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    I enjoy motorcycles, video gaming, outdoors, guns, coaching, painting, drawing, pipe crafting, warhammer, DnD, Magic the Gathering, wood working, and Reaper minis.

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  1. I’ll need to get one of each.😂
  2. Those swag boxes look great! Will they be on the store or growtix?
  3. We will be driving over from GA. Planning on being there for the Meet & Greet.
  4. The vendor list this year has a nice selection of folks on it. Tickets were said to be limited this year to a 1000, not sure if that has changed. Can’t remember where I read that either. 2019 had almost 1600 attendees, and 2018 had under 1100, 2017 I think had less than 900. 2019 was a great RCon, I’m looking forward to being there this year. DragonCon is only a hour away from me, but RCon is much more fun.
  5. I can’t find it on Zazzle. That was the site they were available on. Off the top of my head I can’t remember who uploaded the image. I would wear a Ron shirt also.
  6. Oh crap I’m so sleep deprived. Let me fix that. There, that was embarrassing.
  7. Anyone else gonna bring back their “I ❤️ Ed Sculpts” shirts this year?
  8. Still looks pretty good. Painting lips to look natural is really difficult I think.
  9. Looking forward to RCon this year. Missed everyone last year, this year my wife and kids are going to get to come with me. It’s going to be their first Con.
  10. Very nice conversion. Love stuff like this, that gives new life to old toys.
  11. “Sets down crossing legs waiting to hear the rest of the story.”
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