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  1. James-

    Otyugh My 1st

    Thanks guys. Didnt have basing stuff at the time but it's definitely something I'm getting more into now.
  2. James-

    Otyugh My 1st

    Thanks Pochi, I'll have to try a WIP next. I think I'm going to try to completely sculpt an earth elemental next for a friend of mine, so maybe I'll try doing it for that!
  3. James-

    Warlock and Raven : 03381, 02969

    Thanks! I'll have to give it a try!
  4. James-

    14366: Dehanis Twinleaf, Elf Druid

    I'm impressed with the eyes! The whole thing looks great too!
  5. James-

    02823: Rasia, w/Spiked Chain - A very angry lady

    Really like this mini and the attitude you can see in the face! Nice! I'm with you on the hair, I kinda wish it was some crazy color to match the attitude, but execution wise the hair looks good to me.
  6. James-

    Otyugh My 1st

    So last week I posted my Warlock and Raven and mentioned they were my seventh mini to paint. So I figured since I have pictures of the first six I'll post those as I have time too :) I picked this guy as my first mini to paint since he was bigger and more simple and seemed like an easy one to start with. I will add though that I'm the type of crazy person that probably watched over 20 hours of YouTube tutorials before I even picked up a brush. Super receptive to any criticism as I would like to know what to improve!
  7. James-

    Warlock and Raven : 03381, 02969

    Thanks man, glad you liked the gems
  8. James-

    Warlock and Raven : 03381, 02969

    I haven't sealed or 'finished' any of my models because in all the videos I've watched the varnishes seem to detract. The I don't like the gloss look and the matte looks chalky. Is there a way to seal them without really changing how they look?
  9. James-

    Warlock and Raven : 03381, 02969

    Whats the difference between the brush on sealer and like a gloss, matte, or satin finish?
  10. James-

    Warlock and Raven : 03381, 02969

    What do you mean by sealer? Varnish?
  11. James-

    From cool to Meh... 2nd thoughts.

    I do use army painter, I'm new to the craft as well and when I applied my first wash I was "holy crap! This looks awesome now" after having similar sentiments as you were. I now have those first minis as my profile pic and banner. Like Kuro said you got the paint in the right places! Now just add the shade watch the magic happen and follow it up with some subtle highlights and you will change your mind about this mini like I did about my first ones. Good luck :)
  12. James-

    From cool to Meh... 2nd thoughts.

    If you want a quick fix I'd say lather a dark tone wash over everything but the skin, hair and flame sword and it will really add some shading. You could do a flesh was over the skin too for a quick shade. But listen to these other guys I've only started painting too. I too think the flame sword is awesome!
  13. James-

    03352: Children of the Zodiac: Virgo

    Really nice skin tones. You can see it especially well in the leg. Nice!
  14. James-

    Spring Exchange - O-Sayumi (Picture heavy)

    The flowers!!!!!!! The everything!!!!!!!! I love it.