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  1. For anyone coming along more recently, this question was originally asked prior to the Virtual Expo, when classes were being held via Zoom and Twitch. Under normal circumstances, ReaperCon classes are held on-site in classrooms and are not recorded.
  2. My wife and I have been to Reapercon for the last five years and ONE OF US is an excellent painter. (hint: it ain't me) 😄 Anyway, here's what comes to mind feedback. A focused lesson on identifying and painting volumes for highlight placement and reflections. Related: utilizing grisaille underpainting Conveying mood and ambiance through selection of value, hue, composition, etc. Pushing contrast via value and hue. Working with limited palettes (analogous color schemes, monochromatic color schemes, zorn palette)
  3. There's a meet and greet on the first evening, as well as the raffle and awards ceremony at the end of the whole thing. And while not exactly an activity, don't forget the metal trade bin!
  4. I'm trying to determine when to head to the venue to check in. Will the registration desk be open at any point today?
  5. We'll do exactly that. Thanks for the prompt reply. Looking forward to our first ReaperCon.
  6. Reviving this old post. My wife and I just submitted applications to volunteer. What is the usual turnaround time for a response? I want to make sure I stay on top of whether or not I need to purchase badges so that I can register for classes when the time comes.
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