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  1. OMG, it's Paul F Tompkins as The Devil 😆
  2. You can have up to 10 models (Leader, Devout, up to 8 minions - free or bonus minions count against this total). As far as which can have wings, you can use whatever you want, even if you don't have miniatures with the "fly" ability. You just have to note which ones can or can't fly, regardless of wings. A frog demon without wings could have the "fly"ability, you just explain it away as having it jump an incredible distance. And as for demons with wingh that can't fly, that could be part of their eternal punishment - having wings but not being able to use them. It's Hell, nothing has to make s
  3. So, a couple of YouTubers with miniature channels made a skirmish game of battles in Hell... and I bought it. The game, Reign in Hell, is decent - but there are Many typos... This gives me a chance to use all of those demon and devil miniatures that I've collected over the years. I wasn't planning on having so many, but they just sort of accumulated. I've got stuff from D&D, Bones, World of Warcraft, HorrorClix, Dreamblade, MageKnight, etc. But I'm here not only to have the discussion start about this game, but also to ask the forum to help me find something specifi
  4. Those official plastics sculpts just aren't doing it for me. Maybe 20 years ago, but not with what is available now. I am actually glad I kept all of my original Warzone: Mutant Chronicles and Void stuff that I got on clearance oh-so-many years ago. Using minis from a single faction would be suitable OP4 trooper options, and if I mix-and-match the faction minis, they could easily make a decent "G.I. Joe" type of coalition pirate crew (mismatched uniforms, gear, etc). Still working on cleaning up the mold lines and modifying a bunch of the old WotC plastic Star Wars minis. There are some decent
  5. In the unending search for unusual/unique miniatures to use for sci-fi stuff (and specifically for Stargrave), I came across the Mantic Warpath/Deadzone Rebs Faction boxes (Starter, Booster and Alpha Team sets). Since I backed the Star Saga kickstarter, I already have most of the minis from the Alpha Team set, so I just got the Booster set. Go check them out on Amazon or eBay. Hopefully this will help some of you fill up your ranks.
  6. Apart from a bunch of printed one-off maps that get re-used once in a while for common locations (cantina, hangar bay, etc), I also use sets of tiles from various sci-fi board games. Star Saga and Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster were already mentioned (I actually bought the Battle for Alabaster game specifically for the tiles, since the full game was only a few dollars more than just the spare tile set, so I got bonus miniatures!). Zombicide: Invader and Deep Madness also have great tile sets (got those from the Kickstarter campaigns). And back when WotC was doing S
  7. ...huh. I think the Broken Infantry from the Maelstrom's Edge line actually look a bit better (Maelstrom's Edge was also mentioned in the creator's blog by one of the posters). I think a lot of my "pirate" opposition will be made up of repurposed WotC Star Wars miniatures. Several of my crew are already modified or cleaned-up/repainted minis from that line (there will be pics eventually). I've got some Bones Chronoscope minis in there as well. I have old Cadian Imperial Guard as local militia OpFor troops (or Tau for militia on an alien world). And tons of T
  8. Initially, I hadn't considered the opposition force miniatures, and was just focusing on making miniature options for my crew. But after reading the creator's blog, I'm now working on some miniatures from my collection that aren't exactly my favorites, and I probably wouldn't use them in my own crew, but they would be suitable as loaner minis for another player, or as OpFor as described in that blog. Even more stuff to work on. I shall live forever* *(according to the universal law that states "when you run out of miniatures to work on... you die")
  9. It's like the first edition of Zombicide miniatures (same creator, CMON). All the survivors were color coded to their stat cards (before they started using the colored rings in Black Plague and Massive Darkness). Even then, I still write the survivor's name on the bottom in fine-point sharpie.
  10. If you have a steady hand, I would almost want to suggest that you just wipe the edge clean with alocohol after you are finished painting. Might save you the extra effort.
  11. Ok, so reading about this topic makes me want to chime in. But let me back up a bit... My first miniatures (back in high school in the 80s) were the old Grenadier D&D miniatures. Since they had integral bases, and I only used them for D&D, adding additional basing material never occurred to me (or my other gamer friends). The first time I remember seeing miniatures with separate bases were the old Citadel "beaky" space marines. I guess I just never noticed anything with separate bases before that. I eventually got into those Citadel/Games Workshop miniatures in
  12. I think you really captured the essence of the drawing. Good choice for the base mini as well.
  13. So cool, dude! GREAT use of that Tau sensor piece! (totally gonna steal that...)
  14. I Just made a post over in the Conversions section about modifying a couple of the pre-painted plastic D&D miniatures for my Stargrave crew. Here's the link; https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68042-chaos-wolfs-conversion-clinic-pic-heavy-open-topic/&do=findComment&comment=1980107 Enjoy.
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