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  1. WOOT, order 92, and I believe wave 1.. Now, we can go and add more through another transaction, and it'll get shipped with our wave, right?
  2. link anyone? Can't find it in my history... or e-mails.... NM Got it.. :-D https://pm.reapermini.com/ for anyone looking.
  3. How do you all plan on finding the new KS? Search for Reaper Mini? Search for Bones? Wait for the email? I have it set up on reaper's "Kickstarters Created" page, assuming the new KS will show up there once activated. All of this changes of course if we are sent a link...
  4. So, with the core set going from $100 to $120, has there been any word on whether or not the expansions will go up as well, perhaps from $50 to $60 (assuming they eventually get unlocked by pledge rewards)?
  5. I feel like I'm being rick-rolled by clicking on these Youtube Links.. ;-)
  6. Side note, are there any pictures of the Pirate Otters?
  7. I usually start with the core (just the value alone.. and then I'll have enough variety for my friends) and then go with any addons (and expansions) from there. In 4 I went totally overboard and got stuff, just to get it. I'll have to be a bit more reserved this time.. Of course I say that now. Once the KS is over, and the pledge manager is open.. all bets are off!
  8. I did not get an e-mail yet, just checked on the pledge manager.
  9. WOOHOO!! Wave 14, (got frost giants, no tree, no house) and I have shipping confirmation!
  10. I'm fine with no signature required.. Just wanted to make sure I didn't have to leave work early/call in when it's supposed to be delivered.
  11. For the US backers that are now receiving their packages.. Is there a signature required for delivery, or does UPS leave it?
  12. Out of curiosity, does anyone still have the links to Bones 1 and bones 2 KS campaigns? I'm wave 14, and trying to kill time. :-D I didn't get in until bones 3, so I know what all was in there.
  13. And now wave 4.. GO home Reaper Ticker, you're drunk.
  14. I'm with ya there! Got in originally, but my credit card was full at the time. :-(
  15. Never knew the story behind Yaga, or her hut.. so never really understood the fascination with them. Still though, a house with chicken feet is a pretty cool miniature!
  16. I'll be curious as to when some of the wave 2 people start receiving their notifications..
  17. Who will be the first on 900? The suspense is killing me!
  18. Very true.. I live in FL and am in wave 14.. I'll go to the beach and be jealous.
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