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  1. Hmmm, let me take out my cheat sheet. 1:1 Reaper Stormy Grey and Reaper Aircraft grey for the basecoat, shades and highlights derived from there, Dark fur by mixing Stormy Grey and a tiny Reaper Noir Black Reaper Amethyst Purple glaze for the ears, chest, belly Tamiya Clear Red with a little brown paint, can't recall which, for blood effect
  2. Pretty pleased with this one.
  3. So, fresh off the very successful Kickstarter, I was all excited to paint some giant friggin' dragons (I was originally going to get the Core set and Dreadmere, but decided that I'd rather get the wyvern and the silver dragon than Dreadmere). Then, I remembered that it would be over a year before I got all that sweet, sweet loot. So I just purchased the Pathfinder Red.
  4. Very nice. I just set this one aside to do soon myself. Great job getting detail into those tiny eyes.
  5. Had this dude in my to-paint pile for a while, and started working on him while waiting for stuff to dry on Corim yesterday. Finished him up today . . . although I realized when I went to take a picture that I had neglected to do anything with the base. Ah well, everything is put away for now. Really like how the armor came out after painting gunmetal with a bunch of black and dark brown washes over it. Cloak came out super dingy looking, and the purple I used in the wash pretty much disappeared, but it's an alright look for this evil looking dude.
  6. I wasn't expecting to have a chance to go back so soon, but I did touch this up.
  7. I've had this guy since long before I started painting, intended to represent my gnome illusionist that I played in a few one-shot 5e D&D games. Pretty pleased with how he came out, will likely go back to tidy and add a little more green lighting to spots, like the hair, but done for now. Definitely the smallest mini I've done to date, and glad that I was able to get some of the fine detail on to the piece.
  8. So far, the Devils that are soon to be unlocked are what I am most looking forward to. If I was to go with any of the add-ons, it would definitely be the Wraiths.
  9. Oh . . . well, that's disappointing. ::leaves thread in search of mythical eternal battles::
  10. So . . . has Xherman transmigrated into some new, ultimate form that is locked into an eternal mythical battle with Chaoswolf?
  11. You do not disappoint! I'm really glad to see how this finally came out after following the progress on Facebook.
  12. Well, part of it is certainly that there are a LOT of folds in this cloak, and so it's hard to get the detail in that I wanted. Part of it is the amount of gloss on the mini. A lot of it is just not feeling good about the consistency I was working with to add the secondary lighting. Still learning how to produce a glaze consistency that can then actually be successfully applied to the mini without pooling or looking streaky. Looking at the example which I was inspired by, I see that I probably should have used a darker blue for the light cast by the sword.
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