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  1. https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/gnome/latest/03433 This? I like the face, but this would need a lot of work, which I am not opposed to but would like something simpler. also, might be too short for tass.
  2. could maybe swap out the head as well for something with an appropriately horned helmet
  3. Get a mini that has nothing in his left hand ( a monk maybe ), remove left hand. glue onto caramon-ish miniature after original has been removed. alter left hand with sword from another mini. Boom! Replacing hands that went missing was my first step into doing conversions lol.
  4. I am more than willing to do some conversion work as well, I can swap out a head or two lol.
  5. I have Raistlin ( which I am going to use the very same miniature you suggested ) and I think Tanis figured out. Tasslehoff I think is going to be problematic. My idea for Tanis. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bow/sku-down/77090#detail/IG_3563_1
  6. i know. I have seen them and they are nice. part of the challenge though is to do it all reaper.
  7. received my bones order yesterday, but I cant open them until Monday evening. -- bites nails --
  8. Hey guys! I am looking to recreate The Heroes of the Lance from the Dragonlance books. I was wondering which miniatures people would suggest ( from Reaper only ) and why? Thanks!
  9. the thing that I have found amusing is when people are doing unboxing videos and look at a mini they got like they had no idea it was coming, specifically the savage avatars. knowing the names....... I don't really know any of them specifically. but I know what a behir is, what a dragon is, ogre, etc.
  10. OMG! my bones are at the post office approximately three blocks from my house!
  11. thanks! ill check them out! where is mini maal from?
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