if they step up, ill let you know.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rgdgaming/help-us-make-28mm-hard-plastic-fauns-for-your-tabl/posts/2506336 Updates on add ons
  8. If it helps, KS saves that for down the road, the pledge is mostly a permission heads up to do so on your behalf. And glad to help. It isn't too hard for a mold designer to replicate the features on sprues.
  9. I haven't even made the change official. Before doing that, it seemed appropriate to ask. Until that does, we stick with females. Thank you for the wishes
  10. Im asking the backers their thoughts. if we can incentivize more people it m ight help us more overall. If it takes these small actions to understand everyone's priorities, it means I need to do them to make sure everyone can benefit from the trade, not that I necessarily want to trash my own ideas.
  11. Lots of sleepless nights, but it got done. Im clumsy with kickstarter, and media coordination, but I have to say we made a pretty damn good faun model.
  12. Mantic ran it, and I enjoyed the experience, and its clear people want to choose stuff. :)
  13. Tim Barry had invested money with Defiance, along with some of his friends. Tony ran off, and left Tim and the others dry when the Defiance project went under. There is no association there. I hired Tim because he is one of the few sculptors in the US with competency in mold design, and line of draft. Pretty cool guy. Molder just happens to have some experience working under Wargames Factory, hence the similarities. All legit. I wouldn't have bothered otherwise. I felt that the second round needed at least one mold to show the quality could be done. Learned that most of the major houses (always exceptions) have been using freeform software in coordination with CNC, and aluminum tooling. Wyrd made a big deal about it in 2012 in the industry press releases.
  14. That was the plan. Segregating males and females to their own connected sprue is cheaper than making a mold for each. Here is a sneak preview of a faun model in work
  15. Separating the sprues is easy enough, but to make a mold for each set would prove tricky on the resource front. There is a good chance I can offer an ala carte option, or an upgrade pack to address a full male or full female set. For anyone who wants to take a peak at a metal version of our original concept faun, we have a small batch for sale at https://rgdgaming.com/products/faun-tracker . A painted version of it is underway and won't be too long before I can get you some pics.
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