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  1. Campaign Builder: Dungeons & Ruins In the 5E tradition, Dungeons & Ruins offers deadly risks and great rewards. All it takes is a torch, a sharp sword, and great courage… Included in this Kickstarter is a Map Folio of 12, 24 by 36 inch, wet- and dry-erase battle maps!
  2. Nice picks! What are those larger reddish plastic minis? They look great! The sea hag (I assume that's what it is) also looks very cool. Is that a Bones mini?
  3. That sounds disappointing 😞 Definitely hoping my box has little or no metal in it …
  4. Actually it’s on its way to me! I got a PM with the tracking number a couple days ago - it’s supposed to arrive today in fact!
  5. Sorry, was there something there for / to me?
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