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  1. Great thanks! I'm guessing I'd have to paint the basecoat of the actual cloak trim first correct? Also some of the runes are reeeeeeeally small. omg... this is going to be crazy...
  2. Hi everyone! It's been a while but I'm here for a quick update and a plea for help and inspiration. I have run into a bit of a wall with this figure. I am very happy with how the starry cloak turned out and am happy with the daytime motif i was able to achieve, but I am a bit stumped on how to do this cloak trim. It has shallow runes that run along the entire length (some of them are quite small) and I haven't been able to figure out how (if possible) to paint them so that they glow a yellow(?) color with the dark blue or purple trim of the cloak surrounding it. (I'm up for suggestions on colors as well). I'm begging for any suggestions/tips or just a friendly statement that I'm wasting my time with these runes:D Thanks for looking! I still need to clean him up and do some highlighting before he is done but C&C welcome! -WhatsEcstacy
  3. Here is my newest finished miniature. This is my first real stab at human-like faces and eyes. It was really fun and totally nerve-wracking! It was also my first real foray into basing. I had a ton of fun with this one and am really happy with how it turned out. I showed it to my buddy who plays this character and he loved it, mission accomplished! Thanks for checking him out. C&C welcome as always. -WhatsEcstacy
  4. Thanks Tjrez! I think it's looking good as well! After thinking about the day/night motif I decided to go for it and am excited with the results. These pictures aren't the best, and the detail isn't quite where i'd like it to be yet, but I'm liking the way this mini is going so far. As always comments are welcome. Night: Day:
  5. After painting a bit I thought it would be a cool idea to do a subtle day/night motif on the cloak with the lighter inside representing day and the darker outside representing night. Any ideas about how to achieve this would be helpful as well. Maybe some subtle freehand stars on the outside and sunbeams on the inside? Any examples or techniques you might have would be very welcome!
  6. A bit more work done. Mixed up the hair color myself and am pretty happy with how it turned out. I decided on a blue cloak with a really unique and cool light blue interior. I thought the colors matched the characters personality pretty well. I'm really wondering how to tackle the... idk runes(?) on the hem of his cloak. Anybody have ideas on that. Not sure how to make all those little symbols look good.
  7. Hi everyone! I thought I would try a W.I.P. for this mini to get some feedback and suggestions along the way. I'm still trying to figure out a color scheme for this guy so any suggestions would be welcome! Fredo is a Bard with a hint of Cleric. He's a charmer and a bit of a ladies man. In our campaign he constantly tells stories about the time he slept with an angel and his favorite pastimes are doing useless flips and somersaults as well as jamming out on his piccolo. I started with the hardest part. The face! I tried a bit of a variation on the Bette Davis Eyes technique and I think it turned out pretty well (as long as you don't look at it under the magnifier *shudder*). Any suggestions on a cool color scheme for Fredo again would be very welcome as well as any comments and tips before I start painting again! "Well... I'm knocked out again. Can someone please revive me before I die?" -Fredo ~WhatsEcstacy
  8. Based him up! I had a lot of fun learning the basics of basing my figures. It really adds a lot to the whole look of the pieces! I'll tackle static grass next!
  9. Funny you should ask! I just took the plunge today and bought a bunch of basing materials. I'm about halfway done with his base now and it's turning out pretty good. I'm trying to decide on a color scheme for the ground. I think I'll go for something brown and muddy to tie into the bottom of the cloak. I'll post pictures here as soon as I'm done!
  10. Hey everyone! Just checking in again to show off another paint job. This is the first of my group of 5 player characters that I am painting for my RP group. First off is Twynblade the Rogue, I was able to use the Eli Quicknight figure that came as part of the anniversary promotion. I hope you enjoy! This is my 6th figure and I feel like I'm starting to develop a style. I like going for the gritty realism which is why I like adding details like muddy cloaks and dented/rusty armor and weapons. Because he is a roguish type and the guy who plays him is always hanging out in the shadows I went a little heavy on the dark wash for this character. I'm going to work on being more subtle with shadowed areas for my next piece, but I like how he turned out. I took my first real stab at eyes and boy was this a hard figure to start out on, With the hood and bandanna there is very little room to maneuver the brush. I got the whites of his eyes and liked the effect. There is no way I'm getting pupils in such a small area with a brush. I was wondering if anybody uses pens to apply pupils on any of their figures? Suggestions on that front and any other comments are welcome. Thanks again for taking a look. ~WhatsEcstacy P.S. A lot of my figures came with really bent weapons including this one. I was able to straighten the dagger out a little more after taking the pictures, but any suggestions/tips on good ways to straighten out bent figures would be appreciated.
  11. I like the tip about painting eyes looking off to to the side! My LTPK: Layer Up is on the way and I'm super excited to start tackling eyes and human skin tones. I think your gnome looks great Baldur! The shadows and highlights on the cloak are really nice and I think your eyes turned out great!
  12. The texture you got in the sword is my favorite part. I love the little nicks and scratches in the blade. I'm guessing it was just a few swipes of highlight color at the end? Anyways, very well done!
  13. That would be 02601: Dwarf Cleric, Grayrune. I'd have to echo everyone else and say the freehand text is really well done! You generated a lot of extra interest with it by including pictures and maps. I'm impressed with how much it actually looks like script and not just random scribbles (especially the warlock's scroll). I'd love to hear about your method if you could try to describe it!
  14. Thanks for the comments everyone! I just put in my order for the LTPK: Layer Up Kit! I actually did go over the metal bits with a polished silver paint, might be hard to see because of the lighting, it is pretty subtle regardless. I might have to do some really careful highlights with white to really make that armor shine! Thanks so much! Yeah all that silver paint really did a number on my brushes... I actually had to use more paint than normal, because the metallics seem to dry out on the pallet faster than the other paints. I might need to figure out this whole wet pallet thing!
  15. I painted my last figure from the Learn to Paint Kit: Core Skills. I'm thinking i'll order the next kit to work on layering. I found this figure a little tricky because I used so much of the metallic paint. I'm happy overall with how it turned out. My favorite spots are the blue fabric in the back and the shield. Can't wait for the next set of figures to come in. It's exciting to already see how far I've come and how much I've learned from painting my first mini. C&C welcome, I'm always looking for ways to improve! Thanks for checking him out. ~WhatsEcstacy
  16. So cool! I loved watching the work you did on sculpting the saddle. Awesome stuff! I also like how you didn't go the traditional route with the Gryphon color scheme. Really unique and interesting. I especially like the patterns you were able to achieve on the wings!
  17. Thanks! Yeah I'm definitely thinking about picking up the Layer Up set. They are such a great deal it's hard to pass up! Can't emphasize this enough: If you are looking to get into painting pick up the kits! They are a great jumping off point! You rule Wren!
  18. Thanks for the comments everyone! Nothing like a little positive reinforcement to get you psyched up for more painting! The black edges you are seeing is the black wash that I used. I found that really covering the figure well in wash gives great shadows to the figure, then going back over everything with a dry brush of the base coat color returns everything to the lighter shade other than those deep recesses where the shadows should be. All of this is covered in the first part of the kit instructions when detailing the painting of the Skeleton Archer. Personally, I'm so glad I got the kit. I feel like it got me off to a good start:) Highly recommended!
  19. Hey everyone! Brand new to the hobby, been painting for a few weeks now and loving every minute of it (except for those stressful parts). I got the LTP Kit and think it was the perfect way to be introduced to mini painting. If there are any lurkers out there reading this and thinking about taking the plunge I highly recommend picking up the kit. Anyways, I still have a ways to go to match up with some of the amazing stuff I've been seeing here on the forums, but I'm really excited to keep painting and hone my skills. I took some photos of my first four minis and was really proud of them and wanted to show them off. I'm working towards painting my D&D party up. We play over video conference so they probably won't make any tables, but I thought it would be a fun thing to have on the desk. Hope you enjoy and as always C&C is very welcome. First one was the Skeleton Archer from the LTP Kit. He came out of the kit doing a bit of a Neo lean... I tried he hot water trick but it didn't stick, so I propped him up with putty. Big time learning experience, but I think he turned out okay. I had the most trouble with the quiver, but it ended up being my favorite part in the end: Next up was a Skeleton Warrior. The second time around I thought I got a smoother looking bone color. I had the idea to paint the blue stripe on the spear to tie him in with the archer. I think it worked: The third I painted was a mummy (undead theme anyone?). He was pretty monotone, so I tried to mix it up a little with some dried blood and creepy glowing blue eyes: Finally, I jumped to the LTP Kit and painted the Orc Marauder. I tried to ignore most of the color instructions and mix up my own colors to test myself a bit. I'm really proud of him! I'm beginning to realize that the details make the mini, so I added some small touches like rusted chainmail and fingernails. I was brave enough to paint the teeth, but chickened out a little on the eyes. I personally think the black eyes look better on this model anyways. I think if I googly-eyed him right at the end it would have crushed me: Thanks again for checking out my post and for all the inspiration and tips I found reading the forums. I'm sure you will hear from me again soon. Like I said... a little bit obsessed:) ~WhatsEcstacy
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