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  1. Hey everybody! Tried to get the word out by word of mouth, and decided on here might be a good way to go about it as well. The tables for gaming had to be altered from what was on the printed schedule due to some logistics issues. (Logic?! At a con?! Say it isn't so.) Games on GrowTix should reflect accurate locations (and hopefully always reflected accurate times). Also, there are printed schedules available on the table just beside registration. ALSO, ALSO, I attached the Xcel spreadsheet of the schedule if anyone wants to peruse. Joseph Wolf's Dreadmere games are still at Table 1 - under the big Dredmere banner. Tables 2 ,3, and 10 are various Roleplaying games, as per the schedule Table 4 is an all-day, every-day Freeblades demo - drop by and check it out! Tables 6 thru 9 are for Gamers looking for Pathfinder/Starfinder D&D Adventure League is now tables 11 thru 23, but Gamers taking part in DDAL are encouraged to head to Table 18, where Colby (and crew) will be marshaling GMs, getting players into games, and generally just controlling the madness of League events. Tables 24 thru 28 are going to host Frog God Games (in the Arabian rooms) ReaperCon 2019 Gaming.xlsx
  2. Ooh! -- This is a really neat idea for next year, Keianna! I can dig it. Maybe we can try and get a little metal stand or something so it's UP on the table. I will say the only plus to the old place was being able to hang table names from the ceiling. But, I think the numbers on the chairs managed to do an admirable job of helping point out what was what. Now...if we can just keep people from jacking my table numbers in the middle of the night, I'll be happy. Still looking for that Table 13 thief... Next year we're hoping to have a room for the miniatures games - and, of course, what's being offered is up to the people willing to run - all of the games run at ReaperCon are put on by volunteers who love the games and want other people to be able to play them. The notable exception, of course, being our darling ReaperWolf, who runs all of the Dreadmere events for Reaper (being the writer, he's sort of the authority on it, don'tcha know). Speaking of - next year's events should be reaching a crescendo for our loved (and reviled) factions. <3 As for people not showing up even though they registered...that happens a lot. No way to make sure that someone shows up...well...not unless someone gives me a Krampus-style sack to go with these horns and I can start kidnapping wayward gamers. >_> And yeah, I think probably GT had a lot to do with it. There's some options on the table for next year that might streamline this whole process (This Scheduling Devil, personally, has some appeals into Asmodeus, don't you worry.). But that said, I always encourage people to show up to the games they want to play on the chance that people bow out or forget or get kidnapped by some crazy lady with a trashbag and paper mache horns. You know. As you do. Soon as I have a firm set-up for next year, I'm going to start talking about gaming at the Con for next year. I'm realizing I'm going to have to be a lot more proactive on the forums now that our little Con is growing! This year definitely had some growing pains in that department, but lord if any of you remember way back in the day when we were all crammed on four tables in the side aisles of the factory...woof. To my knowledge, both Societies (Pathfinder & 5e) should be back next year. I've also got some rumblings of other non-Pathfinder, non-D&D games getting organized...updates to follow as I get 'em.
  3. Hey everybody! This was an amazing review, MoJo, and I agree with you on so many points! Namely about how nice the venue is now and that there shouldn't be names on paint entries. I might even be convinced to enter a mini again if they stopped doing that. I'm hoping some people who played in the RPGs would give their thoughts as well. Well. For anything other than GrowTix. I heard my fill of it at the Con, and I'm pretty well aware of all it's pitfalls. In general, if anyone's got anything good/bad/ugly to say about how the games were run, what games were run, and maybe what they'd like to see run in the future.
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