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I am the Art Director for Kobold Press as well as a big fan (and supporter) of Pathfinder and Paizo. I’m a professional graphic artist / designer by trade. I also do a fair amount of freelance writing, game design, graphic design and illustration for various RPG companies.


I'm just getting my feet wet with painting Bones, but I'm having a blast so far!


I started playing D&D as a kid in the mid to late 70’s – good ol’ First Edition AD&D! We also played many other RPGs back then … Marvel Superheroes, Champions, Elfquest, FASA's Star Trek, Star Frontiers, the list goes on … but it always came back to AD&D for us! I kind of faded out of gaming around the time 2nd Edition came out - mainly because most of my gaming friends turned into grown ups when I wasn't looking and moved away but also because 2nd Edition just didn't quite do it for me (although I did play it a little and there were aspects that I did like).


Third edition really pulled me back in though and the Pathfinder RPG has only made things better! I’m thrilled with what Paizo has done for the gaming industry and I’m even more thrilled that I can still enjoy playing (and even contributing to) the game I love.


WRITING / GAME DESIGN CREDITS (partial list only) 

Kobold Press 
Shadows of the Dusk Queen 
New Paths Compendium 
Advanced Races Compendium: Lamia & Sahuagin 
New Paths - Priest 
New Paths - Trickster 
New Paths - Spell-less Ranger 
New Paths - Shaman 
New Paths - Battle Scion 
New Paths - White Necromancer


Super Genius Games 
Genius Guide to the Vanguard 
Genius Guide to Exalted Domains (3 volume series) 
Advanced Options: Cavaliers' Orders 
Advanced Options: More Cavalier Orders 
Krazy Kragnar's Magic Staff Emporium


LAYOUT / GRAPHIC DESIGN CREDITS (partial list only) 

Wizards of the Coast / Kobold Press 
Tyranny of Dragons 
- Rise of Tiamat 
- Hoard of the Dragon Queen


Kobold Press 
Southlands & Southlands Bestiary 
Deep Magic 
Advanced Races Compendium 
New Paths Compendium 

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