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  1. True. Gratitude for the reminder. When will this figure be available? If Kickstarter, that means 2+ years correct? Seems an lengthy time to tease a figure. Could there be a different release instead of another Kickstarter?
  2. Wow. Wow, wow, WOW. Thank you for breaking this down. I had no idea the cost savings. Makes Bones 5 tempting.
  3. Define Projection. The dirty-sex vibe doesn't show up until those who have it on their minds show up. I never take the reaction as a reflection of the Artist they are defaming. It is a reflection of what lies within the heart of the person who finds fault. People tell you a lot about themselves without knowing it. Be patient with them and the battle.within they are fighting.
  4. Bobby knocks it out of the park again. Beautiful sculpt, Roman musculata and jewelry. So looking forward adding it to my Army. And a Giant I can use as a proper tall Giant.
  5. KingMob

    14554, Kragmarr Dwarf Captain (Disco Dwarf!!!)

    Aaaaand.... now I want to try this. Thank you for the inspiration!
  6. KingMob

    Reaper's YouTube Problem

    I would be a viewer.
  7. KingMob

    Hello Everyone!

    Cheers, Justin! Outstanding work on the Video Series so far. Each episode is professional in presentation as well as content, even with the outtakes. Sound is crisp and clear, and the sparing use of sound effects work well with dialogue. The focus is on the discussion, not the miniatures, so the small box to view minis is appreciated, as is blowing it up to see painted figures, detail, etc. Titling is great too. Glad to see it get done and into the vids. Professional work. (I have a Certificate.) Keep it up. Keep on doing what you are doing. The insight into the Production process of miniatures has made me a weekly viewer/listener. (I listen while painting, unless Ron says to pay attention then I look to see what he is describing.) I look forward to what you do with Anne Forester's painting show. Her charisma and ease of teaching plus your film eye: Reaper will catapult to top of the pops on YouTube. And it's FREE. Looking forward to seeing this in 2019. Words manifest your reality. You are professionals. To say otherwise is a misnomer. Gratitude for you and your Team's hard work. The average viewing time on YouTube is 2 hours. You are on the right track. Keep it up and keep raising the bar. Happy Holiday to you and yours, from me and mine. Peace and blessings.
  8. KingMob

    Reaper's YouTube Problem

    Cheers, fellow painters of Minis! Reaper LIVE has been going on for 10 weeks now, providing a SLEW of information not only about Miniature Painting, but also provide insight into the Miniature Industry and Production Process. For any and all who desire a career in the RPG Industry, Reaper LIVE 1-10 are mandatory viewing. Especially sculptors. Take notes. Also: check out the previews of the upcoming miniatures. Bones Black has me saving my pennies for the January Owlbear. Seriously, it is that kewl. Also: Anne Forester of Reaper is creating a video series where she paints AND gives insight into theory of paint, how it is made, Color Theory, and well, every doggone thing that has to do with Miniature Painting. The single episode she was in on Reaper LIVE has so much info, it requires multiple viewings. Take notes. Anne Forester is one of the great minds and Artists in the Industry, and has raised the ceiling of standards for Miniature Painting. To have an Artist of this calibre doing a weekly show AND NOT behind a Patreon Paywall is a huge boon to us - We the People that are the player/customer base. To have these shows available for Free, and to have this Talent available for Free, shows a commitment to their customers that is unrivaled today. I do not work for Reaper nor have I ever worked for Reaper. I do run my Media business. Knowing what is necessary behind the scenes: praise needs to be given where praise is due. Immediately, Reaper addressed the needs of their customers, and work to release more content on a Free platform. Reaper deserves accolades. They certainly have earned my gratitude. Thank you, Reaper. Happy Holidays.
  9. Enjoy another rendition of 01608: Reaper 25th Anniversary - Diva the Blessed. Part of the Autumn palette series with NMM, Texture, and Effects. I know it's a great sculpt when I want to paint it again. Enjoy!
  10. KingMob

    01602: Reaper Silver Anniversary - Tara the Silent

    Wow! Thank you!
  11. Meet Ernie Baggage! Leader of the Red Cloaks: a mercenary band who travel from town to town seeking adventure and glory! Or they are just murder hobos. Time will tell. The 07004: Dungeon Dwellers: Stitch Thimbletoe, Halfling Thief painted in Autumn palette with NMM and Texture/Freehand. Even comes with the chest of gold! Keep both eyes on this guy.
  12. Enjoy another rendition of 01608: Reaper 25th Anniversary - Diva the Blessed. Part of the Autumn palette series with NMM, Texture, and Effects. I know it's a great sculpt when I want to paint it again.
  13. Meet Pollux! And his pseudo-dragon Nestor! Privateer turned Merc, and part of the Red Cloaks. Also: plays with fire. 89014: Seltyiel, Iconic Magus - BONES. Can you say 'fiddly bits'? This guy is packed to the gills with fiddly bits to paint. Yup, that much detail on a BONES miniature. Painted in Autumn palette with NMM, OSL, and Texture. Really dig this miniature and how much character that was packed into 28mm. Another Klocke sculpt! That guys is brililant. Or insane. Or insanely brilliant. Either way, I like it.
  14. Meet Raven! And her hound Foxy! Member of the Red Cloaks band of mercenaries traveling the Land. Ranged support while providing knowledge of how to survive outside of civilization. Not that stops Ernie's complaining... 60181: Adowyn & Leryn (Iconic Hunter & Wolf) painted in Autumn palette with NMM, Texture, and Freehand. This was another miniature full of fiddly bits to paint. After watching Bobby Jackson sculpt on the Reaper LIVE show, I think this was a digital sculpt! Looking forward to seeing this miniature in the BONES version.
  15. KingMob

    01602: Reaper Silver Anniversary - Tara the Silent

    Sure! :D
  16. KingMob

    Sessairs Minotaur

  17. KingMob

    Jasonator's Elven Kings Tomb.

    Welcome to Oregon! Head down to the Game Store and introduce yourself to the fam. Great work! Welcome addition and experienced!
  18. KingMob

    TW2 - The World That Was

    Know Wats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGGJ470UsQ8 Blue Rendezvous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na_A6mQEAEk Reform Ranks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L51yUN4a4Qc Bright Side Bad News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ7KHK_jucI Reformers Assemble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8nKeqaBKSM Face Off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmfAVIHTyg4 Enjoy. :)
  19. Welcome to The World That Was! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_bKM3MuEz0 Tank and Spank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y5KIdDyJUo Enjoy. :)
  20. KingMob

    77100: Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

    I named her Tasha Firehair after a Mage I knew. :)
  21. KingMob

    77100: Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

    Oh that Werner, he's done it again! Let me introduce you to Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen - original size. She's a great size for an Ogre and as a Player Character. Bones once again! Great level of detail allows so much to be done to bring life to the face. Her armor reminds me of my SCA rig. Autumn hue, same palette as the Huge variation posted earlier. Underpainting/sketching used before paint. Plus! Pushed contrast. (Something a little bird taught me.) Gonna paint another. Enjoy.
  22. For your viewing pleasure is Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen - without that hot, itchy cloak. The spot for her cloak was filled in and sculpted with Green Stuff to match her muscular anatomy. Bones, Basil! Bones! I am continually impressed with the Bones medium. High detail, resilient, and inexpensive. She is going into my Orcs and Goblins Oldhammer Army. Enjoy.
  23. KingMob

    77106 BONES Frost Giant Jarl

    OH YEAH! This was the Bad Boy that was stellar. The level of detail and the effect on the sword demonstrates your amazing ability. The face is what won me: the eyes are lifelike and makes the entire piece come alive. Beautiful color choice and color compliments. This work brought aesthetic and ability together. Your humility in accepting the lessons this piece brought you shows. Standing ovation. Well done.
  24. KingMob

    77477: Hobgoblin Veteran, 1 of 2

    I love it. Now I want Hobgoblins.
  25. KingMob

    77178, Fire Giant Warrior

    The best Fire Giant I have seen. Outstanding skin, and that sword. That sword. The effect is amazing. Tied in with dynamic post, yours was one of my favorite in the contest. (You're in my Five.) Keep it up and keep pushing yourself. Your talent is hungry.