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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I have enjoyed painting the dragons more than I expected to. Have I joined a cult??! Oh dear. Oh well. I am finding that I am using the Basius stamps for larger bases more and more. I am very glad tha my wife and I lashed out on them. Thank you. It really has got me thinking about colours and effects and having to rethink my painting style. I am enjoying the challenge more than I thought I would. Should I do a third? Hmmm.......
  2. Gday All, Dragon II is now complete. Let me present "Stormwing", in Marine Teal, True Blue and Imperial Purple for a 3 star challenge. The final Show Off thread is here: The WIP thread is here:
  3. Gday all, Fianlly got around to posting the completion pics of Stormwing for the Random Rainbow Dragon Challenge. Primary colour: Marine Teal. Secondary colour; True Blue. Tertiary colour: Imperial Purple. 3 star level challenge. WIP thread is here; So I hope you enjoy the photos. Comments welcome.
  4. And finally, finished in time for the New Year ... Will get the good camera out and have a proper show off thread on Tuesday. In the meantime enjoy New Year's eve and may 2018 be a great a year for you all.
  5. Looks great. Has that metallic sheen all over. Very well done.
  6. I really like the water and how choppy it looks. May I ask what you used to coat the styrofoam with just before you painted it brown?
  7. Thank you all for your kind comments. Solution of sorts to the problem of the dragons feet was I think found. First a pile of small rocks (model railroad ballast) was glued around the feet and a couple of other points of the base using PVA (white craft glue) followed by a layer of sand like material (fine ballast) and then a layer of green flock with each layer covering more of the base than the last. The results ... Didn't take any photos at each stage because I was thinking too much about how it was going to turn out rather than to record it. A couple of grass tuffs and I think we are done.
  8. Still working on this ... slowly. Mounting the dragon onto the base left more of a rise than I was expecting. Have to do some filling.
  9. Gadgetman! I declare thee EVIL! My wife wants one ....
  10. Looking better? I am pretty much done on the dragon and you have all the fiddly stuff to go. I'm more from the Buglips painting school.
  11. Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. It more the case that I am surprised that with somewhat different colour rolls and different styles/methods that the dragons are looking so similar.
  12. They look good. I am finding that 50%+ thinner to the Reaper paints seems to work well witht the airbrush. I have a gravity feed and mix in the bowl with and old brush. Did you end up doing the wings veins with airbrush? The key to getting the most out of the airbrush is patience, which I don't have enough of. I'll never be a great artist but I can get so much more done to better effect than I could with a physical brush.
  13. Nice work so far. A bit worried how similar it is looking to mine despite a different colour "selection". Are we thinking alike?
  14. Oh the silly season has begun and there seems so little time of late to paint. Finally I have progress to show, this time on the base. Laser cut, round, 100mm diameter, MDF with "Kneed It" coating stamped with a Basius "Kings of War" block stamp. And base coated with ink wash. I still don't know what the blus thing is meant to be. Standard perhaps? Some drybrushing in parts and then some flocking. Then I have to seemlessly blending the dragon's feet.
  15. Welcome to the challenge. Have fun with it ... and the baby.
  16. So a little more progress. True Blue highlighting. Then the Imperial Purple. Also some highlights on claws and face.
  17. Finally some progress. Brown Liner. I experimented this time by using the airbursh to apply the liner. It looked good intially but I was a little worried that on some of the higher areas the liner whiped off. Oh well. So then some pre-shading using pure black. Then the first pass with Marine Teal. Given my colour rolls I am going to try something a bit odd and rather than highlight with a lighter colour and highlight with the slightly darker True Blue with final highlight of Imperial Purple. Not sure how this is going to work bu that is the plan at this point. Hmmm. Anyway the Marine Teal.
  18. She is not my daughter. Not my child at all. I refuse to acknowledge any relationship. And we did not force her!
  19. Yay! I am not the only complete nutter here! New WIP thread here. Please add me to the list, again.
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