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  1. Speaking of this BaseBoss KS, is there any concrete info on it yet? I know there is a thread where folks give ideas on what kind of bases they want to see, but I’m curious if we know anything for certain yet …
  2. Anxiously checking each day to see if the Chaoswolf box has gone out:)
  3. Yep, as the title of the thread says, we want to know when Bones 6 is happening! :)
  4. 5th Edition enters the Plane of Shadows! A realm just beyond the mortal world--seize magical power, play new heroes & bring the secrets of the shadows into the light! Coming Soon - Click to learn More!! 62541_1080x1080.mp4
  5. So these are definitely resin, not plastic? For some reason I was thinking these were plastic …
  6. Out of curiosity, what makes you think the material does not hold detail well?
  7. Yep, according to Chaoswolf, they closed at least as of September 1
  8. 6,705 backers and still going 🙂 This is now the second most-backed Kickstarter project for Kobold Press, surpassing the Tome of Beasts 2 (6,524 backers). There's still a few hours left to join in! Want to learn more about Tome of Heroes before the Kickstarter ends today? Tune in to Kobold Chats at Noon Pacific! See you in chat: http://twitch.tv/KoboldPress
  9. Final Stretch Goal posted!! $364,618 pledged 6,599 backers with 6 hours to go!!
  10. $350,443 pledged so far 6,307 backers 20 hours to go! Trinkets Table now in the book!
  11. The end of this Kickstarter is steadily moving toward us! Over the course of this campaign, we've unlocked 32 stretch goals, including 8 new subraces, 16 new subclasses, 12 new backgrounds, downtime rules for managing a manor or trading company, 2 bonus PDFs, rules for hirelings and services, and new elf, dwarf, clockwork, and orc-themed weapons and gear. Even new rules for gunpowder and firearms along with three new gunpowder and firearm-themed subclasses! We have more stretch goals in our sights - can we add them to the book before the end?! https://www.ki
  12. $340,258 pledged so far 6,116 backers 28 hours to go! Orcish Weapons & Gear now in the book! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deepmagic/tome-of-heroes-5th-edition-character-options-for-your-game/description
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