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  1. Very nice Crowley! I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out.
  2. I’ve been needing some Cadaver Collectors for an upcoming game. After seeing so many folks do Dollar Tree conversions and other kit bashing. I have decided to take the plunge and jumped into the fire feet first. I picked up a couple toys from the Dollar Tree that had a 2” foot base. I was debating on going larger but decided that would be big enough for right now. I have some styrene sheets so I’d make the other parts out of it. I’m still on the first one and haven’t started the second one yet.
  3. @TailSpinner that looks awesome, I’m looking for to the shipping of Bones 5. I too agree that the sizing rule bites in 5E, along with the CR ratings. I love the idea of changing things to suit the story of the game. I had daylight kobolds in one of my sessions, it blew the players mind.
  4. Looks awesome, the books are gonna look really cool on that.
  5. Looks awesome I love the warm and cool color use.
  6. I like the Viking Burial idea. I’ll probably put them in my display stuff. Need to get a couple of the bones five brush holders.
  7. Hard to believe it’s going to be twenty years since I first started painting minis this year. Only been married thirteen years this past December. When I purchased my first few minis I bought these brushes at the same store. Katina was the name of the lady that ran the store. She had a spot in the flea market when I was still in elementary school but didn’t have minis at that time. I had moved back to Mississippi to be with friends after graduating high school. She was in a different location with a cool selection of stuff. I continued to by as much as I could until she decided to retire and close her business. Wish I could either get the points back or purchase new ones for that nostalgic feel. I’ve tried brush shaper, boiling water, and not sure what else to try. As far as I can find this company is no longer in business. I’ve cleaned the brushes the best I can. So I probably won’t use them again as all the hooks around the brush would only be good for paint mixing. The brushes themselves will always remind me of where I came from and how far. Also attached is one of the first few minis I painted on the left. Next to one I’m painted for a side by side comparison shot.
  8. Looks pretty neat. However being a fan of buckles and minis myself the pewter being as soft as it is. It wouldn’t be ideal as attachments as they could bend easily, chipping and breaking.
  9. Amazing stuff, the Not Orks tank is so fun looking.
  10. Love the way this guy looks. Maybe a bit of yellow haze around the pupils? It could dull the white and blend it more with the rest of him.
  11. Great looking speed paint!
  12. Amazing job on it! It looks like it is ready to destroy a party with that smile on it’s face.
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