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  1. Valthorn_Illian

    Minivember 2019: One More Once

    Think I might give this a go, but it's doubtful my slow butt gets too many done.
  2. Valthorn_Illian

    Val Fails at Painting KDM

    Knocked out a Survivor repaint. Still struggling with skintones but I'm on the verge of something in other areas. Not sure what I'm on the verge of at this time though. I also really need to figure out this new phone camera.
  3. Valthorn_Illian

    Safe arrivals!

    Made it back to Nowhere, Louisiana with no issue. Really wish the drive had been more eventful.
  4. Valthorn_Illian

    Sea Dragon Bust (hand sculpted )

    Can't wait to see this in person.
  5. Valthorn_Illian

    Cicciopiu want an Aasimar (simple conversion) -77175 -77364

    Now that's cool.
  6. Valthorn_Illian

    Bones 4: Maggotcrown Ogre

    So good! Love the paint job and the figure.
  7. Valthorn_Illian

    Juliana, Herbalist

    Wow, this is probably my most liked piece and I have no idea why.
  8. Valthorn_Illian

    Juliana, Herbalist

    That's what I thought, I was just confused when people started calling it a diorama.
  9. Valthorn_Illian

    Juliana, Herbalist

    Does it really fit the criteria for a diorama? At least as it pertains to the MSP Open?
  10. Valthorn_Illian

    Juliana, Herbalist

    I don't have a set up to get a better close up, sorry. Now if you'll be at Reapercon next week it'll be there.
  11. Valthorn_Illian

    Juliana, Herbalist

    Not sure if this qualifies as a diorama.
  12. Valthorn_Illian

    Juliana, Herbalist

    Done! Not the best basing job, but I'm still proud.
  13. Valthorn_Illian

    Herbalist from Bones 4

    Pretty sure these are made for model railroad displays. I'm mostly just worried that having all three colors will be a bit "much."
  14. Valthorn_Illian

    Herbalist from Bones 4

    What do yaw think about the flower color choices? Too much?
  15. Valthorn_Illian

    Herbalist from Bones 4

    Gonna take some time to get all this grass done.