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  1. I kept them the same as the settings I was running for the clear green. There’s a google doc out there I found that has a list of resins and the settings people have used. I think mine match that list pretty closely.
  2. I finally got some grey resin in yesterday so I could get back to printing. I started by reprinting one of the beholder tentacle sets as the one in clear green I did a pretty awful job of cleanup before curing. After that I started printing a sailor moon figure for my girlfriend. I scaled the model down to where the base is just over 2” in diameter. It’s about as large as my printer can handle unfortunately. The rest of the parts are in the printer now. Need to decide what I would like to print next. Next I have some pictures of the first print I’m painting. It’s a half-elf bard. Most of the base coating is done. Next to start on the eyes then finish the skin and hair.
  3. Thanks Degare! I’m using the Anycubic photon S printer. The original photon is a pretty popular resin 3D printer for minis. There’s a couple improvements with the S that I felt were worth it. Especially since any new photon printers now come with the same chip board. The only downside is the case is plastic instead of metal now so the door is kinda flimsy as you open it. All of the player sized minis you see were created using hero forge. If you’ve never used it, it’s a pretty fun tool for creating custom minis. You can then have hero forge 3D print them for you or purchase the STL files and print them yourself. The beholder is from artisan guild Patreon. You can purchase the model from my mini factory. They have some awesome models to print and if you support their Patreon you get models monthly to download. 3D printing really isn’t that difficult. The main part that takes time to learn is how to correctly setup the supports. You’re gonna have some failed prints at the start until you get that figured out. The printer comes with a test print. I highly recommend printing that first to make sure the bed is level and prints are sticking to the build plate. I use a slicer program called Chitubox. This imports the STL file, lets you add supports and do other things like rotate, scale, mirror, etc. it then exports the model to a file type the printer can use. The beholder as you can see is like 6 parts all together. It took probably about 25 hours to print at 0.05 mm layer height. This is a really detailed resolution to print at and I might have been able to get away with a larger layer height. There are other things to consider though. After the print is done you have to clean the print and build plate with isopropyl alcohol to remove and liquid resin. After that you need to remove supports and then using some kind of UV cure chamber to fully cure your print ( I just use a paint can with a string of UV LED lights as my cure chamber). let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. So I went ahead and primed up three hero forge minis I printed for my players next campaign and also the base of the beholder. I have some grey resin coming in a couple of days that will make seeing details on the freshly printed parts much nicer. Enjoy!
  5. So I bought a resin 3D printer a couple of months ago. Now that I’ve got it all dialed in I e been printing like mad. I just finished using up the clear green resin that came with the printer. I’m pretty happy with the detail. I’ll try to keep updating this as I start painting. Still some cleanup to do, but it’s hard to see until I get them primed.
  6. Looks like the pledge manager is open now. I went in pretty heavy for this one and even went painted. I just couldn’t see myself spending the time to go unpainted after they released the video. Also a nice bonus they decided to release the Cerberus mini that wasn’t unlocked in the campaign!
  7. I haven’t posted in a while. Been mostly painting terrain for the past 8 months or so. Finally getting back to some minis. So I picked up the Wizkids frost giant last fall to paint up as Harashnag for my Storm Kings Thunder campaign. He had been sitting around for a while and I finally got a chance to get him painted. The right arm actually wasn’t glued in very well so I was able to paint with it out of the way for the most part. As usual with these Wizkids pre-primes, I didn’t clean up any mold lines though I probably should have this time around. C&C welcome!
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/queen-of-the-damned-velraths-vampires?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=Queen of the damned Just got an email notification that this is live. These guys tried a kickstarter a few months ago for some dwarves that failed to find. They ended up releasing most of them retail. I got quite a few. The sculpts are top notch and so is the casting. Looks like these are all sculpted by some familiar faces, Jason Wiebe, Patrick Keith and Bobby Jackson. Not it sure if I’ll back yet, but I’m interested for sure.
  9. Hey all, it’s been a little while since I’ve had time to paint anything. The last couple days I finally got back to it and painted up Toruk for a one shot D&D game on Sunday. I’m pretty happy how he turned out since I tried to go quick. I really love this sculpt and it might of influenced my race choice a little bit :) C&C welcome! Enjoy!
  10. I’ve backed at the dwarf faction level. I really hope these end up funding as there’s some great sculpts. The rewards choices leave a lot to be desired though.
  11. I love the 2-handed mail you gave him in replacement of the axe. Did you sculpt that yourself or is it another conversion? Either way great work!
  12. Thanks all! For the skin tone I used the dusky skin triad. It’s one of the better skin triads I’ve used and I’m planning to also try it out on a couple of fire giants I need to paint up for the same campaign.
  13. So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Been mostly painting terrain and going back to a mini was a little bit of an adjustment. I just finished this guy up for one of my D&D players who’s playing a halforc barbarian. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. Still need to toss another clear coat or two and then maybe some blood on the axe. c&c welcome as always!
  14. You can try switching all the painted to unpainted. I’m not sure how much that’ll save you you though.
  15. I received I my invite yesterday also. So far I’m sitting st the adventure essentials 1-6. I’d like to put more in as I don’t have a lot of caverns yet, but I have other expenses coming up. I’m hoping to be able to upgrade to the 1-11 or 1-9 pledge before the manager closes. edit: I didn’t mention, I’m going all unpainted. I got almost everything from KS5 unpainted and am pretty much down to doors, encounter specials (like the golems) and the jade shrine. It’s quite a bit of work to get stuff painted though.
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