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  1. The destruction of Clan Blood Spirit may be a sad day for The Clans but for you it means great deals here at Discount Dan's. We even have a new station set up so you can wash the blood and/or corpse of the previous owner out of your new ride. Light: Stormcrow (Ryoken) Medium: Grendal Heavy: Summoner (Thor), Mad Dog (Vulture), Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) Assault: Gargoyle (Man O War), Kingfisher
  2. https://youtu.be/CRBiY-zTl2c Come check out or new totally not stolen from their original owners Heavy and Assault mechs straight from the frontlines of Tukkyad. We got a Marauder that might have once belonged to Greyson Carlyle. An Archer that doesn't have "Property of Morgan Kell" engraved into the dash. A Mad Cat that I totally didn't pull Aiden Pryde's still warm corpse out of before dropping it in a ditch somewhere. We also got a Daishi that wasn't jacked from a Wolf's Dragoons mech bay that was likely own by Natasha Kerensky. If anybody said otherwise they're lying. Who are you? The cops?
  3. Rewatching some of Anne's videos right now and I can't tell if she even puts down a shade color.
  4. Mostly. Like how big of a step between colors? How many steps in total? How dark should I go? How bright? I used to try to paint everything non-army to a competitive level so that I'd be continuously improving but with an 8 month gap with no time to even think about painting I can't remember what the crap I'm doing.
  5. Because I seem to have forgotten how to both paint skin and pick the colors I need.
  6. Yeah, so I've been busy dealing with work and family for a while now and only just got back to painting again... and I've forgot how to build my pallette. As in, I pick a midtone that I want a section to closely resemble but I can't remember what to grab next. Any advice or reminders?
  7. Thanks. The learning curve to get these to turn out was steep.
  8. This is going to get turned to painting as I go.
  9. Yup. I'm finally back and I got a bunch of resin 3D prints done while I was away. Just wish I had grabbed a shot after I primed them. Oh well, I'll get stuff posted when I can.
  10. Fellin' good! I think I'm over it now, plus I got my sense of taste back.
  11. I'm keeping up, been chugging that Gatorade like its the cure.
  12. I'd say I dodged some major bullets on this one so I can't be upset. I did hear from my boss this morning aka Patient Zero. He managed to give it to the entire office except for one dude and that's only because he already had it before. Looks like these were the people I shouldn't have trusted to not get me sick. I am worried about our office manager though, it has put him in the hospital which has me worried. Back to me, I am feeling pretty good today. I think I might have crossed that second hump without realizing it (I've been asleep chunks of this) or I've only passed the first bit and that second round hasn't started yet. Time will tell. What do I mean? The doctor and staff i been chatting with are part of my gaming group (which got paused when they caught it) and have put in charge of all the Covid patients and one of the local hospitals. I get my health info straight from the horses mouth and what they've observed. According to them, at the end of a case you'll start to get better then have a dive back into being real sick that'll last a day or two then it's congratulation because you beat this year's plague.
  13. For those asking, I've been home this whole time. Took the last of the HCQ and Zpak yesterday. I'm hoping things start to clear up now though the cough has gotten rough enough to make me puke. Of course that could also be from all the second hand smoke since it appears my grandma has been walking around the house with lit cigarettes all the time. Talked to a doctor last night in passing, they said it'll get a bit worse before it gets better. They did recommend an albuteral inhaler to help with the last legs, so I'll likely get that tomorrow.
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