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  1. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    Today we're giving a sneak peek of our limited edition cover for Deep Magic! You can get the limited edition of Deep Magic in the $95, $120, and $124 pledge tiers. This beautiful limited edition cover is night blue leatherette with a light blue and silver foil stamp, ornate endpapers, and ribbon bookmarks. Check out a mock-up of cover below ...
  2. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    The Deep Magic kickstarter has more than 2,000 backers and still growing!!! If you haven't joined in on the fun yet - what are you waiting for?? : ) Be sure to check out the newest Update: What is Ring Magic? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deepmagic/deep-magic-for-5th-edition-a-tome-of-new-spells-and-arcana/posts/2639719
  3. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    Deep Magic Kickstarter featured on Forbes.com! Kobold Press Opens Up The D&D Spellbook Wide With Deep Magic
  4. Has there been any word on when we see what Part 2 of the Undersea expansion is???
  5. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    We crossed a BIG threshold today! $100,000!!! This unlocked TWO stretch goals: 1. Infernal magic has been unlocked, adding a set of spells and a full subclass with a fiendish bent to the options in Deep Magic! 2. More backer spells! Now we'll be able to add 30 backer spells to the book! All backers can submit a spell for our judges to review for inclusion in the Deep Magic book! Also, check out the newest Update: What is Dragon Magic! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deepmagic/deep-magic-for-5th-edition-a-tome-of-new-spells-and-arcana/posts/2639718
  6. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

  7. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    After only a few days, we've surpassed $90,000 and 1,560 backers! Check out the newest update: What is Blood Magic? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deepmagic/deep-magic-for-5th-edition-a-tome-of-new-spells-and-arcana/posts/2639707
  8. Woo hoo!! There’s the Undersea expansion I’ve been waiting for!!!!
  9. Anyone have any intel on all the aquatic minis we saw during the pre-Kickstarter previews? I’m thinking they will probably be another expansion set?
  10. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    Check out the latest update: New Spells! Though this Deep Magic book will be compiling our previous Deep Magic books, it also includes over 100 new spells! Our designers spent long hours in the kobold warrens toiling away with arcane powers we can’t even name! Scales crackling with arcane energy and knowledge, designer Jeff Lee gave us insight into some of the new spells he’s created for your game ... Learn more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deepmagic/deep-magic-for-5th-edition-a-tome-of-new-spells-and-arcana/posts/2639682 ------------------------------------------------- Marc Radle Art Director | Kobold Press
  11. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    Thanks so much!! Day 2 of the Kickstarter campaign - we've passed 1,200 backers and we're rapidly approaching the $75K stretch goal: very cool variants for the raise dead spell! If you haven't already, please consider backing Deep Magic for 5E! If you are already a backer, please help us spread the word on social media etc! ------------------------------------------------- Marc Radle Art Director | Kobold Press
  12. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    Thanks so much for your support! Yeah, international shipping is always a challenge, and the Kobolds are unfortunately as reliant on the Postal Rates as everyone else.
  13. Marc

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    More than 50% funded in the first half hour!!!
  14. Deep Magic for D&D 5E is LIVE! Deep Magic for 5th Edition: A Tome of New Spells & Arcana is a jam-packed grimoire of 575+ new and compiled spells bound in an epic 300-page tome that will be available in hardcover, PDF, and virtual tabletop formats. Expand your spellbooks with this collections of cantrips, new arcane subclasses, divine domains, magic schools, familiars and more! More than 100 of these spells are entirely new to the Deep Magic series which was previously available in earlier editions of the world's first RPG and are now updated to encompass the spirit of 5th edition! In addition to this exciting compendium of spells, YOU can submit your own spell for consideration in this legendary spellbook! These spells will be refined by our Kobolds and published in Deep Magic! With your support, Deep Magic may publish well over 600 spells! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deepmagic/deep-magic-for-5th-edition-a-tome-of-new-spells-and-arcana/?utm_source=kslist
  15. Marc

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    Oh great ... now that song is gonna be in my head ALL DAY! :)