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  1. I grabbed some Chaos Cultists from the Dark Vengeance box from a buddy of mine. Don't know what I'm going to use them for. Maybe Shadow War eventually. Anyway, didn't want to spend a lot of time on them so I just spray primed with the AP color primers then applied some basic base costs. I finished them off with the AP strong tone quickshade followed by the anti shine. I think they turned out pretty well. thanks for looking. Comments and critiques are always appreciated.
  2. Excellent job. Makes me want to purchase one for my Orc team!!!
  3. Nice work!!!!! Love the whole background you have him in as well.
  4. Excellent paint jobs all around. Loving the monsters!!!
  5. Nice work!!!!! He looks like he would fit right in with a Khorne army.
  6. Excellent job on this!! The eyes, hair etc.
  7. Very nice. I like the beaten, weathered look on the shield and sword.
  8. So I have 5 of these (placed a big order in May). I decided to finally paint one up. I didn't want to spend a lot of time so I basecoated in white. Did some base painting with Reaper paints and finished off with a dip in the Army Painter Strong Tone quickshade. Finished off the base and used the Army Painter Anti Shine to get rid of the gloss. I think he turned out quite well. I won't use the quickshade on every mini, just trying it out on different things right now. thanks for looking.
  9. Yeah the cleanup sucks. I hate having to use paint thinner to clean the brush mostly for the stink factor.
  10. As you can see, mine still has a slight bend. I got it that far after a couple attempts and then just threw my hands up and decided to move on.....lol.
  11. Nice job. Like the texture of the wood.
  12. Nice work. I always like skeletons. Add these to the must buy list.
  13. The skin texture looks amazing!!! I need one of these badly.
  14. The paint job and the background......pure evil !!! Excellent job!!!!!
  15. Just finished up my Benedikt Hellhorn from Reapers Dark Heaven Legends line. Nothing too fancy. A black undercoat with a Necron Compound dry brush. The other colors are a mix of Reaper/Army Painter paints. The base is simple with Citadel texture Lustrian Undergrowth and a bit of dry brushing. I enjoyed paintning this figure, especially the skull on the shield. thanks for looking.
  16. Very nice. Just started on CAV myself so this is some good inspiration
  17. Excellent job. I like the cloak and the look of the plate armor!!!
  18. Watched Doctor Strange. Missed it in theaters. Enjoyed it quite a bit.
  19. That belly is disgusting!!! I love it!!! Great job.
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