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  1. Is it possible for those of us who already have tickets to get first dibs on the bags when they go on sale?
  2. Here's those close ups you wanted, sorry it took so long.
  3. Light mech: Owens Medium mech: Hunchback Heavy mechs: Catapults (old metal and new plastic) Assault mechs: Battlemaster, Awesome, and Atlas You knew the real show of force was coming soon.
  4. Lost my mind back at Christmas at got into Classic Battletech. Currently plans are to do my Inner Sphere units as Gamma Company of the Wolf's Dragoons and my Clan units as Upsilon Galaxy of Clan Blood Spirit. Light mechs: Commando, Locust, and 2 Jenner Medium Mechs: Shadow Hawk, Griffon, and 2 Wolverine Heavy mech: Thunderbolt If yaw want different angles of each mech just let me know.
  5. At last! I finally have the "core" Survivors finished and ready for the table.
  6. The Twilight Knight. I really need to figure out better pics.
  7. Think I might give this a go, but it's doubtful my slow butt gets too many done.
  8. Knocked out a Survivor repaint. Still struggling with skintones but I'm on the verge of something in other areas. Not sure what I'm on the verge of at this time though. I also really need to figure out this new phone camera.
  9. Made it back to Nowhere, Louisiana with no issue. Really wish the drive had been more eventful.
  10. So good! Love the paint job and the figure.
  11. Wow, this is probably my most liked piece and I have no idea why.
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