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  1. It's like the first edition of Zombicide miniatures (same creator, CMON). All the survivors were color coded to their stat cards (before they started using the colored rings in Black Plague and Massive Darkness). Even then, I still write the survivor's name on the bottom in fine-point sharpie.
  2. If you have a steady hand, I would almost want to suggest that you just wipe the edge clean with alocohol after you are finished painting. Might save you the extra effort.
  3. Ok, so reading about this topic makes me want to chime in. But let me back up a bit... My first miniatures (back in high school in the 80s) were the old Grenadier D&D miniatures. Since they had integral bases, and I only used them for D&D, adding additional basing material never occurred to me (or my other gamer friends). The first time I remember seeing miniatures with separate bases were the old Citadel "beaky" space marines. I guess I just never noticed anything with separate bases before that. I eventually got into those Citadel/Games Workshop miniatures in the early 90s, and I based everything using superglue. I didn't know any advanced basing techniques yet, and I never even bothered to fill in the gaps in the slotta-bases. However, to give the metal minis a little more stability for gluing, I would put a kink in the miniature's slotta tab with needle-nosed pliers, so when inserted into the base, it would touch the sides of the slot (front-to-back), and give the glue more contact points. And that's as far as my basing skills progressed throughout the 90s. Then in the early 2000s, Warmachine came out. When I built my first warjack, there was a lot of open space in the base from the slot of those first models, and I did not like it. But I also wasn't at a point where I wanted to do scenic bases either. So I planned to fill in the slot after the model was completely built and glued to the base. But I didn't know much about putty or greenstuff yet, so I planned to fill it with superglue. It took several attempts of fill-and-cure to get a decent fill, but I eventually got there. I had access to brush-on glue accelerator for an intant cure (from my work), so that helped the process. I ended up with a bead on top of the slot gaps, which I then scraped and sanded down with a couple of custom tools I made. The results look something like this... By the time I finished the starter army box and a few single units, I had the process down pretty well. To cover larger areas of a gap, I came up with a clever trick; cut a strip of masking tape the width of the area you want to cover (either between the feet or on either side), brush a little glue accelerator to the adhesive side of the tape, then apply it to the base (probably with tweezers). Then flip the model over and pour superglue into the slot. When the glue hits the accelerator on the tape, it rapid cures. Wait a few minutes and remove the tape. now you have a relatively flat surface of hardened superglue. I would apply a bit more accelerator to the top side, and then a bit more glue with a toothpick (which would be sanded flat and smooth later). I learned to only apply the accelerator to the top surface. The glue needs room to expand, and if you cure the top and bottom surfaces, the glue can only go outwards (sideways) from there (possibly spreading the slot a tiny bit, and loosening all of your work up to that point). I got heavily into the Warmachine/Iron Kingdoms setting for D&D, and I began buying Reaper fantasy miniatures to use for those games. The Warlord line was fairly new at this point, so I decided to base those miniatures with the same 30mm rounded bases as the Warmachine stuff (so it would all match). Here's a sample... There were some Dark Heaven Legends minis that I planned to use as well, but since they had the integral bases, I wasn't sure how to proceed. I wasn't familiar with pinning feet to bases yet, so that wasn't an option. But I did have access to a belt sander (again, at work), so I carefully sanded down the bases to have just a very thin remainder, and I glued them to the rounded bases like that. Here's a sample... I then started buying a lot of Reaper DHL minis, and based them all like that (30mm rounded bases). All of my metal fantasy minis are on these bases, but my sci-fi stuff is still all on 25mm regular bases. I have a few unbuilt Warmachine minis that would totally fit in a sci-fi RPG setting like Starfinder, so I'm debating if I should mount them with their included 30mm bases, or go full sci-fi and just put them on regular 25mm bases? I've also gotten into Infinity recently, and those minis are so pretty that I don't want to even see the tab or the slot. So I have been cutting off the tab in between the feet, and filing it into two individual foot "pins" that I use to mount the mini. I then have to make matching holes in the base. Tedious, but I looks great with no seams. **Edit** I didn't have any Infinity miniatures currently in the works at the stage of making pins out of the tab, but I was in the process of working on a Reaper Chronoscope Nick Stone. Since I had extra Infinity bases, I figured I would just do the same for him and show you guys... I find the desired position and make a few marks on the base, then I open a hole through and form it with a round needle file. (also re-basing some Bones Chronoscope stuff from a previous Kickstarter) I like the Nick Stone miniature a lot, but I felt that the Bones version lost a lot of detail (at least, compared to my Infinity Miniatures), so I went and bought the metal version.
  4. I think you really captured the essence of the drawing. Good choice for the base mini as well.
  5. So cool, dude! GREAT use of that Tau sensor piece! (totally gonna steal that...)
  6. I Just made a post over in the Conversions section about modifying a couple of the pre-painted plastic D&D miniatures for my Stargrave crew. Here's the link; https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68042-chaos-wolfs-conversion-clinic-pic-heavy-open-topic/&do=findComment&comment=1980107 Enjoy.
  7. I just made a post over in the Conversions section about modifying a couple of the pre-painted plastic D&D miniatures for a sci-fi setting. Here's the link; https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68042-chaos-wolfs-conversion-clinic-pic-heavy-open-topic/&do=findComment&comment=1980107 Enjoy.
  8. Ok, this post will cross a few topics because it has conversions, appropriating fantasy for other genres, and miniatures for my Stargrave crew (but I'll just post it here, with a link to it in the other relevant topic threads). So, it started in the topic talking about the game Stargrave coming out next year (basically, a sci-fi version of Frostgrave). While discussing various miniature lines to use in the game, I started going through my collection looking for possible crew members. I have a lot of the pre-painted plastic D&D and Star Wars miniatures, so I figured that a few of those would ultimately end up being used (modified or not). While going through my D&D miniatures looking for stuff that could pass for an alien race (and not wearing tattered clothes or armor), I found a Kuo-Toa Hunter and a Bullywug Thug (which I had several duplicates of each). Then I started going through my bits box looking for appropriate weapons. At first I just thought to put a gun in the Kuo-Toa's hand. Then I thought that maybe I would cut off the right arm and reposition it. So if I was going to go that far, replacing both arms was not out of the question. For the Bullywug, I thought I might make a combo melee/ranged weapon (something like the staff weapons in Stargate), but I ended up making him a heavy weapon. So, starting with the Kuo-Toa, I found a matching set of Kroot arms (from WH40K) that had a Kroot Rifle in them. Since the Kroot are skinny like the Kuo-Toa, it wouldn't look too out of place. I did have to thin out the thickness of the Kroot shoulders to fit the narrow frame of the Kuo-Toa (from front-to-back). All of the mold lines were removed using jeweler's files and sandpaper. I also noticed that the Kuo-Toa miniature was missing his pinky toe on his right foot (after I had already made some progress), so I had to fix that as well... (I used the remnant of a weapon hilt for the replacement toe) The only challenge was matching up the left arm to the left hand that was already part of the rifle piece. Since they were specifically made to match the width of a Kroot miniature body, it took a little tweaking to get it there. (just ignore those guys in the background...) Continuing on with the Bullywug, I found a WH40K Heavy Bolter (vehicle version) in my bits box. It seemed about the right size for what I wanted to do, but because the Bullywug has a bit of a "gut", I knew I would have to remove material from both the weapon and the body to make the fit seem a bit more natural. I also put a cavity on the left side of the weapon for his fist to fit into. I planned on leaving part of the spear haft and bending it so that it would appear to be part of a hand-hold. Here is a test-fit... I already have a couple of miniatures with actual Heavy Bolters equipped, so I needed to change it up a bit. I found the emitter from a Heavy Flamer, and set to work merging the two... (could be a flamethrower, could be a ray gun) And since I was going for an Aliens Smart-Gun style of weapon positioning, I needed to have a proper grip on the back end. I used the remnant of a Bolter grip, and opened a hole in the Bullywug''s hand for it to fit into. Here's how it all came together... And here's the pair with before and after comparisons. So hopefully this will inspire you to make use of some of those "common" duplicates that you probably have a bunch of. There will be more miniature modifications later on for this project, but I felt that these fit into this topic the best.
  9. I started going through my collection to find possible crewmates, and I COMPLETELY forgot about the miniatures from the Star Saga kickstarter. I was initially a little disappointed in them when they showed up because the sculpting wasn't as good as some of the CMON minis from various boards games I had backed. But upon a second glance, some of them are about equal to some of the pre-painted collectible Star Wars minis, and with a little work, some of them will definitely be on the crew (or as replacements as crew are killed off, assuming it has a similar mechanic to Frostgrave). So, bonus freebie score!
  10. Okay, this is not so much of a conversion as it is a "repair". I backed the Deep Madness kickstarter a few years ago, and when I got my game, two of the monster miniatures were each missing a piece. I requested replacements and received them, but I still had two incomplete monsters that were just sitting in my project box. Well, with all of the "free time" so many of us have had recently, I finally got around to making those repairs. So here's the two monsters with the missing parts; (one was also broken off of its base, but that's an easy fix) And here's the parts I chose to use as replacement limbs/tentacles; The pieces are plastic Tyranid Gaunt arms from my bits box. Here's how they turned out; I used a ball-end dremel bit to alter the shape of the socket holes a bit, and just a pointy tool to hand-carve in the little details at the ends of the replacement limbs. And when I got them glued in place, I sprinkled on a little baking soda just to fill and solidify the super glue. I technically have no further use for these (since I still have the complete replacement versions in the game boxes), so I will probably just get rid of them on ebay.
  11. Is it possible he's from the original Warzone/Mutant Chronicles line of minis? They had a very similar theme to WH40K in the early and mid 90s. The hole in the back makes me think that he was supposed to be on a chain connected to a larger boss miniature.
  12. For a Star Wars Saga RPG game that a friend ran, I actually did a full crew of custom painted minis for the group out of my collection (mostly duplicates - I even made a wookie Jedi with a lightsaber). And in the end, I did give the same colored "uniform" to those characters that were wearing clothes and space suits. But for Stargrave, I think the more individual approach would fit the "loot hunting" setting better. More like the crew of the Moya from Farscape.
  13. Oh man... Now my brain is filling with ideas for mods and conversions of minis in my collection for this (and also because I just like doing that stuff in general). I already have a ton of collectible minis in my collection (various Clix, Star Wars, D&D, etc), and I'm mentally building up possible crews to make from them. I have a full collection of the HALO Clix (not because I play Clix, but I did run a short-lived HALO RPG, and I wanted proper representation). Most of the sculpting is not great, but with a little work, I could clean up (and re-base) one of those Grunts and a Brute to be usable. Certain Hero Clix fit perfectly into random sci-fi settings. Especially if they have high-tech looking weapons and gear. And while many D&D monstrous races could pass for aliens, you need a mini with the right "gear" to make it work for that sci-fi look. Too many monstrous race minis have tattered clothes or very damaged armor (or armor that just looks too primative to really fit in, like chainmail). I think the Bullywug Thug and the Kuo-Toa Hunter will pass nicely with some weapon swaps and a re-paint. I've already started separating out a few of the Star Wars minis for clean-up and repaints. And of course we have all of the Bones Chronoscope stuff from the last kickstarter (Bones 4). I've already done a decent mod to one that showed up without a head (it was replaced, but I think my mod now looks better than the original). I'm mainly thinking of crew diversity for this, so I'm generally considering crews that aren't made up entirely of the same type/species (no crews with a bunch of Rebel Troopers or HALO Spartans, or all Rodians [Greedo's species], but maybe one each of those might fit in for some role in the crew).
  14. I guess I might have to finish that box of Watchers (grey aliens) from the Wild West Exodus game (I don't play that game, but they are some of the best grey aliens I've ever seen). Would it be weird to have a "crew" of just grey aliens? Or do we think they could also be useful as randomized opposing forces to the players' crews? *edit* Oh, I just realized - that slender biomorph in the illustration reminds me of the Muun miniatures from the WotC Star Wars miniatures line.
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