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  1. Here's a simple conversion I made some years ago. I thought I'd posted him before, but apparently not. Not my best painting, but my favorite PC none the less.
  2. Here is conversion I made after being inspired by the movie Constantine. I used the Bone Devil (77325) miniature by B Ridolfi. I removed the legs and lower torso and reattached the tail to the portion of the spine that remained under the rib cage. I have no name (any ideas), but the backstory is they are bone devils being punished for some infraction (major or minor). As such, many of these devils change their alignment to Neutral evil and operate, under great suspicion, as servitors for both devil and demon alike.
  3. I was on a dwarf kick a while back while attempting to make a dungeon dive game. It was a practice on nonmetallic metals. Thanks for looking.
  4. I intended to model up a Samurai version as well. A tale of two brothers. Now bitter enemies. The samurai still flutters in my mind so watch for Beholder-san to appear.
  5. Very nice. To increase the highlights and deepen the shadows, you might adjust the contrast of the picture in a graphics program. I've had great results with Paintshop Pro to make the photo better match the actual colors and shading of the model. Also, Given the dark, emotionally cold, often evil nature of dark elves, I feel the bright, cheerful green grass should be replaced with a more suitable base. The sharp, jagged, and uninviting edges of pine bark would better represent the atmosphere the model needs. If you do use grass, I'd invest in the light tan or otherwise dry, dead gr
  6. Thank you. I'd been painting for about a month. They held a local convention and I knew my painting wasn't good enough to win, so I had to have a gimmick. I had to figure out how to design it and how to work with brown-stuff, but after a few days I was dry brushing like a fiend. It worked, I won. Of course, there was only a handful of entries, but still.
  7. It's been almost 10 years since I picked up a brush for the first time and to celebrate I repainted my very first sculpt/conversion. My NMM are getting better, but cloth continues to be my kryptonite. Also, I'm not sure how to get rid of the cross-eyed effect? Maybe the pupil is too tall? - Pat
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