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  1. Hi Nunae, I've not tested these on FDM printers, but I have seen some of my giant models printed on FDM, and they looked quite good. I'd print these a bit larger than intended (+25%) if printing on FDM, and I think you can get good results.
  2. I've sculpted 12 trolls so far...just making the bases for them and mashing all the parts together and fixing seams. here's the first one. I'm going for an old school look, though I decided on 5 fingers rather than 4.
  3. Hi Joe, thanks for backing and your suggestion -> I am planning to do a supports update for my giants and orc projects later in the year once my studio is setup, my preference is to "under promise and overdeliver" so I will just spring it on previous backers when I'm done as a free update. I need to take the time to make sure it is done as well as possible.
  4. In making these minis, I've looked at a lot of old school reference (citadel, grenadier, 70's tolkien and D&D art), I think they've ended up close to Angus McBride's depiction of Orcs which you can see on some old Iron Crown Enterprises Merp modules. These are orcs of the "classic" breed.
  5. Thanks! I'm trying to buck the trend of female orcs being "buff green elves with tusks"
  6. Well done Jadeite, you beat me to it!!! :)
  7. All 25 orcs from this set. I'll post some close up pics soon. I've now started sculpting trolls
  8. I've sculpted something like 70 orcs now! Here's one from the latest batch of 25, which are all elite orcs (wolfriders, amazons, barbarians and champions)
  9. Hey all! Here is a link to my current Kickstarter, 28 old school orc soldiers for 3d printing. Thanks for looking! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/medusaminiatures/3d-printable-orc-soldiers-sculpted-by-medusa-minis-7-days
  10. Orc Soldiers spears. The set set I'm working on are Orc Soldiers - I'm going to make about 25 of them. Orc Crossbows
  11. Thanks for posting this up Jadeite - I'm planning on doing a few or Kickstarters working toward a full old-school orc army.
  12. I'm calling this first set of 28 orcs "orc thugs" - my plan is for the next set to be soldiers and a further set to be elite orcs (captains and champions) with amazons and wolf riders somewhere in there too.
  13. or orcish...? Goblins will be soon too I promise! Inspired by old school citadel & grenadier, minis plus the pig-things in darkest dungeon: This set of parts is for orcish rabble. here are the first tests. I'm posing by hand - I thought about setting 3d rigs up for posing, but it is too much effort for results that still need much editing.
  14. Sculpted a witch pinup this weekend....note the hexing hands not obvious from the front...
  15. Hi Inarah next Kickstarter for the Storm Giants will launch next Tuesday or the following Tuesday (depending when I get approval from KS) Cloud giants will be available with their stove ;) in the meantime...more stove....
  16. Goblin Pin-ups...genius!! :) I have quite a few humourous goblin designs, that would work quite well!
  17. I'm thinking I'll see if I can squeeze some pinups in before halloween...then "goblin world" can commence after that! At the moment I'm slicing up the storm giants to make then easier to print.
  18. Thanks Aussie Ausborn & Rainbow Sculptor, it means a lot to me to hear that. Now I've sculpted 15 giants (phew!) and am thinking about what to do next!! I'm thinking about doing a goblin mine diorama. Or for more big 'uns there is Titans & Cyclops & Ettins ....or maybe some 1940's style pinup models for Halloween! Thoughts anyone!? Here's no. 3 - Storm Giant King.
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