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  1. I thought you fine folks in this thread might be interested in this little catalog I put together. I'm adding the Bones IV models as soon as they're on the website, and, well, naturally Bones V is going to end up in there someday: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xrR-ZZbfI_M0bh4uvNLe3QsfRXJBR0KbQAJhVNYlCvk/edit#gid=0 I posted a separate topic about this, as well, if you're interested in further details.
  2. Do you, like me, wish you could flip through the entire catalog of Bones miniatures with ease? Tally up exactly how many models of Gnoll there are? Look at every model of orc side-by-side? Now you can! This spreadsheet includes (as far as I know) the entire Bones line, with images, names, tags, SKUs, and a link to the store page. I've also added a careless one-word categorization and notes on whether I want/have that particular model; please feel free to disregard. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xrR-ZZbfI_M0bh4uvNLe3QsfRXJBR0KbQAJhVNYlCvk/edit?usp=sharing I'll be keeping this spreadsheet up-to-date as more Bones are released, but you can also copy this to your Google drive and mangle the data however you want! You'll probably want to keep Row 2 intact, as it contains the formulas that do all the work. Important: Once the spreadsheet fetches the desired data, you're gonna want to copy-paste that data as values only, no longer relying on the formulas! If this bad boy had to calculate all that for each model every time someone opened it, it'd be bad news. Anyway, I hope you kind folx find this as useful as I have!
  3. There are a lot of tiny details that are fun to find. For instance: The Ettine in the Core Set is wielding a sort of axe-like looking weapon. On closer inspection, I'm pretty sure that it's an anvil tied to a tree-sized club. :D
  4. Ah, too bad. I don't want to complain! I just wish i knew what the tease was!
  5. Is there a precedent for adding goodies in the pledge manager after the fact? Especially big ones, like our mystery capstone?
  6. I like Nyarlathotep as a character, but I don't do much Mythos gaming. I'm on pins and needles for the next reveal, it seems like they're really saving a lot for the end! Zombie shark, mammoth, Fan Faves parts 2 and 3, Ship part 3...
  7. I actually *really* like Chronoscope a lot! Which is why it kills me that it doesn't have a real flagship model in there. Dreadmere and Darkreach are tied for first for me, though.
  8. Is there any kind of distinction between derro, duergar, and Dark Dwarves?
  9. I can tell this whole ordeal is getting serious because I'm starting to put together a spreadsheet to calculate the high and low limits of what I might be spending by the time the PM closes.
  10. Dumb Q but: What fan request does the Tidal Lurker fulfill, aside from generally being rad?
  11. Lordy, and under $10k to ding. We might just get another reveal before I go to bed tonight!
  12. TaleSpinner, amazing job. I did NOT see another expansion coming this late in the game, and I love these sculpts!
  13. Call me Elaine from Seinfeld, because I'm shouting "GET OUT"
  14. Skeletal Dragon is *obviously* the big brother to the skeletal owlbear/chimera/manticore from earlier!
  15. We're up more than $60,000 for the day, and $40,000 to the next goal! edit: Uh, a lot more than $60k for the day, apparently!
  16. Oh yeah, the compys irk me, but all the bigger stuff, well... Dinosaurs are real, they will absolutely wreck you, and of course, they live in Australia. Where else?
  17. For all you who Get The Ref® , this is one of the more delightful things you can find on the internet:
  18. This (more accurate) interpretation causes me to believe that if non-avian dinosaurs existed today, they'd be much more likely to stop traffic than eat people. Jurassic Park II's opening is the worst for this. Those compsognathuses are pigeon-sized! I'm surrounded by pigeons constantly and have yet to be eaten by them!
  19. Gotcha, that makes sense. Well, let's raise some money, folks! I gots to see what's behind those doors!
  20. Anyone else notice that $2,380,000 is the highest revealed goal, both on the map and on the T Rex? That seems... unusual.
  21. Well, it makes sense to cater to the Tomb of Annihilation crowd, no doubt.
  22. Just a guess here, but looking at that last map, it looks like Reaper might be priming us to hot a solid $3 mil.
  23. I've never heard of this company before, but a look around their website has me glancing in the direction of my wallet yet again!
  24. Well, it's not for me, but it looks like it's working. We've jumped over $2,500 in just a few minutes!
  25. Very good input to have! Thanks, everyone. :) I think I've maxed out my pledge until later this year, in the PM. Now to watch that rocket fly high!
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