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  1. Finished up my wife’s mini for our game finally. She likes it, and has yet to use it in game. Sorry for the crappy pic. I didn’t get my photo booth out.
  2. So the Turbo Dork color shift I purchased was indeed a bad bottle. I couldn’t get the bottle to stop clogging even though I added flow improver to the bottle and ran it through the vortex mixer. they sent me a new bottle and it ran through the airbrush nicely.
  3. I’m testing the Turbo Shift out myself. Trying to airbrush with it. Seams it’s gotta be thinned a bunch but still having clogging crept full open with lots of flow aid.
  4. @Reaper_Jon that sounds awesome. Looking forward to hearing what ya got.
  5. Did these for table top use, and work on airbrush skills. Did a bit of dry brushing on the hut. Gonna call them done.
  6. Will do. Going to try to do a little more this evening. Using strictly airbrush on everything except the eyes.
  7. Started a new mini tonight.
  8. Liking it. For the plants if you have thick enough ends you could try pinning them with real thin wire. May help out with the structure. I like the shapes you went with for with the coral.
  9. Well after doing some adjustments to both my air compressors I decided that I need to use my airbrushes more and start knocking out some of the bigger minis I have. Gotta justify buying more minis, maybe airbrush’s, and/or airbrushing stuff. I have a little more to do but aiming to do quick paint for table top, and work on skill building.
  10. With the weight of the hut I feared mine leaning again. I drilled holes through the legs and cut a metal clothes hanger to mount in them. It helped a ton with the lean and made a great spot to mount to the base. Looking forward to seeing this.
  11. Not sure what 4000 would be. However the Sophie’s were assigned new number when they rereleased them. The Mermaid Sophie (2019 RCon Sophie was 01636 SKU). So 04000 may be a future release Sophie.
  12. I purchased my fitting on amazon, and still waiting on USPS delayed. Read on the RCon20 discord that a size fit so I’m trying it out. Badger fitting are quite a bit smaller.
  13. Yes it works well as a brush on.
  14. Was fun this year, hoping to see folks in person next year.
  15. Awesome I think I’m gonna go ahead and purchase one.
  16. I’m really curious as to what Jon mentioned. It will be available again later this month with more stuff. What other items would come with it, my badgers only had the brush..... I think that was it.
  17. Ral Partha Europe also still makes minis also. They have some that iron wind doesn’t. I’m not sure how the licensing works for both.
  18. Awesome I’ll have to check that out. Reaper is sending a replacement.
  19. I’m thinking of displaying him on my desk. Just looking at the blister brings a smile to my face. I’ve already got one of him painted, so I’m not itching to paint this guy.
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