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  1. This was 3d printed, but had minimal support structure dimples, mostly on the back of the chest, so not bad at all. Better than the minis I get from independent 3d printed mini vendors.
  2. It's been waiting around a long time for adventurers to finally show up...
  3. Dusted off an OLD metal mini. Replaced the metal flight peg with a clear one (which ending up snapping really easily 😞 )
  4. The male part of my Henches to Heroes project
  5. The female part of my Henches to Heroes project
  6. Experimented with Vallejo color-shifting paint and I think it worked
  7. I was giving the hench-people sets a good look and decided to experiment with grimdark techniques to turn them into bada**es. I believe that it was successful to do some more this way.
  8. My wife set this up for me with speedpaints, then I went in with the detail work. After zenithal priming, she hit the base with Army Painter Pallid Bone, which really set the tone. Then I drybrushed in Reaper Skull & Crossbones, highlighted with Vallejo Ivory, with a wash of Vallejo Yellow Olive to give it an "undersea" look and tie it in to the green monster. Before the wash, the base and the monster didn't feel cohesive.
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