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  1. Anyone with the Dungeon Dwellers box assemble the dragon yet? The leg seems to leave a very big gap. I have done multi-piece figures before and I am no stranger to filling things in with green stuff, but I am finding I need to do more than anticipated.
  2. Love the table, enjoy all your new toys. I am certain it would have been instant divorce if I had purchased that much.
  3. I have use Green Stuff World Glow in the Dark Pigment. You mix with clear paint medium. I would mix small amounts at a time.
  4. I was Wave 5. I see that I received the commercial packaging of the Wrights Anyway, my pledge arrived today. My 14yr old niece was over because my sister dropped her off so she could do some errands alone and she helped me unpack. At 30lbs, mine seems large to me but sounds small compared to some of the responses I have seen with people having 79lb orders and multiple boxes. My wife asked me "I thought you said it was a small order?", I said "it is, you should see what others ordered". She was not buying it, she did a heal pivot and walked away while giving my niece
  5. Does your state not allow you to skip one? Where I live if I serve once, then next time I skip but then the following time I need to go no excuses.
  6. Just a follow up to be complete, I watched the Reaper Live from this past Thursday. The LTPK did come up. They said the reason it is not in 5.5 is because they plan to do something with it from a retail perspective.
  7. I have not received my pledge yet, hopefully it ships sometime next week. However, from past reaper live, all the figures are already part of the core set. They are already being produced including in B 5.5. The box is no longer plastic, it will be card board and is being printed in china with the instructions, the box and bag of miniatures is coming from China and then they are putting the paints inside the box in Texas. I am not trying to convince reaper to do anything. Given the list was supposed to be composed of popular items, I was expecting that particular item was popular enoug
  8. I am surprised the Bones 5 Learn to Paint Kit did not make the list for B5.5 given all the miniatures you get and the paints it seemed like a nice gift. I know I purchased 3 for gifts for my nieces and nephews.
  9. Is there a sub-forum on this board to swap/trade figures? There is a bunch from the core set I would like to swap for something else I rather paint.
  10. Thank you for the reply, I am not upset. I can wait.
  11. I guess I keep loosing the shipping lottery. I just quadrupled checked, All I was missing was Rune Wights but maybe they stopped shipping retail boxes given the container will arrive on Saturday.
  12. This is just another example of poor communication. How hard is it to put out a KS update with step by step instructions on what needs to be done for Bones 5.5 pledge manager. I have to agree with some of the backers on the KS page, the information is randomly sprawled in various media with zero consistency Sometimes they give you info on twitch, sometimes the info is buried in some response on KS, sometimes the information is on FB and who know where else. Be consistent at a min. Give people one place to go, that place being KS.
  13. Ed just posted a comment on the KS with the latest status. They are hoping to get more information on the container on Tuesday.
  14. Inspection was waived. It is literally sitting on a pile with other containers waiting to be put on some train, ship or other transport vehicle.
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