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  1. Because of all the orcs, kobolds, gnolls and bugbears from the Bones kickstarters, I ended up with several duplicates of many poses. This topic is right in line with how I dealt with them. First, my orcs from the Orcpocalypse set. I really didn't need that many orcs, so I picked a few and did some weapon and shield swaps with some of the gnolls and bugbears, Or I added little details so I could tell them apart (a dagger in or out of a sheath, a shoulder pauldron, a different arrow quiver, etc.). This gave me a good variety of orcs with no actual duplicate poses. In turn, the bugbears got the leftover bits from the orcs and gnolls. I also had all of those first generation Bones kobolds (I even have the metals for these!). The kobold champion had a badly tweaked mace (no amount of heating or reforming was working, and it always went back to its deformed shape). So I replaced it with the "broken sword" from the Bones zombie ogre (and hey, for a smaller race, a broken sword from a larger creature would be a decent greatsword, right?). So I did that. I also swapped out some of the swords and spear bits. Most of these modifications required only nippers and a hobby knife. The shields and shoulder pauldron took some dremel work with a conical and ball bit. The most complicated work was the morning star from the gnoll that I gave to one of the orcs. I ended up using the gnoll's whole hand - including its hand and forearm armor, while keeping the orc's wrist straps intact. This gave a much more solid connection than just cutting off and pinning the weapon.
  2. I know this topic is old, but it hits a particular spot in my core, because this is WHY I started collecting Reaper miniatures in the first place. Ok, back up a few years; I was heavily into sci-fi miniature wargaming from the late 80s through the early 2000s. I didn't really collect any fantasy minis during that time (although I had a bunch of Warmachine stuff later on, because Steam Fantasy is really more Steam, and less Fantasy, and I like that Steampunk aesthetic). I had stuff from several sci-fi ranges of the era, but no actual fantasy minis. I was shopping at a local hoppy shop (shout out to Brookhurst Hobbies!), for some iKore Void stuff (remember Void?!), and I saw a Reaper Dark Heaven Legends elf wearing a robe wih his arm outstretched (Elquin the Daring), and I thought "he would make a good Jedi mini". Now, at the time, I was utterly unaware of the plastic Star Wars miniature line from WOTC (or the D&D miniatures, for that matter), as I was mainly focused on near-future/powered armor/alien monsters stuff. But I WAS into converting and customizing minis, so I put Elquin into my basket. Then I saw Damon Nashorn, and I thought "oh, another Jedi", so into the basket he went. Then I saw Bledsoe, Evil Cleric, "ooh, Sith!". Into the basket. After about a half-hour of this, I had an assortment of 15 Dark Heaven Legends minis that I was going to make into Sith and Jedi. And I did. I worked at a machine shop that had micro brass tubing and hardened steel wire readily available, so that was what I used to make their lightsabers. (please see attached group photos). Up until this point, I had only done basing on traditional slotta bases. I didn't want these to stand a full head above my other minis, so I based them on 1" diameter washers. These pics are from the mid 2000s, and I have changed my basing habits since then. Also, once I started collecting the Star Wars minis, I ended up selling almost all of these Jedi and Sith. But now I had a taste for the quality of Reaper miniatures. I ended up getting a few monsters that could pull double-duty in either a fantasy or a sci-fi setting. I was also partial to "space lupinoids" (I really liked the Vargr from Traveller), so I bought a couple of Warlord Rageclaw minis and added some WH40K, Inquisitor and Gundam bits to make actual Space Wolves (see pics). Then I got heavily into Warmachine/Steam Fantasy. And I saw a several Reaper minis (DHL and Warlord) that could easily fit the setting with a weapon swap (or even without, but adding a musket pistol makes almost any fantasy mini into a Warmachine mini...). So I did that. I also started basing everything for Warmachine. Most of the weapons are bits from Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim and Necromunda. Most recently I used Damar, Adventuring Mage to make a Technomancer for Pathfinder. (see all the gun-toting pics) I now have an extensive collection of regular fantasy Reaper minis because I got back into D&D in the late 2000s. But when I would loan out my minis for players to use, they would clomp them around the table like they were checkers, so I had to switch to the plastic D&D minis just to keep my collection from being damaged (but I use my metals for my own characters when I play). And now there's Bones...
  3. I had to creates some "Squib" for a Star Wars game, so I took a D&D Goblin and a Bones Kobold, gave them some gear, and here they are. Since the kobold had a cobblestone base, I had to come up with something a bit more sc-fi. also, for the kobold, i built him a "scanner" out of all sorts of bits. I painted them the same because they are part of the same ship's crew (I also repainted some other unmodified minis just to match the crew uniform). The Stormtrooper is for scale, but is "stock". Sorry if I strayed off the Starfinder topic. Finally, I needed to arm an Ewok with a blaster...
  4. One more before I sleep. This one is another Technomancer. But it's also a bit of a cheat. This was a D&D fire summoner, and all I did was remove his staff and replace it with a WH40K plasma pistol. I didn't even repaint him. (he could probably pull double-duty as some sort of WH40K Inquisitor type)
  5. Here's a Kasatha I made from a Star Wars Rodian miniature. Again, the weapons are older WH40K. To build up the head, it just packed together a bunch of leftover Bones plastic from the Vesk project, and set it with the thick gap-filling type of superglue. I used jeweler's files to scrape away the area around the eyes to leave a Star Lord type of mask effect. I also did the same to the back of the head to get the "raised collar" effect. Unfortunately, my painting skills do not match my modeling skills, but it looks good enough on the table.
  6. My group started playing Starfinder recently, and with that inspiriation (and official Starfinder minis quite a ways off), I started going through my Reaper minis and Bones, digging through my bits box, and came up with the following... Elf with laser pistol Elf with TWO laser pistols Elf with demonic/alien/bio weapon Technomancer with pistol A scratchbuilt Kasatha And a team of Vesk I've also made a few Starfinder characters from some of the "collectible" plastic D&D and Star Wars miniatures, but I wasn't sure if I should post those here. Most of the added bits are from older WH40K or just miscellaneous discontinued sci-fi miniature lines.
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