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  1. By saying that in purple are you being sarcastic?
  2. What's the latest date we have seen for shipping confirmation of wave 4? Last I saw was 8/23 from yesterday.
  3. I locked in 8/19/15 wave 5. I was estimating I would be in the 8,000s but as we click down to that I am wondering if I was just a tad off. Back to the chalkboard...
  4. @nakosyour 9-10 am update was posted moments before the switch to wave 4 which I caught the roll over for. If that helps.
  5. Ok got excited yesterday but wave 3 was 400 fewer than wave 2 so I wasn't terribly far off.
  6. Any one have an idea of what our last lock in date was? I think I have seen an October. 2/26/16 from Kickstarter because I can answer my own questions apparently
  7. For those that have started painting on this set, how is the paint going on? Has the formula change effected how you need to (or specifically avoid) thinking your paints for a base coat? I have painted a couple nonKickstarter bones from a couple Christmases ago but mostly my experience is with first Kickstarter Bones.
  8. Any pictures of an even roughly assembled Shubnigarauth would be pretty cool too....
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