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  1. So how come no one's posted any costume pics??? Here, I'll even start it off...
  2. Ah, those WERE the days, weren't they? Where did they go? Such a pity they had to leave us....
  3. Hey, turn about is fair play, so Happy Birthday, Old Man! (okay, so I was a few days late... so what!? )
  4. Well, as everyone knows, yesterday was my birthday. I'd like you to know that I had a great day and got totally RIPPED last night! But I'm ok now...
  5. Ah, so good to know that I left a bit of an impression! Sorry that I haven't been around in a while... been really busy with my job and family and all. And thank you for the birthday wishes! Actually, Enchantra, I've been going out on the town more than playing on my 'puter. Although I did get Half-Life and a few other games for X-mas. No MMOs yet, though.... can't really afford the monthly dues just yet Oh well.... c'est la vie!
  6. Personally, I want the 72mm Sophie and the 72mm Holiday Sophie! Rrrrrooowwrrr!
  7. I have to say that I fully understand about the gaming thing now... WOW! You should see Unreal 2 on this thing! Don't worry, though... I won't forget the little people!
  8. Hey, everyone! Guess what? I'm back after a prolonged, unwanted absence based on the complete and total crapping out of my old computer. So, I am now the proud owner of a brand new Dell Dimension 8400 with a P4 540 (3.2 GHz), 1 GB of 533 MHz DDR2 RAM, an nVidia 6800 gt vid card and a 160 GB hard drive! YAY! Now I can do some more Instigatin'! Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be beyond that stage now, huh? Aw shucks...
  9. I'm in Spokane, myself... only 4 hours away! And welcome to the boards!
  11. And it's not just technology... think what's being done in the world of medicine! Through technology, we can now manipulate genes... The medicine we can now administer would have people from 500 years ago picking their jaws up off of the floor and praying to us... And that's without all of the optical illusions we can create, especially for some like David Copperfield and David Blaine!
  12. I'm thinking you're definitely not right, Kel. Speaking of, has anyone ever wondered why asteroids are called "asteroids" and hemorrhoids are called "hemorrhoids"? Wouldn't it make much more sense the other way around?
  13. Besides, this topic is just too darn fun to let die off!
  14. I believe we Instigators continue instigating until we become Enlightened, then quiet down and sleep. That certainly doesn't explain Greyhawke then.... I've been hibernating for the last three days whilst the bumbling idiots at Qwest figure out how they screwed up our DSL connection. Guess what? I'm back...
  15. *AHEM* I believe that our Instigators have been remiss in their duties to bombard Reapergard with various, vile weapons! FIRE! *Slushball arcs skyward...*
  16. Mmmmmm... Christmas Sophie.... Can anything be more Holiday-like?
  17. Hey, Aryanun, BONK! them for me too! I'm one of those people who tend to post only in OTR. I have in the past and plan on returning to painting, but for now I just don't have the time. Much like Cadaver, I seem to need to be "in the mood" these days. RL does tend to get in the way, especially when you're trying to rebuild your life from the ground up. So anyone out there who DOES think that only serious painters need apply, you should take a good look in the mirror and LAUGH! You take life far too seriously!
  18. Actual content! And I must add a correction, they are Sam Adams Utopias, not Ultimas... Utopias It's under the "Extreme Beers" section.
  19. I think I've seen them playing DoW down at my FLGS, and the graphics look pretty good. I have yet to try it myself, but probably will one of these days. I personally don't have ANY games, as my computer is an old POS (as my old A+ teacher would call it) and would probably have a seizure if i tried to install any kind of decent game on it. But who knows what the future will hold...
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