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  1. or orcish...? Goblins will be soon too I promise! Inspired by old school citadel & grenadier, minis plus the pig-things in darkest dungeon: This set of parts is for orcish rabble. here are the first tests. I'm posing by hand - I thought about setting 3d rigs up for posing, but it is too much effort for results that still need much editing.
  2. Sculpted a witch pinup this weekend....note the hexing hands not obvious from the front...
  3. Hi Inarah next Kickstarter for the Storm Giants will launch next Tuesday or the following Tuesday (depending when I get approval from KS) Cloud giants will be available with their stove ;) in the meantime...more stove....
  4. Goblin Pin-ups...genius!! :) I have quite a few humourous goblin designs, that would work quite well!
  5. I'm thinking I'll see if I can squeeze some pinups in before halloween...then "goblin world" can commence after that! At the moment I'm slicing up the storm giants to make then easier to print.
  6. Thanks Aussie Ausborn & Rainbow Sculptor, it means a lot to me to hear that. Now I've sculpted 15 giants (phew!) and am thinking about what to do next!! I'm thinking about doing a goblin mine diorama. Or for more big 'uns there is Titans & Cyclops & Ettins ....or maybe some 1940's style pinup models for Halloween! Thoughts anyone!? Here's no. 3 - Storm Giant King.
  7. Fire giants all done. Starting on Storn Giants now - 2 are in paper design stage and one I've sculpted. with and without lightning versions below. C&C welcome.
  8. Thanks for posting this SamuraiJack @the auldgrump - yup, seemed a pretty simple concept to me, simple concepts are usually best! ~Medusa~ (I'm the sculptor of these minis)
  9. Hopefully this chain will be strong enough to hold! Fire Giant #2 Fire giant #3 (smith) I've also done a small update of the first fire giant.
  10. My cat barfed on my concept drawing for my next Fire Giant. Everyone's a critic....
  11. Hi all, seems a bit quiet in the sculpting forum atm, I hope everyone is ok. Next I'm working on a set of 3 Fire Giants. I'm going for stocky and heavy with thick hammered armour and spikey studs. Here's the first one.
  12. Hi Glitterwolf - Thanks for the reply - I was thinking that the draw would be done with the elbow lower than the fist (if that makes sense) 2nd opinion anyone!? :)
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