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  1. Hit some major mental illness issues in the very close family, which sort of consumed a bunch of years. But I apparently am back to having the surplus energy to check in on the randomness.
  2. 😀 Nice to see a familiar face. It's been way too long.
  3. 👀 It's been a while. I wonder how much things have changed since I was last here.
  4. I just finished Narcos. Good show.
  5. Thanks guys. Having a good day so far. Breakfast burritos for breakfast and then painting 6mm ww2 minis and hanging out with family and friends.
  6. 4ground in the UK makes 28mm furniture.
  7. I looked into it and apparently there is an explanation for the Chick Tracts thing. Mr Chick says Halloween is the devil's holiday and encourages Christians to pass out his tracts instead of candy. There is apparently a tract specifically about this in which a seriously sick child gets a chick tract on halloween and is saved by it, just before dying that same night. I will refrain from sharing my views on people who push their faith on other peoples' children like this.
  8. With my kids at that age the main issues were: 1) me accepting that I would be assisting and not getting much work done on my own minis. 2) them remembering to close up the paint properly to avoid them drying up. 3) them wanting to start a new mini before finishing the one they were working on. Other than that I have had no problems.
  9. Our cat does not care about minis. We have to keep brushes in drawers though, because he likes chewing the bristles. He discovered that obsession a set of WN7 brushes :(
  10. For 15mm ww2 the most fun I have had was with 'Chain of Command' from Too Fat Lardies.
  11. Tried it once at a con. Didn't 'feel right' to me.
  12. I have played the board game and it is fun. What the app provides is basically a sound track for the game, controlling the alien side of things. The human players cooperate, with each player being in charge of a specific area like air combat, ground combat or research. They have to cooperate under time pressure and the game is quite intense. Apart from the theme though, the game has nothing in common with Xcom computer games. The board game is a distributed resource management game and not a tactical combat game.
  13. Check this link out, seems to discuss precisely what you are thinking of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_bottleneck It suggests that the subsaharan population at one point dropped to 2k people. Also there's the whole thing with the "7 daughters of Eve", suggesting that you don't need very many people at all. But really, with a population of 20k, I'd totally buy the idea that you are skirting the line between recovery and extinction. It only takes one major catastrophe to off colony at that point. Also, might I suggest not being super specific when writing about technical stuff. It's probably the easiest way to avoid the problem. Instead of having 20k people, you might just have few enough people as to be worried.
  14. I saw Tucker & Dale vs Evil yesterday while painting. Then I saw a few minutes of a new netflix series about robot dinosaurs. It sucked so I turned it off almost immediately.
  15. Seems it can also happen with garlic.
  16. I ended uo tossing my oil. I had just quartered the chilis and tossed them in a bottle of oil without properly researching what I was doing. Aparently whole raw chili in a bottle of oil is a good way to get botulism,which I am not in a hurry to experience. Next time I will dry them first. I do think the oil is the way to go though and what little I did taste before learing I had made biological warfare agents, was pretty darn good. Intensely hot, considering how little chili I had used and that the oil had only been in contact with it for about a day.
  17. With regard to conscription, the Danish military uses it mostly as a recruitment tool. ALL the professional soldiers are volunteers, but most are recruited from the pool of conscripts. Conscripts are only in the service for a short time (8 months for me, currently it is a LOT shorter) and objectors get to do other community service. So you don't really get anyone who really really don't want to be there. When the conscription period is about to end, they hit you with recruiters who find the few people who want to be soldiers. It's a really expensive system, but I can see the value for the military. They get a much broader recruitment base, recruiting people who would never have considered joining had they not first tried it out for a bit and found it to their liking. The people who serve reflect the population much better than is my impression from the US. Ideally your soldiers understand your civilians and your civilians understand your soldiers. Conscription helps you towards that goal. I am very much a civilian, but I've had a (brief) taste of military life. It's not much but it's something.
  18. I am hoping streaming will be a game changer when it comes to shows. Companies might not be as aggressive about cancelling shows when they are not competing for slots, but can exist on their own merits. This should reduce opportunity cost a lot (although obviously never eliminating it entirely). I am a dreamer.
  19. Probably does not count since I was just a conscript and never in any war. Royal Danish Airforce, 8 months back in 1999-2000. Bootcamp and after that I was a crewman on the IHAWK SAM system.
  20. Also for making chili oil, would I need to cut or process it first pr do I just dunk the whole chili in there?
  21. How do you go about drying chilis?
  22. So a co-worker gave me a baggie of home grown chilies, including some Moruga Trinidad Scorpions. And I have no idea what to do with the chilis that get into the 'ridiculously hot' range. Are they actually used for anything other than eating raw in youtube videos? Being grown in Denmark they are undoubtedly not as potent as the same plant in a place with more sun, but still I have no idea what to cook with them.
  23. That setup is for 6mm ww2 gaming by the way.
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