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  1. Thanks folks for the kind words and feedback, I really enjoyed having a go at sculpting....
  2. Here is a Tree Blight that I sculpted using milliput, wire & some parts from the Gug, eldritch horror mini and a Cave Creeper (Home Brew Monster) made with just milliput and wire.....not sure if this is the correct place to post, if not please let me know and I will not in the future....
  3. Just finished my first batch of spectre miniatures and thought I would share a little narrative with you guys......
  4. That's one impressive piece you have there! Great to look at, really tells a story.....really like the stone work!.....I know i already commented but I cannot stop coming back for another look..
  5. That is AMAZING!!!! I love it......beautiful sculpt and paint job!
  6. Thanks guys for the warm welcome, no special software was used....just basic windows paint. For the background It's just cheap foam with some texture & I also use jigsaw mats (cut up &textured also). I am the Dungeon Master for our D&D group so I usually set up scenes like this to inspire me for encounters and story prep... I must say there a some amazing artists here on the boards...always good inspiration as I'm constantly working on improving my miniature painting skills...
  7. After quickly dispatching the shambling undead Froog & Sir Jeffrey proceeded to a large wooden door......Beyond was a long corridor with ornate stone dragon heads. "Wait!....look!....the mortar around some of the flagstones...it's.....it's different....I think we best avoid those ones" Froog had noticed the pressure plates and saved Sir Jeffery from certain death. After Navigating the Dragon Hall the two entered what looked like some sort of storage area with an old well. "Aaarrgh.....watch out!....looks like we got some pests to deal with"..........**Got some bones crates & a dungeon
  8. Deeper into the tomb Froog and Sir Jeffrey had found the key to the lower chambers....Tholomon waited above and sent the two of them down......"what do you make of it Froog?"...."looks like an old oven".......It was at this moment that several shambling figures crawled out from its depths.....
  9. A little flavor shot of one of my Hirelings exploring a dungeon, all is hand made in the shot...except the mini.
  10. Hello there all, New member first post.....thought I would share some cultists I recently completed.
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