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  1. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Slowly making some progress, added barkeep, floor tiles, trapdoor, fireplace (cauldron is placeholder) log pile. Cauldron is next, then a door, walls, whatever else springs to mind. Some drunken customers maybe.
  2. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Thanks! I'll do a 2nd pass on them to vary them up.
  3. MedusaMiniatures

    Digital Sculpting Journeys, Views, Discussion

    I've only sculpted digitally - the hardest thing to adjust to is trying to make -miniatures- while seeing the sculpt on my screen always 8" high. It's so easy to put too much fine detail in, that will get completely lost, or make shafts/cloaks/blades far too thin. Quite often I will zoom out and look at what I'm doing at more or less the right scale. Zbrush is a powerful program - with the least standard interface I've ever encountered. It's hard to learn -> you can't really just muck about and expect to figure it out (...like you could with Mudbox) Pixologic have decent tutorial videos on their website, that's a good place to start. I would love to have a 3d printer, but I've no space for one, so use Shapeways for 3d resin prints. They're not that expensive, and their resin printers use wax supports which they just wash off, so there are no marks at all from the supports. Pluses about digital: fast, re-use and re-posing of parts and base models, some crazy tools allow for expressive art. If you see digital that looks "digital" in a bad way - that has more to do with the artist than the tools. Cintiqs - I've used a few, and can take them or leave them. 22HD is the most manageable imo - it doesn't weigh a ton or completely dominate your space and leaves room for you keyboard. Some old beaten up ebay purchased wacom tablet will do just fine though....
  4. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    thought I'd stop at the previous place...this is starting to get out of hand...
  5. MedusaMiniatures

    Darkest Dungeon minis

    Darkest Dungeon is a great game, with great character design - I love what you've done with them!
  6. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Thanks SamuraiJack - you may well be right! I will take another look at them. P.s. Here is what is currently on the digital workbench, some "standard" props, sorceress in there for scale:
  7. MedusaMiniatures

    Warm-up exercises before sculpting

    Hey TaleSpinner, in my experience if I lean on my elbow while working (i.e. making art) I become prone to ulnar nerve compression. The ulnar nerve runs around the back/inside of the elbow and then across the forearm (ulna bone of course!) . I have to sit in a chair without arm rests and make sure not to lean my elbow or forearm on the table. My table has a rounded edge which helps.
  8. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    I've been working on designs for a set of gia nt minis that I want to sculpt. No sculpting done yet, I'll post up the concept art I'm working on.
  9. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Finally, some proof prints! I always get them done in batches to save on the shipping costs. These are primed, the raw resin is clear and it's hard to see the model. 3d prints by Shapeways.
  10. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Here's a brighter version of the painted fighter, I don't know if this is better or worse than the previous one...
  11. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Yup, you could be right! The feet look a little small. I need to pay better attention to hands/feet! I'll take another look at them. @CorsairShe -is- looking to knock that dragon/demon/yeti (....big creature) into the bleachers and beyond. I'm going to try another painted version of the fighter with the medusa shield. I want to see how brighter one turns out.
  12. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    last one from this set -
  13. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Next up is a heavily armoured fighter, with Medusa shield ('natch)
  14. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Wizard sculpt - got inspired by psychedelic art for the rainbow paints.
  15. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Sorceress sculpt, another from my set of 8 adventurers that I've recently completed.