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  1. Has anyone else actually gotten any elsritch foundry minis? I ended up getting an stl file and printing it off. Currently they’re about half the cost of hero forge stl’s. from my experience I think I like the model better. There seems to be far less little islands than on the heroforge models. I would agree though their library is sorely lacking. However I did like the options they had for cloaks. some pictures after printing and then primed.
  2. Received mine yesterday. Also unannounced. Sculpts look top notch though.
  3. Lots of progress but I didn’t take many pictures. Darlyssa is all finished up. Onto Graldus Oakenleaf the dwarf Druid. First the primed mini with the concept for color choices. Next up is the work on the skin and eyes. Pretty happy overall. I may try to lighten up the skin just a bit. Will start to block in the rest of the base colors first to see how things look.
  4. Little bit of progress tonight. Worked on the blue underside of the cloak as well as the fur. Also tried to fix up the bodice.
  5. Got to paint for a little bit tonight. Got the skin and hair done along with part of the cape and bodice. Looking at the pictures I have some glazing to go back and do on the bodice but it’s getting there. Face also needs some touch ups as I waited too long to do the eyes.
  6. Lanfiz is all finished up. I’ll try to get a show off going with some better pictures here later. next up is the human fighter Darlyssa. Got her primed and a quick color scheme I’m thinking. We will see how widely I diverge from this. My gf will be playing her so went with pink hair as I know it’ll please her. Did get a base coat done on the skin, but no picture tonight.
  7. Some more progress. Hoping to finish this up today. Little touch up stuff on the sword hilt and the fur part of the cloak.
  8. Thanks! It’s my first real try at it. Not perfect but I’m pretty happy with it. Some more progress. I think I have his sword all finished up. Might touch up a little bit to make things look better. After that I worked on finishing up the base.
  9. Finished up the shield. It’s not perfect, but not bad for a first attempt at some free hand.
  10. Some more work. I’m mostly done with the armor. Working on the freehand of the shield now. The skull is mostly done but the rest of the base needs finished up. Waiting on some new paints for the leather stuff. Hopefully this one will be finished up tomorrow then onto the next.
  11. I was a little nervous about this one but everything came out good! First time I’ve really pushed the print bed space to its max.
  12. Thanks! I’ll have to try and take some better pictures tomorrow. Time for bed now. Here’s where I got to today. Skin and hair are done I think. Might touch it up some. The hair on hero forge model generally doesn’t print out with any texture. I mostly free handed the hair to try and get it to look decent.
  13. Cloak and red stripes in the pants all finished up. Not the greatest pictures using my phone.
  14. A little more progress. Mostly everything is roughed in color wise. Next I’ll finish up the red part of the cape. After that will be the skin, eyes and hair. things that still need colors: belt, pouch, runed portion of the blade, cloak fur.
  15. A little bit of base coat work done. Still need to do the the gold and entire base. I’m thinking of making inner portion of sword blade glow blue. I used the hero forge color tool to get an bit of an idea of where I wanted to go with this guy. I ended up changing the green to red since he’s going to be a paladin of Amaunator. Here’s what I’m thinking for free hand on the shield. Maybe also do a little good pattern along the bottom of the cloak.
  16. Starting a WIP for some adventurers I’m painting up for a 1-2 shot D&D game. These were all 3D printed and I’m still printing the last member of the band. First up is Lanfiz the gnome paladin. I’m hoping to do some free hand on the shield. This is a hero forge mini. Printed in resin and primed with a mix of Vallejo black and white surface primer. It’s a lot more grey in person.
  17. I’ve been going back and forth on my pledge, but I think I’m gonna end up at Wildlands Untamed - unpainted. Surprising bonus this year helped out.
  18. One that I’m planning to start supporting this month is RG Sculpt. They have their past minis on GumRoad. They’ve done frost giants, faeries, centaurs and this month is gargoyles. I haven’t printed any to comment on how they come out, but they look great. Oh, next month looks like fire giants.
  19. I’ve got an anycubic photon S. As said before, the translucent green holds detail very nice, just hard to see, especially for cleaning up supports from my experience. Since then I started using the anycubic grey. After the first bottle I actually have switched to a 50/50 mix of AC grey and Siraya Blu. This seems to keep the grey’s ease of seeing details with the Siraya Blu’s strength since almost everything I print will be for D&D. Bonus, if I need to print any invisible minis, I plan to use the Siraya Blu just by itself. Image is of the 50/50 mix. Grey with a slight blue shift.
  20. I’m in for the STLs. It’s hard to beat that price and the models look wonderful.
  21. Looking pretty good. Mine arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to start painting the minis. I’ll be following this closely for some ideas!
  22. It took me a little bit to get it dialed in. The hero forge minis seem to have softer details unfortunately. Anything else I’ve printed has turned out great. Here’s a couple of shots of the artisan guild beholder in reprinting since I love the model and the first one was a little sloppy on the cleanup. still have some support cleanup on the teeth to do
  23. I’ve been printing quite a bit lately for my D&D game I’m running. started with the Ashen Manticore from Artisan Guild. First time trying their pre-supported models and everything turned out perfect. Im using a new resin mixture of 50/50 anycubic grey and siraya blu. next up are some hero forge minis. they had a huge sale on STL files a month ago or so. They’re all primed, it really makes it easier to see the details on them. The trifling ranger and Goliath barbarian are PCs. while the dwarf and ranger with his hand on his sword are NPCs. Lastly is a hobgoblin who’s an early game boss. I have a version of him printing now riding a worg.
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