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  1. Thats what I thought. From what my friend told me there are paints (which contain pigments) and then there are pigments, which are the chemicals which give paint their color. I was under the impression that you could buy paints and pigments separately: paints being used for painting, and pigments being used for... I'm not sure, tinting existing paints slightly? Mixing with some kind of medium to make paint? I was confused because all the bottles I see online have slightly different labels, but this is the only one I've seen touting the "high density pigment" label. But as long as I can paint with these bottles, then I'm fine.
  2. So I just dropped nearly 100$ at my FLGS on reaper master series paints, only to discover upon closer inspection that they are actually pigments. I'm a beginner/moderate painter, so I didn't quite realize there was a difference. After conversing with one of my more hardcore painter friends, i'm even less sure than I was before. He tells me that the pigments are different from the paints and that pigments are usually only used to tint paints, but then i went to the website and saw that everything there comes in the same kind of bottles with all the same names. It seems strange to me that reaper would sell only pigments and not paints, and now I'm very very confused. So let me just pose this simple question: I purchased this bottle, and many others like it: Can I paint my Bones minis with this and some water? and as a follow up question: Did i just bone myself out of 100 bucks?
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