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  1. Depending on how steady your hand is, and your budget, I would consider (read: resign) yourself to just buying two of this model. It would probably be less of a headache to just empty the bowl and remove the left arm completely, and then separate the left arm from the second miniature. Or, if you have the knowhow, just cast yourself a new left arm with a greenstuff mold of that part of the body.
  2. For the K'klk, what about using some of the old D&D Formian Warrior miniatures? (Aberrations #22). There might be some newer Pathfinder versions, but the older ones would be Very easy to modify. Not sure about the S'sri or the Builders, but there are many unique aliens from Mantic's Star Saga game, like this guy... https://www.manticgames.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/SG-Character-and-Mission-Creator-Expansion5.jpeg Good luck.
  3. I don't know that much about 3D printing yet, so here is the product page so you can check for yourself https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-progenitors-fleet-188136
  4. I built a decent amount of ships for Full Thrust back in 2000, all made of bits and shields from Gundam models of various scales. I think I might also still have some of the old original Eldar ships, and some unbuilt Babylon 5 ships that I got on clearance. And being an anime nerd, I definitely have most of the small Space Battleship Yamato ships released for the remake of the series (and a few of the older ones too). Plus, my buddy who is into 3D printing showed me some cool ship designs by One Page Rules. So I am fully stocked if I decide to get back into starship warfare. But I will need to repair a few of those flight stands...
  5. As long as we are sharing, here are the minis I have been prepping for my cabals. I'm not locked down to one in particular, but I'm definitely doing a cabal of Judges. So here are all of my spectral/ghostly/wraith-like minis. A mixture of Reaper Bones, D&D, Dreamblade and HorrorClix. Here are my demons with wings (not that all of them will fly...). Mostly Reaper Bones with a rockin' World of Warcraft mini. These are all my "warrior" demon types, along with my beastmen/baphomites? Again, Reaper Bones, World of Warcraft and Dreamblade miniatures. And finally, a mix of stuff that will just fill out various roles in my cabals. Reaper Bones, Mage Knight, HorrorClix, Dreamblade and D&D miniatures. On all of the bases, I used a baking soda technique I found on YouTube to fill out the area of the base with a little texture, and also to blend the surface of the base to the integral base of minis that have one.
  6. I just recently finished removing the flash and basing all the miniatures I plan to use for this. Even bought multiple sets of discount d12 on eBay. Nothing is primed yet. Also having a little resistance from my gaming group. Not because of the content, but because they aren't interested in "competetive" gaming. None of them want to play games pitting player vs player. None of them are wargamers, most are role-players and a few board gamers (but only co-operative stuff like Zombicide). I might have to start looking for a few different people to play against (I'm going to have this problem with Stargrave too...). As for your BGM playlist, check out the DOOM 2016 soundtrack by Mick Gordon. Listening to it for too long may just drive you insane.
  7. Okay, so I'm a little late to the game (literally), but I've started working on getting together the miniatures to use for the Random Encounters in Stargrave. I've looked through my collection and around the net, and found some decent suggestions, so I wanted to start a topic here to share my ideas and to see what other members of the forum are using for their bestiary. I'm only going to focus on the creatures and monsters portion of the bestiary, and I am trying to match the description and/or the function of the creature. Things like ruffians, pirates and bounty hunters could just be unused crew type miniatures, so they won't be part of this topic. Also, while I've seen a lot of cool 3D printed stuff out there, I'm going to try and keep my list to traditionally produced miniatures (also because I don't have access to a 3D printer just yet), But If I find something particularly cool or appropriate as an STL, I will include it in the list. Since I prefer to work in plastic, I may be missing some very good miniatures from the Reaper library that are only available in metal. Please forgive my lack of knowledge on this. All of the photos posted here belong to their creators. They are only posted here for reference purposes. Portions of text from Stargrave are provided only to aid in the search for appropriate miniatures. Game mechanic details are not provided. I will update my original post if I make changes or find something else to fill a certain role (to keep the post count low). If you suggest something, please provide a source (for 3D printed stuff, the creator and the model name should suffice). On to the Bestiary... BILEWORM (Reaper Giant Leeches) These are perfect based on the description. DEDFURD (Reaper Giant Frogs) (Froud creature STL by DuncanShadow) There are a lot of giant frog minis out there, but the pair of Reaper Giant Frogs are some of my favorites. For something with a more exotic feel, this Froud creature STL by DuncanShadow (found on thingiverse) is pretty cool as well. DRONE I'm just going to use a GW Tau drone for these. You could also use the Reaper "Death Marble". FERROX (Reaper Winter Wolf) For this beast, I feel like any sort of wolf or dire wolf with its hackles up fits the part better than a traditional sleek-furred wolf. (Heroscape Marrden Nagrub) For a more exotic type of alien hunting pack animal, I found some old Heroscape Marrden Nagrubs in storage. If you can't get the miniatures, lyte3d has some posted over on thingiverse. GAUNCH [The Gaunch are a race of human-sized scavengers, with giant bulging eyes, that hide in the shadows seeking out the remains from the carnage of the Last War. They generally wear little-to-no clothing, as the pigments in their silky skin are constantly changing to match their environment, making them nearly impossible to spot at any kind of distance. While they prefer to scavenge the remains of those fallen in battle, they will come out of hiding for fresh meat when the opportunity presents itself.] I haven't found anything I particularly like for these yet. They seem like ghouls or ghasts based on the description. (Zombicide Invader Worker Xenos) I recently revisited my Zombicide Invader boardgame, and the Worker Xenos might be a good fit for these. You might be able to pick up some loose ones on eBay. HORAT (Reaper Nhoolyan Reven Hunting Beast) (Star Wars miniatures Reek) While the Nhoolyan Reven Hunting Beast fits the description quite well, I already have a Reek in my collection (and it fits the overall function of the creature). There are also some woolly rhinoceros toys out there that seem like they might be the appropriate size. MAGMITE [This family of highly diverse crustaceans live in the most extreme of volcanic environments. While they are poorly understood, they seem to derive most of their necessary energy from heat. That said, they do need to ingest organic matter in order to grow, and thus will usually attack any other living creature on sight. Standing about three feet tall, with a varied number of legs, claws, tails, and other appendages, magmites are covered in thick armoured plates that keep them completely protected from lava and most other sources of heat. Since these creatures are often encountered crawling out of fresh lava, they usually drip and spatter molten rock, which can be just as dangerous as their claws or mouths.] I'm having a little trouble deciding with this one. Reaper has the Dire Crab, the Tidal Lurker, and even a Crab Man. There's also the D&D Chuul. However, these last few are not exatctly small or medium critters like in the description. If you ignore the "crustacean" descriptor, the Boulderkin from the Bones 5 kickstarter (apparently not in the Reaper store yet) painted in a magma theme would probably look pretty good. (Bearmit Crab by monsterprint) I just found this Bearmit Crab by monsterprint over on thingiverse. If you scale it so the base is only one inch across, I think we might have an appropriate size critter. MINDGRIPPER [These parasitic monstrosities are only slightly bigger than a large rat and resemble a manta ray with little spider legs. When encountered, these creatures attempt to leap onto the back of their prey’s head and pierce their skull with their barbed tongue. If this is accomplished, the creature is able to feed off the victim’s brainwaves and actually control them for a limited time.] (Reaper Dungeon Vermin - Tick) (Reaper Dungeon Vermin - Centipede) These little mind controlling critters could be almost anything, but the Reaper Dungeon Vermin Tick seems like a decent proxy. I also like the idea of using the Reaper Dungeon Vermin Centipede because I can imagine it as one of the Goa'uld parasites from Stargate SG-1. PRIMITIVE This one is a little tough. Since the text mentions "stone-age", I decided to only choose miniatures with stone-age type weapons (otherwise, I could just pick any sword-wielding fantasy miniatures). Some contenders are; Reaper Troglodytes Reaper Lizardman Warrior (I know there are other lizardmen, but this older sculpt is one of my favorites) D&D miniatures Quaggoth Slave D&D miniatures Norker D&D miniatures Wereboar Star Wars miniatures Nelvaanian Warrior Star Wars miniatures Talz Warrior Star Wars miniatures Talz Chieftan Let me know which Primitives you like (or suggest some more). I'm leaning towards re-basing and using the Star Wars Talz miniatures PORIGOTA (Reaper Burrowing Behemoth) Also a perfect fit based on the description. I think you could use any sort of Umber Hulk or Ambull miniature as well. REPAIRBOT There are several little robots in the Reaper Bones line that you could use for these. I'm probably just going to pull something out of my Star Wars miniatures collection. RYAKAN (Star Wars Mynock) A cross between a bat and a hairless bird, huh? I'm just going to use my Star Wars miniatures Mynocks for these. The Reaper Nightcloak is another good option for these creatures (Bones version not in stores yet). (Zombicide Invader Xenomoth) I saw in my Zombicide Invader board game that there are flying creatures called Xenomoths. Also a pretty good fit for these critters. You might be able to find them loose on eBay. SENTRABOT Any decent security or warbot miniature could fill this role. Again, Reaper has several in their line that would work for this... [roger, roger] SEWER-DRAGON [Maybe it’s the chemical cocktails found in industrial run-off, or maybe it’s just biology, but wherever people have set up vast industrial complexes, or even vast habitation centres, various breeds of large, vicious lizards have been found lurking in the dark, wet corners underneath. While there is huge diversity in the breeds of these lizards, they are little studied, and nearly universally considered pests (incredibly dangerous pests, mind). Thankfully, most people can just avoid the areas they inhabit.] (WoW Warp Stalker) This seems like another catch-all for the aligator-in-the-sewer type of critter. I'm going to use an old World of Warcraft Warp Stalker miniature. I feel like I totally missed a fairly obvious one here - the Reaper Bones Basilisk. Definitely fits the description of a large vicious lizard. SHENGRYLLA [Often called the ‘Crazy Monkey’, the shengrylla is a primate-like creature that stands about half the height of a typical humanoid. It is characterized by its three glowing eyes that exhibit a “crazed” look and a pair of prehensile tails. The Shengrylla use their extra sharp teeth to feed off the electrical energy stored in power cells and energy converters, and are thus often found near settlements. Shengrylla have a pair of prehensile tails which they can use to move quickly and gracefully over almost any terrain. While mostly seen as scavengers, the energy cells carried by the independent crews often attract the crazy monkeys and cause them to attack.] (Imps x3 STL by DuncanShadow) I just found these cool crazy looking imps over on thingiverse by DuncanShadow. I think if they are scaled properly, they might be good for this creature, even if they don't match the description. It seems that Obsidian_Prime has a "3 Eyed 2 tailed Space Monkey" posted over on thingiverse as well, but it's not my favorite. (HorrorClix Tickler) Another critter I dug out of my collection; a HorrorClix Tickler. Looks crazy enough, right? TANGLER (D&D miniatures Darkmantle) I think the older D&D miniatures Darkmantle fits this creature perfectly. There is also a decent version of the Darkmantle by ClayRade over on thingiverse. WARBOT Go over to the C.A.V. section of the Reaper website and pick something... WARP HOUND [Sometimes called ‘The Spacer’s Nightmare’, these large, vicious, dog-like creatures are poorly understood, but thankfully extremely rare. Able to move through the folds in space in a way similar to ships, they can appear at any point at any time with no warning. Unlike ships, their ability to travel appears unaffected by gravity wells, and they are more than capable of ‘jumping’ straight onto a vessel, station, or surface of a planet.] (D&D Howler) (MK Blood Demon) The classic D&D Howler miniature would be a good fit for this creature (both the pre-painted collectible version and the metal Chainmail version). I also think the Mage Knight Blood Demon might be a decent fit (in any variant of its color scheme). Oh, and I am officially adding the Reaper Hound of Tindalos to the list. What an awesome suggestion. I hope this helps some of you in preparing miniatures for those random encounters. I look forward to seeing what other players are using for these critters, and for suggestions and alternate ideas to the miniatures posted here. Grab your loot-sack and charge your lasers, it's a dangerous galaxy out there...
  8. OMG, it's Paul F Tompkins as The Devil 😆
  9. You can have up to 10 models (Leader, Devout, up to 8 minions - free or bonus minions count against this total). As far as which can have wings, you can use whatever you want, even if you don't have miniatures with the "fly" ability. You just have to note which ones can or can't fly, regardless of wings. A frog demon without wings could have the "fly"ability, you just explain it away as having it jump an incredible distance. And as for demons with wingh that can't fly, that could be part of their eternal punishment - having wings but not being able to use them. It's Hell, nothing has to make sense. You are standing in line at the HELLp desk, and your customer service ticket number is 666. Now serving number 4...
  10. So, a couple of YouTubers with miniature channels made a skirmish game of battles in Hell... and I bought it. The game, Reign in Hell, is decent - but there are Many typos... This gives me a chance to use all of those demon and devil miniatures that I've collected over the years. I wasn't planning on having so many, but they just sort of accumulated. I've got stuff from D&D, Bones, World of Warcraft, HorrorClix, Dreamblade, MageKnight, etc. But I'm here not only to have the discussion start about this game, but also to ask the forum to help me find something specific. Does anyone know of a miniature of a guy in a business suit with a briefcase and devil horns, and possibly a tail coming out of his suit? I'm thinking of a corporate demon/devil. I suppose I could kitbash something, but if it already exists, it will save me some trouble.
  11. Those official plastics sculpts just aren't doing it for me. Maybe 20 years ago, but not with what is available now. I am actually glad I kept all of my original Warzone: Mutant Chronicles and Void stuff that I got on clearance oh-so-many years ago. Using minis from a single faction would be suitable OP4 trooper options, and if I mix-and-match the faction minis, they could easily make a decent "G.I. Joe" type of coalition pirate crew (mismatched uniforms, gear, etc). Still working on cleaning up the mold lines and modifying a bunch of the old WotC plastic Star Wars minis. There are some decent sculpts in that range. Several of the Wild West Exodus line of minis are pretty cool as well, but they run about as much as Infinity miniatures.
  12. In the unending search for unusual/unique miniatures to use for sci-fi stuff (and specifically for Stargrave), I came across the Mantic Warpath/Deadzone Rebs Faction boxes (Starter, Booster and Alpha Team sets). Since I backed the Star Saga kickstarter, I already have most of the minis from the Alpha Team set, so I just got the Booster set. Go check them out on Amazon or eBay. Hopefully this will help some of you fill up your ranks.
  13. Apart from a bunch of printed one-off maps that get re-used once in a while for common locations (cantina, hangar bay, etc), I also use sets of tiles from various sci-fi board games. Star Saga and Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster were already mentioned (I actually bought the Battle for Alabaster game specifically for the tiles, since the full game was only a few dollars more than just the spare tile set, so I got bonus miniatures!). Zombicide: Invader and Deep Madness also have great tile sets (got those from the Kickstarter campaigns). And back when WotC was doing Star Wars RPGs and miniatures, they made a handful of maps for the miniatures battle game, and a single set of SW themed tiles (since they were already doing so many sets of D&D tiles around that time). I have a couple of those tile sets as well. And I still have my first edition Space Hulk full game with tiles. I also have the 3rd Ed Space Hulk (and extra tiles bought on eBay), but I sold my 2nd Ed Space Hulk because the art was a bit "cartoony" (since it came out around the time as the original Necromunda). Unfortunately, I missed out on a set of floor tiles made for the most recent edition of Necromunda. So, unless I get some new game that comes with its own maps or tiles, I may never need any additional map or tile resources for the remainder of my gaming carrer.
  14. ...huh. I think the Broken Infantry from the Maelstrom's Edge line actually look a bit better (Maelstrom's Edge was also mentioned in the creator's blog by one of the posters). I think a lot of my "pirate" opposition will be made up of repurposed WotC Star Wars miniatures. Several of my crew are already modified or cleaned-up/repainted minis from that line (there will be pics eventually). I've got some Bones Chronoscope minis in there as well. I have old Cadian Imperial Guard as local militia OpFor troops (or Tau for militia on an alien world). And tons of Tyranids and D&D mosters as "critters" for less-than-civilized worlds.
  15. Initially, I hadn't considered the opposition force miniatures, and was just focusing on making miniature options for my crew. But after reading the creator's blog, I'm now working on some miniatures from my collection that aren't exactly my favorites, and I probably wouldn't use them in my own crew, but they would be suitable as loaner minis for another player, or as OpFor as described in that blog. Even more stuff to work on. I shall live forever* *(according to the universal law that states "when you run out of miniatures to work on... you die")
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