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  1. Not been painting much lately and jonesing to paint some more. So I started yesterday in this mini after working on my paint rack some.
  2. I have used a few different brands and some performed pretty well. I like the idea of prepping bases different ways.
  3. Interesting thread. I have some crackle paint myself I can do some test with.
  4. Shoot I saw my name and didn’t think to get a picture. Any one get some of the W’s?
  5. @cybertuna sorry I didn’t see this till now. Maybe next year I can get in a game with you. I’m interested in it. I even bought a mini game while there but didn’t get time to go back for a demo, guess I’ll have to learn it with a few friends.
  6. Good to hear. awesome!
  7. Wasn’t that at the 2017 Con? I do love that the MSP was in another room.
  8. Wonderful Con this year. 3rd time going 2017, 2019, and this year. Pros: To many to list! Loved that Reaper was able to get more hotel blocks so I was able to reserve a room, don’t want to be off site. Works better for me as I didn’t plan on going any where once I got there. Having kids classes my son was able to take the intro and advance class. The ReaperBuck store to me was amazing, as I felt restricted in the past not having as many bucks at the auction. As always folks helped each other out trying to win merch. Maybe do both the Brinewood store and
  9. The Ed shirt day will be awesome. We also didn’t do a big group photo or I missed it. Just the costume one was all I knew of. I’m already planning it and have it put on the work calendar that I won’t be there. Already missing you all, and want to say a big thanks to everyone as the missus and kiddos had a blast there. They are wanting to go back already. Both my wife and daughter want to paint something for the MSP next year. They have never painted a mini before doing a hobby hijinks with @Ludo, so it’s awesome that they want to do more.
  10. Yes! Chaoswolf was also rocking his one day. During the closing comments I was pretty close to the stage, could’ve swore Ron gave me the stink eye a couple times. 😂
  11. Not really Brinewood but still in their same story world “I believe”. There was the Apocalypse set that has story information in it also. I’d love to set down with folks maybe next ReaperCon and build a timeline if we can find more information.
  12. Sadly I didn’t get a pic of the captain chicken.
  13. Just made it home, unloaded and relaxing. When’s the next one 😂?
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