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  1. As a suggestion for someone who wants to use photoshop for a low price......check out photoshop elements 3. It works pretty good for photo editing and cataloging. Does pretty good for layer editing as well.
  2. Trying to find a good web server to post pictures for what I am hoping to be my upcoming career as a photographer on. Anyone got any suggestions for a reliable one?
  3. Very true.....beer money makes them much happier. Just make sure you do standard inspection of the equipment BEFORE you leave the store. Much of that is sold as is. Check the casing, lens, look through the viewfinder, etc...
  4. Check the manufacturers website and look for the model number. Many manufacturers will have it listed or if they don't you can email their help section and provide the model number and name. Most of them are pretty good about getting back to you with the info requested within a few days.
  5. While it is a no-brainer to take more than one shot of something I get tons of rolls dropped off in my lab where they take a single shot of something important assuming it will come out. Of course most of the people who drop off at my lab are also retards who think that a 200 speed disposable camera will give them a perfect shot of a scene a few yards away after sunset. Most experienced people will understand the quite a few problems with that. The best thing I can recommend for someone taking pictures is to learn to take pictures. This doesn't mean spend a few grand on a Photography school or something.......it just means find someone who is perhaps knows something of photography and ask questions, get their recomendations, and see if they will teach you a few tricks. As for digital......you still want to take a few shots.....bracket them if possible (that means to take shots of the same scene and angle but at a few different settings) and use a tripod. Also don't assume the picture looks good because of what you see on the LCD and stop shooting.....those things are small and sometimes won't show if an image was off on focusing or such.
  6. Yes.....becasue each type of light source gives a completely different color cast to the image it is best NOT to mix different types of light. I also recommend using the same brand for each light (find a brand you see works well for ya then stick with it). I should also note that to get as good a final image as possible you need to put as much care as possible in the actual taking of the picture. I have my own lab and constantly tell people around here that the problem they have was in how they shot the image and we just can't fix it. So take as much care as possible when shooting and take many different shots.
  7. I recomend Photoshop Elements.....3 is the current version. It may cost in the $60 range US but it's worth it for good editing. And for those who don't know how to do color corrections it has auto buttons that work pretty good.
  8. Demon

    AICOM Races

    Okay.....one of the killer frog soldiers is fighting using a hair dryer? (2nd from bottom right)
  9. The main thing to do since you're new to it is this. Take some test pics then play around with fixing them on your editing program.....see the possibilities. If you want a new program there are many available. For some good photoshop abilities without the business use price tag try Photoshop Elements 3.......it's around $60 US and pretty good.
  10. Fuji is a fine brandname. They have been around for awhile and compete very well, I would say, against Kodak (whom I despise).
  11. I don't mind either. We can see how Elements 3.0 compares.
  12. Yeah.......best to be looking to buy a camera to take pictures OF a hobby and not to BECOME a hobby right now. At least not unless a really good load of money popped up. Otherwise to take regular old ma and pa pics stick to about the $200-300 USD range.
  13. Someone had too much time on their hands but since I love Starhawks I must say.... THANKYOU!!!
  14. It isn't cheating. And if someone considers it cheating........hit em in the head then make them learn the chemistry process behing processing standard 35mm C-41 film. It would only be cheating if you paid someone to do it (and they did one amazing job) and then claimed you did it. All you did was put a little more determination into your art. And that's what matters.
  15. Demon


    Yup. One of the few times since I came back that I've seen him post. Was starting to wonder if he living a drunken life.
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