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  1. Thanks TaleSpinner, I will make those changes!
  2. For my next set of Giants, I've modelled them a stove first. Every self respecting giant needs a stove for his cloud castle.
  3. @PaganMegan She's bored. She's grumpy. She's been stuck there a long time. He has a mullet ;) Their not evil, just --chaotic-- hill billies :)
  4. So Good!! Lovely and expressive little fox :)
  5. The Hill Giant #1 The Hill Giant #2 The Hill Giant #3
  6. Hi Reverend Shartan, the last kickstarter was 100% fullfilled within 24hrs of the day that it ended, before the funds were even in. ~Medusa~
  7. Hello! Thanks for backing Gadgetman & thanks for posting this SamuraiJack! I post all my work in progress on the sculpting forum if anyone ever wants to pop by and have a chat! ~Medusa~
  8. One more stone giant warrior...and a baby
  9. Next up are some stone giants I've been working on. The plan is to do one more, maybe a guy posed with a club, similar to the concept I did a few pages back. and then maybe a few props, stalagmites, some boulders....hmmm not sure what else a stone giant might have...help!!
  10. It's worth looking at Greek busts for the way they handled hair - beautiful readable volumes. Just not this guy: https://www.ashmolean.org/sites/default/files/styles/listing_image_gallery_image/public/ashmolean/images/media/rsg18005_0.jpg?itok=N56qqe-p
  11. Wow! I ever knew!! What year was this? Looks like interviews were with minifigs UK.
  12. Sculpted a wolf, now the each have a furry friend :)
  13. Thanks! I don't usually sculpt with this much detail, (ie I'm usually sculpting human sized things) This has been a fun exercise, similar to modelling for 75 or 100mm. I'd say each of these has taken about 20 hours, whereas the human scale stuff is usually 8-10 hours. baby bears - 2 or 3 hours for the first one and maybe 1/2 hour for the second one! I'm working on a giant wolf, and then I'll be done on this set.
  14. more frost giant sculpts + baby bears :
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