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  1. I only had the correct and everything was pretty good. I would say definitely higher quality than most board games minis I have had.
  2. That's exactly my worry. I supported the legends of Signum KS and their main delay was on the character cards because of their print house being late as well as the carton used being too thin so they had to reprint. Sticking a card in with a metal mini is going to scratch it up for sure and 250+ metal minis without proper packaging sounds to me like a lot of potential damage to the models too. I kind of understand that the minis are the main focus but there seems to be no consideration for the Game aspects at all. I guess they just abandoned that concept all together.
  3. I don't really understand what happens to the rest of the project? I mean let's say the found a way to really manufacture the minis for under 299$ and got an amazing flat rate shipping deal with a courier....what about the game? Do the characters not come with like idk cards? Or in blisters? Packaging can be quite pricey especially for so many models. And them being metal will not make easier. Any ideas on their plans there?
  4. I'm not in the business of mini manufacturing but that sounds like some really REALLY simple math there if that is what's going on. A lot of those models look like multi piece casts. Those prices also don't seem to allow for potentially necessary recasts etc. And wasn't this supposed to be a game? Who carries a 10kg board game around. How are they going to package these for shipping? I have to give them that though their campaign is very entertaining. I'm not even a backer and still interested.
  5. It's really interesting that they are swapping to metal at no additional shipping cost for backers. I mean I wouldn't want to carry that game to a board game night but if ppl get everything in full thanks to this, that's great. But I can't imagine that this project was profitable.
  6. I think most people understand that the changes were made because they were essential for production to go ahead. I just personally think that they should have communicated this very clearly to give customers the choice wether changed product or no product would be appropriate for them. Reaper kind of made that choice for the customers and while I'm sure there are a lot of people that would say, well changed product is better than none, I think there would be a significant amount that would say none is better. I see the bigger issue with the hut tbh. I can get over the scale of something being a bit off and maybe not looking quite as impressive on the table but I think many role players have a good enough imagination already to make that work. The hut I'm sure is a bit annoying to people now though. With removable legs and roof it would have been working in so many scenarios but without well....that narrows it really down. Personally I'm not that bothered about stuff like that as I'm mostly in for the painting but for someone that was looking for a versatile piece of scenery it must have been quite disappointing.
  7. I got the Legends of signum game, aria and the free Facebook mini. Was very pleasantly surprised at how quick I got it and they even managed to change my shipping address super last minute! Anyone got pics of the stygian barge?
  8. So royal mail failed me. I had a redirection set up and they didn't deliver the package. Luckily our ex Landlord sent us the info after we asked about it. I agree with the box size it just seems a bit wasteful. But my main critique is the size of the Corgi. I think he should have been bigger especially compared to the French bulldog and the chihuahua. Other than that very happy with them!
  9. I received mine very early on and am super pleased. Despite the freeze and a the drama they delivered and with not too too much delay. Communication was good and the product is good. Quite a bit to assemble but I don't mind that. Happy I backed.
  10. Dunkeldorf from German translate to "dark village". I think the feel of the characters captures that haha
  11. Same! I received Aria and the other miniature that they gave as an extra for being part of the Facebook group. Everything arrived perfectly. The minis look very good only thing is that there are quite a few parts to assemble but that doesn't really bother me. I will definitely pick up more minis in the future from them.
  12. That's not how you wear heals...the feet and ankles put me off too.
  13. Absolutely amazing! I will definitely pick up the rule book now that I have so many of these wonderful Critters. I already know I will be in on the next one
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