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  1. One that I’m planning to start supporting this month is RG Sculpt. They have their past minis on GumRoad. They’ve done frost giants, faeries, centaurs and this month is gargoyles. I haven’t printed any to comment on how they come out, but they look great. Oh, next month looks like fire giants.
  2. I’ve got an anycubic photon S. As said before, the translucent green holds detail very nice, just hard to see, especially for cleaning up supports from my experience. Since then I started using the anycubic grey. After the first bottle I actually have switched to a 50/50 mix of AC grey and Siraya Blu. This seems to keep the grey’s ease of seeing details with the Siraya Blu’s strength since almost everything I print will be for D&D. Bonus, if I need to print any invisible minis, I plan to use the Siraya Blu just by itself. Image is of the 50/50 mix. Grey with a slight blue shift.
  3. I’m in for the STLs. It’s hard to beat that price and the models look wonderful.
  4. Looking pretty good. Mine arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to start painting the minis. I’ll be following this closely for some ideas!
  5. It took me a little bit to get it dialed in. The hero forge minis seem to have softer details unfortunately. Anything else I’ve printed has turned out great. Here’s a couple of shots of the artisan guild beholder in reprinting since I love the model and the first one was a little sloppy on the cleanup. still have some support cleanup on the teeth to do
  6. I’ve been printing quite a bit lately for my D&D game I’m running. started with the Ashen Manticore from Artisan Guild. First time trying their pre-supported models and everything turned out perfect. Im using a new resin mixture of 50/50 anycubic grey and siraya blu. next up are some hero forge minis. they had a huge sale on STL files a month ago or so. They’re all primed, it really makes it easier to see the details on them. The trifling ranger and Goliath barbarian are PCs. while the dwarf and ranger with his hand on his sword are NPCs. Lastly is a hobgoblin who’s an early game boss. I have a version of him printing now riding a worg.
  7. Just got my shipping notice that it will be shipped either tomorrow or Monday!
  8. I also received an email that my stuff was shipping. I also had another email a couple of weeks ago saying they were looking for volunteers to wait for their encounter #3. Apparently they do not have enough. I went ahead and told them I would wait. Got me a $250 gift card and I won’t get the rest of my pledge until October most likely.
  9. Here’s the last couple of minis I’ve painted. All are for the d&d game I just started running. Still have a whole bunch of bugbears and hobgoblins to paint up.
  10. This seems kind of expensive to me, but I might be in for the orcs. I wish you could pick and choose individual models, but I understand that’s not really viable with STL files.
  11. I’m kind of on the fence for this one. I have a resin printer to do minis, but wouldn’t mind picking up a PLA printer to do terrain and game tiles like this.
  12. @haldir Its from role playing miniatures. They have a Patreon page, this one I just got from MMF. They have a couple of other nice hobgoblins as well. i definitely hear you on the size issue. Anything bigger than a large size mini doesn’t fit on the standard resin printers. I have a Tarasque from Artisan Guild that prints in like 15 pieces. You could try using the Windows app to split the model and print it in a couple of pieces. It’s kind of a pain and not user friendly, but I’ve used it before.
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