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  1. 16 hours to go! The set comes as components, there are lots of options for how you can use all the pieces.
  2. Hi All, link to my little old school halfling market kickstarter, now live. Ending Tuesday, December 6th. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/medusaminiatures/the-halfling-market-pre-supported-stls-by-medusa-minis
  3. Thanks for posting this link Ratmaster2000 (great name!) Just a couple of days left now!
  4. It's allowed me to sculpt miniatures. I don't have the eyesight or fine motor dexterity to physically sculpt tiny things. I've loved minis for a long time, and now I can sculpt and print them!
  5. Thanks again Jadeite for posting this. Here's a picture of the test prints. Printed with Elegoo Mars 2 Pro.
  6. Thanks Jadeite for posting, it's a small set to start off the year!
  7. Thanks Glitterwolf - I am thinking of doing a demons pack (including a version of the statue here as a character). Indian myth style minis is quite an interesting idea too.
  8. What would you back? 🙂 I'm always open to ideas! I'm working on Golems next.
  9. Hi Nunae, I've not tested these on FDM printers, but I have seen some of my giant models printed on FDM, and they looked quite good. I'd print these a bit larger than intended (+25%) if printing on FDM, and I think you can get good results.
  10. I've sculpted 12 trolls so far...just making the bases for them and mashing all the parts together and fixing seams. here's the first one. I'm going for an old school look, though I decided on 5 fingers rather than 4.
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