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  1. Thanks! Guess I didn’t scroll down far enough … All the best to them, but man I wish they would make the leap into good quality plastic minis
  2. Anyone have any idea what material the minis are made of (plastic, resin, metal)? I searched the KS and couldn’t find any mention of what they are made of (which seems kind of odd)
  3. Oh really? Is that true?
  4. Oh! I love their bases! Do you have a link?
  5. Agreed - the KS was definitely confusing! Assuming this link works correctly, (and assuming posting the link doesn't break the commerce rules) here are the bases: https://gamefound.com/projects/archon-studio/dungeons--lasers-third-edition/products/details/13849#/
  6. The latest Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven Kickstarter has an entire set of plastic sculpted bases. The KS itself recently ended but the PledgeManager just opened so you can get them that way.
  7. Looking forward to getting these later this month!
  8. Yeah, I know there are folks that like 3D printing minis, but most people still prefer physical minis.
  9. Just curious if there have been any rumblings about when Reaper might do the next Kickstarter, and/or what it might involve as far as theme, which Bones material, etc.
  10. Wow, they look cool and they are actual physical plastic minis!!!! I’m backing for sure!
  11. Final day! Back now!! Oh, this is what 1400 spell cards look like 🙂
  12. What kind of minis are these? Plastic I assume?
  13. Same here. Which box is still going around? Do we know what the delay is?
  14. Heh, I’m doing the opposite. I pledged at theVillager level to get the townsfolk minis and stretch goals but I plan to sell or trade the core set and the rooms etc
  15. Thanks. I was asking because up thread folks were asking when the next Box of Goodwill would be, and the response was not until the KS minis were shipped so folks could go through what they got. So .... not idle ‘KS chatter’ at all, but completely relevant and important conversation. I appreciate your valuable input though.
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