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  1. great job , looks very cool :) The face looks well detailed and the base is awesome looking with the patches of snow. nice job
  2. Very cool. I like how you outlined by shadowing that way. The dots look well done also , nice job :)
  3. nice job, i like your highlighting. :)
  4. nice job. your shading stands out on the flesh, specially on the face :)
  5. very cool, i like your color choices :)
  6. great job, i really like the hoofs :)
  7. nice work, what kind of static grass is that ?
  8. nice effect on the dress. nice job
  9. cool looking base and purple cloak, nice job
  10. i like the cloak, nice job
  11. very cool, nice job on the base
  12. nice job :)
  13. nice job , i like the bird and the effects you made to the cape. looks very worn.
  14. nice work :) i like the spellbook and the effects to the weapon.
  15. Looks pretty cool, i like the effects on your leather . nice job :)
  16. nice job, i like the subtle colors
  17. The armor and base really stand out, nice work
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