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  1. Very nice. I like the color selection.
  2. Well it was disappointing when I got the alert yesterday. Was looking forward to getting to play some more DnD with you GEM, and the rest of the party. I second the request if possible just roll my money over into the new bag. If Reaper did roll the already purchase funds into the new bag version, would it possibly help with making the bags? If so I’m game for it. The funding is already spent from my end, and would still ensure everyone that everyone who currently purchased the tickets would stay on the list for a bag. They sell like hot cakes as soon as they go online. Stay healthy, and hope to see y’all next year!
  3. You could also use a bit of ard coat to smoot it out then paint. I remember the days of bare metal painting.
  4. So focusing on getting the pieces glued in place. Trying out the Frontline basing solution since it’s running and dries clear. The over hang pieces I’m using super glue. Not sure why every time i resize the images the web changes the rotation.
  5. I’ve been wanting to do this display piece for a while now. I wanted to make something with a lighted under base and a ground that was cracked. Like a science fiction look of a group that just ported in. Breaking the ground up and the energy still crackling below the surface. So I started with a base from the hobby store, some dollar store led candles (tried out two types), a sheet of clear plastic, aaa batteries, cat-5 wire I cut down to size, tape, tin foil, and fimo. I cut the hole in the center of the base first with my drill press, then used the scroll saw to cut the rest of the center out. Afterwards I chucked it in my lathe and shaved the top and bottom flat, and cut the lip into it. I cut the plastic clear to fit. I then started with some color changing LED candles that while looked cool they didn’t flicker. I then tried the flickering ones and a piece of paper with lightning I found online just to get the color closer to what I wanted. I tried milliput first and couldn’t get it to do what I wanted plus it was a mess to work with. I picked up some fimo and shaped it then baked it. After getting it back flat I froze it then started to break it up. That’s as far as I made it so far.
  6. Home now, so I got her based. Thanks I’m happy with the results.
  7. Looks really good. Really digging the floating crystals.
  8. File the raised edges off and use Ard Coat or a putty to fill in the pits. Then repaint afterwards. Goodluck
  9. Looking forward to seeing it.
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