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  1. Nice job! It looks very good. But if you were doing a Dragonlance figure, the word I believe you were looking for was "Draconian" :)
  2. I want to thank everyone for the encouraging words. I'll try not to be a stranger. I've frequently lurked and looked at other people's work, but its a bit different getting the courage to put your own out there for contemplation. If I get the time, I'll post my Kaladrax from Bones 1. I started working on the mousling space marines yesterday and we'll see how that goes.
  3. A very good job! I like your color scheme; it makes for a very striking presentation.
  4. So, not having painted for a year or so, I was happy to have an excuse with the arrival of Bones 3 to get back into it. After a brief warm-up/practice run on a female cleric-figure, I had a go at Goremaw, whom I decided to do as a fiendish purple worm (purple hues, tinged with red). I love the sculpt and am decently satisfied with how it came out.
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