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  1. I use Reaper for various games. Right now that means D&D, Reality's Edge: Cyberpunk Skirmish, Frostgrave and Ragnarok: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age. I am going to try to keep to those themes and not purchase any "cool" extras because over the last few bones KS, the extras have piled up very high. My wife who never complains about my hobby has started to get annoyed herself. Just too much to paint and unless I have a purpose such as a game, it gets on the TO DO list but never gets done.
  2. I have purchased these times of miniatures before. We have 28mm tables, chairs, barrels, bars stools etc. but none of the miniatures are sitting down. Sure, of you play D&D you can play the theater of the mind but my group groans when I say that because they like put themselves in the scene. Also, when I am done playing, I like to display my miniatures and I would like a diorama. When new people come to the house the diorama often is a conversation piece to get more people into my group. I want miniatures that represent daily life. There are ton of miniatures with someone walking with jug of water on their head, but rarely those sitting down to enjoy a meal. A few characters gathered around the Bard near the fire as he sings his tale. The drunk slumped over the bar. The beggar sitting on the street looking for handouts. Not everything has to be combat related. I do not believe anyone will make such a line but I would be all over those miniatures.
  3. Just my 32bits, I would love a Pirate Ship in 28mm scale that does not cost an arm and a leg and would have access to the hull. This would work great for many D&D themed stories I have and better than the pieces of paper I use to represent the decks of the ship. I could then reuse the ship with my wargaming group when we play Frostgrave: Archipelago. While Firelock games has some killer pirate ships they are hard to find and expensive to purchase and would love some middle ground. I get that they are probably joking but I definitely pledge for a few if offered.
  4. I would love to see a ship with tentacles wrapped around it with broken masts and hull breaking with miniatures flying off the ship. A kraken with it in its death embrace around a ship. In that same vein, I would like to see a Jules Verne Nautilus with a giant squid reaching out from the deep ready but not quite reaching it as the sub is going up to the surface. I believe there are some good underwater tropes that have not been explored in miniature form.
  5. Having purchased all the Bones Black figures they have released, I rather have more in the Black Line if possible. I know that may not be possible but that would be what I would want.
  6. turbocooler

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    2nd Time Bones backer. I backed B3. My issue with the Dragon in the Core of B4 is the stance on the rocks. The split stance is fine, but the rocks do not give me any flexibility to use him in a different way. For example, startling castle towers or between two houses etc. I could cut off the rocks from the feet but it if it molded like others, there is not a lot of detail or room for error so a whole lot of work and green stuff. Over all however, compared to other Reaper Dragons, I believe he lacks character. That is my opinion I know others will differ.
  7. turbocooler

    Challenges to mixing with "CMYK"

    Thank you. good insight.
  8. turbocooler

    Weasle Lickers Anonymous

    You can do the same with the Blue Shop Towels. They are also lint free and are similar to the chamois but cheaper. They are a HydroKnit material close to chamois. Scott and WypAll are the most easily found brands. They too can be reused many times but simply washing them out.
  9. turbocooler

    Reaper Brushes

    Thanks, that is why when talking about brushes (not necessarily just in this forum) when someone says #2 brush generically it does not help. For example, stating Golden Maple Kolinsky H-58 #2 (my current go to brush) would be more useful for someone to either seek out or compare. Thanks again for the response, much appreciated.
  10. turbocooler

    Reaper Brushes

    I ask because I do not know. Are brush sizes an industry standard or manufacture/hair type specific? The reason I ask is when reading some of these comments I look at some of my brushes and the size discussed seems larger than the miniature itself. I should probably post a picture but I am at work right now. However, it seems like the sizes are different depending on whom you purchase from or the hair used.
  11. turbocooler

    Badger Stynylrez Primer

    @Wren -- You can find a Paasche VL on eBay often for $40 or less. This is my exclusive airbrush for priming. If not included, you can get a cup and .556 needle for less than $15 even direct from Paasche. In my experience, I find that all primers need a .5 needle. For paint, I use a Badger 105 with Super Fine .3 needle. My Paashe cleans up fine with some airbrush cleaner and water. Since I started using Stynylrez I do not want to use any other primer.
  12. turbocooler

    Reaper Brushes

    I have been using brushes from Golden Maple on Amazon that are Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable Hair. Amazon seems to have flash sales with them as well. They work great. Also, as a PSA, if you are looking for Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable brushes be sure to check the Amazon Warehouse. My last few purchases I was able to find them for less than 1/2 the normal price. No idea if they are second quality or returns but I look at these compared to the more expensive ones I have purchased and I cannot tell the difference except for scratches on the brush handles. Finally, check for Princeton Artist Brush RealValue Golden Taklon Brushes. I find these to be the best for dry brushing and they are often 6 different sizes for $6 on Amazon. When I started painting I tried the Citadel, Army Painter, Vallejo and even Reaper brushes and for the cost I believe can get better or cheaper for the same or better quality without the brand name.
  13. turbocooler

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    Thanks Gadgetman! for the review. Sorry that it is a piece of junk.
  14. turbocooler

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    I have added this seller to my watch list. Will be waiting to see what your review has to say.
  15. turbocooler

    Badger Stynylrez Primer

    Paasche VL .556 needle (1 grove), 25psi straight from the bottle. No issues. Recommendation is directly from Badger Rep whom I spoke to at AdeptiCon. I usually go black primer and then highlight with grey. I have not had a chance to use their colored primers but I am interested in their metal colored version.