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  1. Revisiting the very first mini I painted. He maybe one of my entries this year.
  2. Awesome I missed being on it last year. Hopefully I catch you when you send out the calling for volunteers.
  3. @Pegazus you planning on doing bingo again?
  4. @Kangaroorex sorry to hear you may not be there. Hopefully as it gets closer you are able too. Placed my order for ribbons today. Looking for to seeing folks.
  5. I’m also down for another round. That was a blast. Really enjoyable seeing what folks pull and put in.
  6. Awesome! Love hearing that kids are continuing this hobby.
  7. Love the two parts you are able to set it up as. Very nice finish!
  8. I really enjoy 3D printing but having the printer out in the open was a bit of a eyesore. It was just sitting in our living room area gathering dust when not in use, and the resin printer was on our gaming table. I recently acquired a older cabinet and made use of it. Here it is by the back door The inside view. Done a bit more since this pic. Moved the spool holder and releveled the bed. Removed the cd stands for bottles to sit and put my laptop inside on the pull out tray. Now to install a light setup.
  9. I forgot to post my wife got the box in the mail for me on Friday.
  10. So much awesome stuff. Here are my picks, was hard to pick there are lots of cool stuff. I’m really interested in finding out where this came from. Looks like a 3D print.
  11. Box arrived today! Sadly I’m in the middle of trying to fix our second washing machine. First one hard broke after daughter tried to wash a weighted blanket. Paid one guy to fix it, took the money and ran. Another company fixed it and then it stopped working again after five loads. Friend gave me one they had in their basement. It was leaking water that they didn’t know about on the motor. Now it won’t come on. FML I should have the box back in the mail by Saturday.
  12. I can’t find where I had posted this in a completed thread. While visiting my friend, I decide to do a side by side shot. Quite a bit of difference almost 20 years will make. In another 18-20 years I’ll have to do another one.
  13. I love old lead, but I’m really on the lookout for some happy seppeku base stamps if there are any floating around.
  14. Not been painting much lately and jonesing to paint some more. So I started yesterday in this mini after working on my paint rack some.
  15. I have used a few different brands and some performed pretty well. I like the idea of prepping bases different ways.
  16. Interesting thread. I have some crackle paint myself I can do some test with.
  17. Shoot I saw my name and didn’t think to get a picture. Any one get some of the W’s?
  18. @cybertuna sorry I didn’t see this till now. Maybe next year I can get in a game with you. I’m interested in it. I even bought a mini game while there but didn’t get time to go back for a demo, guess I’ll have to learn it with a few friends.
  19. Good to hear. awesome!
  20. Wasn’t that at the 2017 Con? I do love that the MSP was in another room.
  21. Wonderful Con this year. 3rd time going 2017, 2019, and this year. Pros: To many to list! Loved that Reaper was able to get more hotel blocks so I was able to reserve a room, don’t want to be off site. Works better for me as I didn’t plan on going any where once I got there. Having kids classes my son was able to take the intro and advance class. The ReaperBuck store to me was amazing, as I felt restricted in the past not having as many bucks at the auction. As always folks helped each other out trying to win merch. Maybe do both the Brinewood store and auction. The Ship wheel would have been awesome on the auction along with a few more hoodies. So if something sold out in the store there would still be a small chance to win one. Cons: With the additional classes the youth classes where in the main room while not really bad they were by the board games and this pushed the Artist into a corner. I think another option would be: Kids Class/Extra Class area —————————————— Artist Row —————————————— Artist Row —————————————— Hobby Hijinks —————————————— Boardgames I think this would give a little more quite space for classes and bring the artist further into the eye of everyone.
  22. The Ed shirt day will be awesome. We also didn’t do a big group photo or I missed it. Just the costume one was all I knew of. I’m already planning it and have it put on the work calendar that I won’t be there. Already missing you all, and want to say a big thanks to everyone as the missus and kiddos had a blast there. They are wanting to go back already. Both my wife and daughter want to paint something for the MSP next year. They have never painted a mini before doing a hobby hijinks with @Ludo, so it’s awesome that they want to do more.
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