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  1. While I partly understand you answer, just above freezing does not work. I recently ordered some paints from reaper to be deliver in the Northeast. Temps in the low 30s the day it arrived and probably in its travels. The paint was like the consistency of glue until they made it to room temperature -- you could also see color separation. I dropped in a mixing ball and shook up the paints for a few minutes to get them back to usable condition. I do not have A/C as my home was built as part of a G.I. housing program in the early 50s (after WWII). It gets hot and sticky and the paint and sometimes the primer takes over 24hrs to dry so I sometimes use a fan. So, there is obviously someplace in between that works. I did some other digging and reading and even found a video in Spanish by Vallejo where they even stated between 40-50 RH and 18-24C as the optimal range -- I just need to add some more insulation in the room as well as better room only heating/cooling solution.
  2. From the last few episodes of Miniature Monday Twitch Feed there has been discussion about a proper painting environment. This was in regards not just to lighting and a workspace but also temperature and humidity. While there was a general discussion over the last few episodes and many people asking in the comments, it does not seem that any answer was really given. Temperature and humidity affect paint flow and drying time, what is the optimal temperature and humidity for a painting space. Doing some internet searches I found the general consensus of "The ideal humidity level for painting is between 40% and 50%" but this is for painting your home. Is there an optimal range for miniature paints?
  3. @TripleH @Brother Jim @Glitterwolf Thanks everyone for the help. Yeah, the metal miniature picture is not coming up but a quick image search on a search engine showed me images. Adding him to the cart, thanks!
  4. I am trying to create a war band for the skirmish game Ragnarok by Osprey Games. I have attached a picture to a screen shot from a video where they are playing the game. I asked on the video where they got the miniature and they said it was from Reaper. I have tried various searches on the figure finder but cannot seem to get a hit for that particular figure. Anyone recognize that miniature? If anyone wants to see a less blurry picture you can find it at this YouTube link to the game playthrough https://youtu.be/FVoeIHmKumY?t=206 I have tried axe, viking, barbarian, two handed, axe, helmet. Not shows me the image I am looking for. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me
  5. Nope, I have a 5e starter set and have given many away for gifts to help others get started. They are all the same color the color just happens to be random. For example, all red, all blue, all white. I have at least in my experience never seen a 5e starter with mixed dice. The different colors does not bother me but I like the solid colors so I as a DM I know which belong to which player.
  6. So true, I will be there I know myself. Looking at the pledge manager I am close to $800 but I pledged $300 for this effort.
  7. And its a wrap folks! Wow did this finish strong! Now all that is left is the 18month wait -- LOL!
  8. So all is missing is the Red Dragon? Wow! can't believe the pledge level we have seen in the last few days!
  9. Just about to leave work. Wow! when I checked my phone! Where was everyone hiding? Any new on finishing the comic and maybe getting the dice?
  10. Floored! Did not think we would see 18K backers and numbers keep spinning. I have to leave for work but interesting to see what it ends at when I get home this evening.
  11. Quick question if anyone knows. Is ReaperCon always in the Aug/Sept timeframe? My company has offices in Austin. My plan would be to take a trip to Austin then drive up to Denton for the Con and go home via Dallas Airport. It is probably the only way I would ever get to go. I am in Austin a few times a year anyway but for 2020 I can change my schedule so the two happen at the same time.
  12. Looks like a strong finish. I see the dragon getting unlocked then we will see.
  13. We are getting more paints? Happy to see that but I seem to have missed that news. Darn, wish I did not have to wait so long.
  14. I suggest you get them all. They get lonely by themselves and it is recommended that you always purchase a friend
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