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  1. Alrightie then, that explains why I can't find any glaze tutorials specifically for rocks. Thanks.
  2. Without drybrushing, how would you paint rocks or stones? I can't find any guides online. Items, armor, people, and so on have defined areas where it would make sense to transition colors but rocks don't(at least in my opinion)
  3. I'm relatively new to painting and had to put it on the back burner for a while. My KS3 shipment just came in and I figured the Mystic Circle would be the perfect "mini" to jump back in with. I was out of crazy glue and could not assemble it. If your in this situation, sharpies fit inside the stone pillars perfectly. I used craft store black paint to base coat the stone, and inadvertently made a half wash. I'm not happy with how it pooled in some areas, but I'm going to move on an use it as a learning experience. Im planning on using a dremel to carve in runes on the stone. Has anyone used anything else to carve into reaper bone material? Any tips or C&C would be appreciated.
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