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  1. The new levitating Sophia from Bones 3 would get my vote for metal.
  2. Tracking is still showing my package sitting in Denton. I know from experience that this doesn't necessarily mean anything, it could be half way to Kansas City now. So I have decided that it's Schrodinger's package, it's both moving and stationary at the same time. Oh, and there's a cat in the package. :)
  3. My package received postage last night and is still sitting at the Reaper facility. Any idea when they pick up the mail out there?
  4. Thanks, Jason. I was order #43164. My order was completed on: 01-09-16. I suppose it doesn't really matter at this point. It's almost certainly going out the door in the next 24 hours.
  5. Wave 7, hey that's my wave! How do I find out when I locked in or whatever you guys were nattering on about 350 pages ago?
  6. Has anyone posted a report or even pictures of the various weapons packs? I am more than a bit curious how they turned out and as I am in the 7th wave I have a while to wait.
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